The convenient Bride

Chapter 152: Devious Woman

With Rosiley by his side, he didn't feel tired.

His voice was somewhat hoarse, as if he was suppressing his strong feelings.

Rosiley pursed her lips and covered her chest with her hand. It ached a little. Tears welled up in her
beautiful eyes.

"If you keep looking at me like that, I'm afraid I'll lose control."

Sachin smiled and said, half-jokingly.

If they weren't in the hospital, he would have held her in his embrace and kissed her.

Hearing this, Rosiley raised her eyebrows and something cunning flashed through her eyes.

Then, she suddenly moved closer to him and kissed him on the lips.

While he was still himself, Sachin reluctantly left her lips and looked at her red lips with deep eyes.

He gently rubbed her lips with his fingers and said, "Come home early today."

Rosiley nodded yes.

They cuddled for a while before he left.

Shortly after Sachin left, Xenia and Rorey came.

Rosiley was filling a kettle in the washroom. She didn't hear them walk in with the sound of water.

It wasn't until she turned off the tap that she heard their voices.

"Rorey, is your father really unable to wake up?"

It was from Xenia.

“Mom, don't worry. He'll never wake up.”

Rorey's voice was evil.

"What if he wakes up?" Xenia was still worried. If he woke up, the Tang Group would went back to him
and Rosiley.

“What if?" Rorey sneered, "There won't be any ifs."

She managed to control the Tang Group with great difficulty. She would never let that happen.

She would never give it up.

"That's good." Xenia breathed a sigh of relief and changed the topic, "What about the company
directors? Are they still not supporting you?"

“Apart from his several loyal friends, everyone else has agreed to support me."

"Don't worry about them. You have the shares of the company. With their support, you will become the
chairperson with no doubt."

“Then I can marry Yunis.”

To Rorey, what she cared most was being Yunis’ wife.

Otherwise, she wouldn't steal Yunis away from Rosiley.

Soon, she would become the ruler of the Tang Group and Mrs. Ji.

She had to climb all her way up to trample on Rosiley.

Hearing their conversation, Rosiley gritted her teeth. It was all their doing!

She wondered why the Tang Group would give money to the Ji Group.

Now she knew who was behind this.

This company was her father's work. She would never allow anyone to destroy it.

She did not go out to confront them, but waited for them to leave before walking out.

Walking to the bed, she stared at her father's old and haggard face. A mocking smile spread across her
lips. "Dad, did you hear that? You treated them with all your heart, but they were plotting against you."

She felt sorry for her father. She pursed her lips. "Dad, I won't let your company fall into their hands. I
will protect it for you and Mom.”

She stared firmly at her father for a while before she left.

After she turned around, a teardrop fell from the corner of Seneca's eyes. The room quieted down.
Only the sound of the heart rate monitor could be heard.

After leaving the hospital, Rosiley went to the Tang Group.

At the front desk, she was stopped.

"Miss, do you have an appointment?"

Ever since her relationship with her father got worse, she had barely been to his company. So it was
natural the receptionist didn't know her.

"No,'’ Rosiley replied truthfully.

“Then you can't go in." The pretty receptionist smiled politely.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and said, "I am Rosiley, the daughter of the chairman."

She told her who she was. The receptionist was lost for words for a moment, and then she said gently,
"Sorry, no matter who you are, you can't enter without an appointment."

“When did you come to work?"

Rosiley suddenly asked.

She was dumbfounded. "The second half of last year."

That was when Dad was still here.

Rosiley smiled at her and said, "I'm happy that my father has such a dedicated employee as you."

The receptionist could not help but smile. It was not out of politeness, but from heart.

"Are you really the daughter of Mr. Seneca?" The receptionist asked in doubt.

She asked because in her mind, rich people were all arrogant and looked down on others.

How could she be so easy-going?

Rosiley knew what she was thinking and smiled. "Yes, I am Mr. Seneca’s daughter."

"Then are you the sister of the young lady upstairs?” The receptionist asked again.

Upstairs? Rosiley raised her eyebrows and asked, "You mean Rorey?"

"Yes. Everyone in the company is talking she might be the next chairperson."

The receptionist looked around and found no one was paying attention to them. She leaned over to
Rosiley's ear and whispered, "She put on airs and graces. Every time she comes to the company, the
managers have to go around her. She fires whomever she doesn't like. She doesn't care at all about
how long they have been in this company.”

As she spoke, Rosiley caught a glimpse of a familiar figure walking over from the elevator.

She turned her head to see the man clearly and realized it was the person she knew.

"Mr. Palmer.” She shouted at the man.

Hearing this, that person looked in her direction. The moment he saw her, his gloomy face became

“Rosiley, why are you here?" Bradley Palmer quickly walked in front of her.

"I just come and have a look." Rosiley replied with a smile.

She noticed he was holding a briefcase, so she asked, "Mr. Palmer, are you going out?"

Hearing this, the smile on his face faded and he sighed deeply, "I'm leaving the company for good."

He said unwillingly and resignedly.

"Did you get fired?" The receptionist cried out in shock.

Everyone knew he had worked in this company since he was young, and he had a strong friendship
with her father.

"Mr. Palmer, did Rorey fire you?"

"Yeah, who else would do that?" He said indignantly. "Mr. Seneca is always healthy. Why did he just get
sick out of blue? Moreover, he shouldn't give

the company to Rorey. You are his daughter. Why is he so foolish?"

Looking at Bradley shaking his head and sighing in anger, Rosiley felt terrible. But at the same time,
she also made up her mind.

She would never let the Tang Group fall into Rorey's hands.