The convenient Bride

Chapter 145: The Feeling of Being the Trending Topic

As soon as she finished speaking, the atmosphere in the office instantly became tense.

Looking at Melissa's cold and expressionless face, Rosiley felt angry and she’s afraid that she might
lose her temper later.

"Don't you understand what I mean?” Melissa asked.

Rosiley remained silent and just stared at her.

Melissa leaned back in her chair, her hands crossed in front of her chest. She swept her eyes over the
press release on the table. A trace of ruthlessness flashed through her eyes.

"Don't you understand?” Melissa looked up slightly and then sneered, "Alright. I'll tell you what I mean.”

Rosiley narrowed her eyes. She saw that Melissa said word by word, “I, am, throwing, rubbish."

Instantly, Rosiley became angry and clenched her fists tightly. She smiled angrily, "Melissa, what's
wrong? Don't you have any other way to deal with me except at work?”

"Deal with you?" Melissa burst into laughter as if she had heard a joke.

Then the laughter stopped abruptly. Melissa slapped her hands on the table and stood up. She leaned
closer to Rosiley and stared at her. “Rosiley, don't think too highly of yourself. In my eyes, you are

Hearing this, Rosiley sneered, "Yeah, I'm nothing in your eyes.”

“Since I'm nothing, then why are you working with Alfred to deal with me? Do you have nothing to do,
Ms. Su?"

Facing her doubts, Melissa did not panic at all. Instead, she asked coldly, "Rosiley, do you have any
evidence that Alfred and I are working together to deal with you?"

Well, she did have no evidence.


"Ms. Su, God is watching your every move. You know what you have done. There's no need for me to
provide any evidence.”

"So, you don't have any evidence. Then I can sue you for slandering me.”

“Suit yourselft”

She had nothing to say to Melissa. Rosiley smiled coldly and grabbed the press release to leave.

At this moment, Melissa's mocking voice came from behind her.

“Rosiley, even if you have a mysterious man by your side, don't think that you are powerful. You cannot
run amuck here.”

Rosiley suddenly stopped and chuckled. Then, she turned to look at Melissa with a cold but calm gaze.
"Melissa, did you see Manny's end?”

Melissa glared at her without saying a word.

She smiled and pretended to sigh regretfully, “It's a pity that a famous actress was imprisoned and her
great future was ruined. Don't you think it's a pity?"

Melissa knew clearly why Manny was imprisoned.

Now that Rosiley mentioned this, she was warning her not to be the second Manny.

"Besides..." Rosiley raised the press release in her hand, “You said that this press release is rubbish.
Aren't you just saying that the content is rubbish and Mr. Shen is also rubbish?”

As soon as Rosiley mentioned Mr. Shen, a trace of panic flashed across Melissa's face. But she soon
calmed down.

"I've never said anything bad about Mr. Shen."

Rosiley smiled, “It's up to Mr. Shen to judge whether you have ever said or not.”

Melissa's heart skipped a beat, and she had a bad premonition.

In the president's office, the two who were standing in front of the imposing desk were Rosiley and
Melissa, and they all looked at the man who was lowering his head.

Maddox flipped through the press release in his hands and frowned. His sister-in-law was really going
to expose all his love stories.

After reading it, he forced a smile, “This press release is well written.”

Rosiley glanced at Melissa proudly and said, "Then Mr. Shen, do you think this news can be posted?"

Could he say no? Maddox smiled bitterly in his heart. It was unlucky for him to meet such a couple.

He coughed and said, "Yes. It is up to Ms. Rosiley."

"Mr. Shen, what do you mean?” Melissa looked at him in disbelief.

Maddox spread his hands and said, “Just literal meaning.”

“No, I don't agree.”

Melissa said sharply.

"You don't agree?” Maddox felt a little funny. Who gave her the courage to say no in front of him?

He looked at Rosiley. Rosiley curled her lips and said, "Mr. Shen, you should know that this press
release was rubbish in Ms. Su's eyes. Do you understand what rubbish is, Mr. Shen? It means

Seeing her angry and helpless expression, the corner of Maddox's eyes twitched. Was Rosiley
infuriated by Melissa?

"This is rubbish.” Melissa did not conceal her dissatisfaction with the press release.

After saying that, she grabbed the press release from Maddox's hand and spread it out in front of
Rosiley. She pointed at the contents and questioned, “Ms. Rosiley, you are trying to expose the privacy
of our company's leaders and even want to release it as news. Aren't you disrespecting them?"

Rosiley looked at Maddox and smiled. Her eyes flickered with cunning, "Ms. Su, do you think I have the
ability to steal the privacy of the Shen family? Don't you think too highly of me?"

Melissa was stupefied for a moment when she heard those words. Then, she reacted and narrowed
her eyes. “Who knows if you used unorthodox methods to get so much information?"

Rosiley took the press release with a fake smile and said word by word, “Let me tell you, this is the
information that I got from interviewing Mr. Shen. It was also the normal interview procedure.“

Melissa looked at Maddox in disbelief. Maddox nodded slightly and said, "That's right. I told her that.”


“Because I also want to know the feeling of being the trending topic."

This was the reason given by Maddox. But Melissa knew that it was definitely not so simple.

She had deliberately embarrassed Rosiley to let her know what the consequences would be if she
offended her.

But she didn't expected that Rosiley would find Maddox, which embarrassed her.

She had planned to make use of the press release to continue embarrassing her. After all, what kind of
family was the Shen family? How could they allow the privacy of their members to be exposed to the

What shocked her even more was that this press release was approved by Maddox.

Melissa was in a dilemma. In the end, she could just say embarrassedly, "Since the president agrees,
then I have no opinion."

Seeing the proud Melissa admit defeat, Rosiley was happy.

It was an arrogant fantasy for Melissa to make difficulties for her on purpose and let her shrink back!

Seeing Rosiley's unconcealed pride, Maddox couldn't help but smile. He suddenly felt that it was a very
good thing to return home.