The convenient Bride

Chapter 146: Because You're Too Cold

The Shen family had a long history and was as mysterious as the four great families. Many people
wanted to pry into the secrets, but failed.

Unexpectedly, as the young master of the Shen family, Maddox's feelings were exposed to the public.

Who was so bold to expose Maddox's privacy?

Many people probably wondered the answer of this question.

Because of this news, the word ‘Maddox’ had been trending on the Internet for a few days with great

The person being discussed by people was currently looking at the woman opposite him with a gloomy

The woman tasted the tea. She raised her eyes and looked at Maddox. Then, she smiled, "Maddox,
congratulations. You're famous now!"

The corner of Maddox's mouth twitched, "Rosiley, I've always been famous, okay?"

With his status, he didn't need to rely on news to become famous!

Rosiley looked up and nodded, "That's true. You, Sachin and Payton are all legendary figures.

She gave him a sly grin, "Everyone wants to be more famous.”

“Is that so?" Maddox glanced at the tall figure in front of the French window with interest, "then, what do
you think if I make Sachin more famous?"

"No!" Rosiley blurted out.


“Because ... because he is mine." If Sachin was exposed to the public, then they couldn't live a
peaceful life.

She liked her current life and didn't want it to be ruined!

"Rosiley, you're bullying me!"

Maddox pretended to be dissatisfied and shouted.

"Don't you have a fiancée?” Rosiley glanced at him. She remembered that Maddox had said that his
family had arranged a fiancée for him. When the girl graduated from university, they would get married.

Speaking of "fiancée", Maddox's eyes flashed with malice, but it soon disappeared.

At this time, he saw that Sachin had hung up and walked over. Then, he changed the topic and said to
Sachin, "Sachin, you have to help me explain to Old Master Shen. Otherwise, I will be miserable when
I go home.”

"Explain it yourself."

Sachin said. Then, Maddox shouted, "Sachin, Rosiley, how can you be so heartless?"

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh, "We're not heartless. But we don't want to help you."

These words made Maddox almost go crazy. He chattered, "Bad couple, bad couple..."

Seeing this, Rosiley asked Sachin curiously, "Sachin, is Old Master Shen so scary?"

The Old Master referred to Chester Shen, the grandfather of Sachin and Maddox, and the head of the
Shen family.

Thinking of Chester, who was like a child, Sachin's eyes flashed with tenderness and he smiled.
"Grandpa is very cute."

"Cute?" Rosiley frowned. Was it appropriate to describe an old man as cute? Moreover, Maddox
seemed to be afraid of Chester. So, Old Master Shen seemed not to be a cute person.

“Yes, very cute.” Sachin said with his arm round her shoulder, "You'll know when you see him."

When she saw him? Rosiley looked up slightly. She realized that apart from Payton and Maddox, she
had never seen his family.

The Lu family and the Shen family were all top-notch rich families that no ordinary person could match.

Although she could be considered a daughter of a rich family, compared to the Lu family and the Shen
family, the Tang Group was nothing.

Thinking of this, Rosiley felt a little uneasy, wondering if Sachin's family would like her.


Suddenly, a voice sounded in her ears. She regained her senses and looked blankly over. She saw
Maddox looking at her with puzzlement.

“Rosiley, what are you thinking?" Maddox asked.

Turning to look at Sachin, Rosiley found that he was looking at her with concern. She smiled
embarrassedly and said, "I am thinking about what to eat tonight. I am a bit absorbed."

Maddox couldn't help but laugh. Sachin also smiled.

"Rosiley, have you thought of something delicious?"

“Is it your treat?” Rosiley did not reply but asked instead.

Maddox paused for a moment, "Yes."

Rosiley turned to smile at Sachin, saying, "I want to eat is private home cuisine.”

In Bamboo Restaurant

The restaurant was quaint, peaceful and warm, standing out from the bustling streets around it.

“Why don't I know there is such a place in Benin City?"

Rosiley looked at this unusual restaurant in surprise.

"Rosiley, of course you don't know. This is a place that only people from the four great families can

Only people from the four great families could enter? Rosiley looked up and turned to look at Sachin in

Sachin nodded slightly, "It was opened by Allen's eldest sister and only serves people from the four
great families."

Rosiley nodded, "I see. Then, why can Maddox come?"

"Because I'm handsome.”

Maddox gave an answer proudly.

Rosiley chuckled and then said, "No matter how handsome you are, you are not as handsome as

"..." Maddox was left with no words. Because he was indeed not as handsome as his cousin.

When the manager saw Sachin, he respectfully lowered his head and called, "Mr. Sachin."

“Where's Doreen?" Sachin asked.

"She has returned to Room of Splendors.”

Sachin's eyes flashed. Then, he led Rosiley straight upstairs.

The manager swept his eyes over Rosiley and frowned. Who was the woman next to Mr. Sachin?

"She's my cousin's wife.”

When Maddox passed by the manager, he stopped and patted his shoulder, kindly answering his

"Wife?" The manager widened his eyes in astonishment. When did Mr. Sachin get married? Why had
not he gotten any news?

"This is my private room."

As soon as she entered the private room, Rosiley heard Sachin say this. She turned to look at him and
smiled. Her bright eyes flashed with cunning. "So, the reason why she named it ‘Room of Warmth’ is
because you're too cold, right?"

The awkwardness flashed across Sachin's face. Rosiley was smart and could guess Doreen's intention
in naming the private room.

Seeing his awkwardness, Rosiley covered her lips and giggled. "That's the reason.”

With that, she was about to sit down at the table. Suddenly, a hand reached out and was around her
waist. She looked up in surprise. Before she could see it clearly, she felt the warmth on her lips.

It was a gentle kiss, but intoxicating.

His forehead was pressed against hers and his deep black eyes flashed. Sachin said, "Were you
teasing me just now?"

He found out!

Rosiley's eyes flashed as she denied, "No. How dare I tease you?"

Hearing this, Sachin chuckled. He pinched her nose.

"Holy shit! I didn't come at the right time."

Suddenly, a voice which spoiled the fun sounded. Maddox stood at the door and looked at the two
people hugging each other. Although he said that it was not the right time, he still stared at them and
did not avoid at all.

Rosiley was helpless. This guy was even more shameless than Payton!