The convenient Bride

Chapter 142: Being Good at Seducing People

Maddox was so shrewd. How could he not understand Lonny's hint?

With his background, there were many women around him who took the initiative to throw themselves
at him.

He had been with a lot of women and all kinds of beautiful women were left to him. Any one of them
was much more beautiful than Lonny. In Maddox's eyes, Lonny was nothing but a coquette.

Therefore, after a simple greeting, he calmly looked away and ignored her.

Lonny bit her lower lip, feeling a little embarrassed.

She had always been confident in her beauty and had finally mustered up the courage to make the first
move, hoping that she would attract the president's attention.

As a result, the man refused to even look at her.

Standing at the side, Rosiley and Lina saw this scene. They looked at each other helplessly.

Was Lonny asking for the moon? Did she think that if she pulled her collar low enough, she could
seduce a rich man?

Just as Rosiley secretly shook her head, Maddox looked at her, "You must be Rosiley, right?"

"Yes! Hello, Mr. Shen.”

Rosiley froze for a moment and replied.

Maddox's eyes lit up and he suddenly examined her up and down with great interest.

His gaze was impolite, and he looked at her carefully.

Today, Rosiley was wearing a white casual dress. Because of the cold weather, she was also wearing a
dark green cardigan. This kind of artistic style made her look even more bookish. Besides, with her
exquisite facial features and curvaceous figure, she was charming.

She looked beautiful with elegant and clean temperament.

Maddox nodded inwardly.

Rosiley was worthy of his cousin's love. Although she was not seductive, the more he looked, the more
beautiful he thought she was.

"Mr. Shen, what is wrong?"

Rosiley felt uncomfortable because of Maddox's undisguised gaze. She thought to herself, "Is this man
a dressed-up beast? Otherwise, how could he stare at people like this the first time they met?"

Lina also felt strange.

Rosiley seemed not to know Maddox. But Maddox was interested in her. Why?

"Sorry. I don't mean anything else. I just have heard a lot about you and am a little curious about you."

Seemingly realizing that it was not good to stare at people like that, Maddox came back to his senses
and returned to his original state, saying, "Ms. Rosiley is a rare talent. In the future, please keep trying.”

Rosiley heaved a sigh of relief and didn't dare to neglect him. She nodded, "Thank you, Mr. Shen I will."

"Then, I'll let you go. I still have to go somewhere else to inspect."

Maddox waved and did not stay for long. He left the Media Department with his assistant and a few
management executives behind him.

As soon as they left, Rosiley could clearly feel that the gazes of everyone at her had changed,
especially Lonny, who had a hidden wisp of anger under her eyes.

She tried her best to dress herself up to attract Maddox's attention. But in the end, Maddox did not
even give her a glance.

Rosiley stood there quietly and could attract Maddox's attention.

Lonny was jealous of this treatment.

"Ms. Rosiley is indeed capable. Your ability to seduce men is first-rate. Looks like I need to learn more
from you in the future.”

Lonny's tone was so sour that anyone could tell that she was unhappy.

Other people in the department were also jealous. Some female colleagues, who usually had good
relations with Lonny, also mocked Rosiley.

"Does she think that she will be favored by saying a few words to the president? She doesn't even look
at what kind of person she is. Does she think she can be popular anywhere?"

"She is capable. Otherwise, why can she be valued by the manager and the president?"

“Hey, Ms. Rosiley, you have to teach us how to seduce man!"

Rosiley knew that these people were of the same mould with Lonny. So, she was reluctant to pay
attention to these rumors.

However, as their words became harsher and harsher, she felt angry.

Although she was confused by Maddox's gaze, she did not mind taking advantage of his power to
show off.

“Even if I teach you, can you all learn it?"

Rosiley laughed angrily and mocked them.

The women's faces changed and they swore, "How shameless!”

"That's right. In the eyes of shameless people, everyone else is shameless."


The women looked up furiously and was about to get angry. But when they saw Rosiley's cold gaze,
they dared not say anything.

Rosiley had never been the one to be trifled with. It was hard for them to gain the upper hand while
talking to Rosiley.

"Shut up! It's work time now. This is a place for you to work, not a place to seduce men. Let me know if
you don't want to work here anymore.”

Hearing them arguing, Lina's expression was cold.

After being reprimanded, everyone could only return to their positions in frustration and work.