The convenient Bride

Chapter 155: Go All Out for Popularity

Lunch break.

Rosiley and Yayoi came back from lunch and saw Rorey going out in the lobby on the first floor of the

To avoid seeing her face-to-face, Rosiley pulled Yayoi to hide behind the potted plant.

“What are you doing?" Yayoi did not understand what the hiding was for.

Rosiley looked at Rorey, who had already walked to the door. "! don't want her to see us, otherwise it
will never end."

Yayoi said, "Oh, you know what? Rorey sent a message to the senior managers of the company,
saying that if she didn't get the second female role of ‘Empresses in the Palace’, then she would cancel
the contract with the company and file a complaint with the court for a large amount of compensation
on the grounds of the company's inaction."


Rosiley sneered in disbelief, "Why didn't she rob the bank?"

"And how does she get the confidence that the company will compromise? She's not a celebrity who
can bring benefits to the company. Ever since the company signed her, I think it's still at a loss."

Rosiley felt that Rorey was too confident.

"I think she relied on Yunis’ support.” Thinking of the couple, Yayoi couldn't hide her disdain.

"Is that so?" Rosiley snorted coldly, "Now that TEG's boss is Maddox Shen, what could the Ji family
do? I'm afraid Rorey will lift a rock only to drop it on her own feet this time."

Upon hearing the word "Maddox, a trace of strangeness flashed across Yayoi's face, but it was quickly
concealed. Rosiley did not notice it.

"Then there would be a good show for us to watch."

Yayoi couldn't help but feel excited when she thought that all Rorey's efforts would be in vain.

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh when she saw her expectant look. In fact, she was also looking forward
to the day when Rorey's dreams shattered.

Hazel Ning was personally selected by director Angus to play the female leading role of 'Empresses in
the Palace’. It was all over the media and kept grabbing attention from the public.

Therefore, Rorey wanted to start with Hazel. After all, Yunis had asked Hazel to give her a hand. As
long as she said that she wanted the second female character, she believed that Hazel Ning would
definitely help.

"I'm sorry, Miss Gu. I'm afraid Hazel is too busy to see you.”

To her surprise, she was rejected.

The one who stopped her was Hazel's manager and also the gold medal manager in the entertainment

Rorey did not dare to offend her. She could only suppress her anger and squeeze out a flattering smile.
She said kindly, "Esme, You also know that I have a good relationship with Hazel. Help me talk to her
and let her take a few minutes to meet me.”

"Sorry, she doesn't have time to see you." Esme Saunders's attitude was resolute and there was no
room for negotiation.

Rorey couldn't help but feel angry. Her face instantly sank and she glared coldly at Esme. "I respect
you because you are Hazel's manager, but that doesn't mean that I'm afraid of you."

"So what?" Esme raised her eyebrows.

"If you don't let me see Hazel, I will..."


Before Rorey could finish her sentence, a light voice came from the room.

It was Hazel.

Immediately, the door behind Esme was pulled open and Hazel walked out.

When she saw Rorey, she pretended to be surprised and said, "So it's you, Rorey. I was just thinking
who Esme was talking to."

Rorey looked at her with a trace of coldness in her eyes. Would she not know that she was coming?
What a hypocrite.

However, Rorey could only swallow today's humiliation and put on a smile, saying, "Hazel, I'm sorry to
disturb you. But your manager didn't allow me to meet you, so I quarreled with her for a while without
any ill intentions.”

Hazel raised her eyebrows and exchanged glances with Esme beside her. Then, she smiled and said,
"Esme thinks I'm resting, so she doesn't want anyone to disturb me.”

Hearing her explanation, the smile on Rorey's face became even wider. "I can understand."

They looked at each other with a light smile, and only they knew the meaning in their eyes.

“You want to be the first supporting actress?"

Hearing Rorey's request, Hazel was slightly surprised. Then, she sneered in her heart. With Rorey's
popularity and acting abilities, the first supporting actress in a major IP drama was actually out of her

To give her a maidservant act would be enough to satisfy her.

"Yes." Rorey nodded. “I have read the original book. That role is a lovable one. I think as long as I can
play it, I can have a solid foothold in the entertainment industry."

Hazel chuckled and leaned back on the sofa. "Do you think you can pull it off?"

“What do you mean?" Rorey's eyes suddenly turned cold.

Hazel said softly, "Nothing. I just think that since you want that role, you should go and fight for it. It
hasn't been decided yet. You still have a chance.”

But the chances were slim. Hazel added, without speaking it out.

Was this something new? Rorey sneered in her heart.

"I want you to recommend me to Director Lin.” This was Rorey's true purpose of coming here.

"Why?" They weren't related or anything, not to mention this was a big production. She didn't want to
be implicated if Rorey screw it up.

"Why?" Rorey frowned and couldn't think of a reason.

Hazel didn't want to help her at all and exchanged glances with her agent.

The latter immediately understood, so she politely said to Rorey, "Miss Gu, Hazel still has an interview.
I'm afraid we don't have time to talk to you anymore."

This was an expulsion order.

Rorey looked at Esme and then at Hazel, who was indifferent and obviously unwilling to help her.

She bit her lip as if she had made up her mind and said, "If you do me this favor, I'll have Yunis
personally thank you."

Unless she had to, she would never push Yunis out. But this time, she was determined to win the role,

She waited for Hazel's answer.

Hazel's cold gaze fell on her. Her red lips curled up, "Miss Gu, you're very smart."

This was a ridicule. Rorey recognized it, but she just looked at Hazel firmly. "What about you? Are you

Hazel's expression stiffened, but she quickly recovered. She smiled brightly and said, "I promise you.”

Rorey's suspended heart sank back into place. She secretly heaved a sigh of relief, then stood up and
said, "I look forward to your good news."

She stared at Hazel and left with her manager.

After she left, Esme sneered. "Rorey has really put in all her effort for popularity. Now, even her fiancé
can be a condition for it.”

Hazel looked at her red polished fingernails, her eyes shining with pride, and the corners of her lips
curled up, "Soon, he will not be her fiancé.”

Poor Yunis had no idea that his fiancée had betrayed him for a role.