The convenient Bride

Chapter 160: She Was Bullied

Rosiley had been on leave for a few days because of the scald. She felt that she got a blessing in

She should enjoy the vacation.

Thus, she asked Juliet out. Ever since Juliet returned home, they had rarely gathered.

Finally, Rosiley could take advantage of her leave to meet Juliet.

"Sorry, I'm late.”

Juliet casually threw her bag onto a chair beside her and sat down opposite Rosiley.

Rosiley looked at the pitiful bag and shook her head, “Juliet, you really don't care about money."

Juliet, who was devouring water, heard Rosiley's words and frowned in puzzlement. Then, Juliet asked,
"Why do you say so?"

"Look!" Rosiley looked towards the bag lying on the chair. "That's a limited edition. Many debutants
can't buy it even if they can afford it. Even so, you still don't cherish it."

Generally speaking, the limited-edition bags of international brands were valuable for collection.

However, Juliet threw it casually. If the bag was broken a little bit, it would be devalued.

"Please!" Juliet rolled her eyes and said, "You are Mrs. Lu now. Don't have such an idea of a petty
bourgeois. If the bag is broken, we'll buy a new one. Anyway, we don't lack money!"

Rosiley smiled and said, "Miss Juliet is rich and rude. I, a petty bourgeois, am different you."

“You are exaggerating. In terms of wealth, I'm poorer than the husband of a petty bourgeois. As for
being rude..."

Juliet raised her eyebrows with a strange expression. "I cannot compete with your husband. After all, I
can't treat you in that manner.”

At first, Rosiley did not understand Juliet's implication. Seeing her ambiguous smile, Rosiley realized
the connotation of Juliet's words.

“Damn, Juliet, why are you so dirty?" Rosiley looked at her with disdain.

Juliet innocently pouted, “Why am I dirty? You misunderstood me."

Seeing this, Rosiley couldn't help but laugh out loud. Meanwhile, Juliet also revealed a smile.

The fragrance of coffee floated in the air. The melodious music of the piano echoed in the café. They
sat by the window and chatted on, happily.

Outside the window, the sky was blue and the sun was bright.

Just as Rosiley was enjoying her vacation, personnel changes took place in TEG.

Lonny, who had originally been removed from the position of deputy manager of the Media
Department, became the assistant to the general manager.

Right now, not only did Rosiley and Yayoi need to respect her, but even Lina needed to do so as well.

"Birds of a feather flock together. It's so true!" Yayoi scoffed at this.

"Lonny, you have to protect us in the future. I'm afraid that if you leave, someone will bully us.”

The person who said this looked at Yayoi in a deliberate manner.

Hearing that, Yayoi rolled her eyes. To bully them? She and Rosiley would think that as a waste of their

“Don't worry. I am here and no one will bully you." Lonny packed up her things and someone
immediately helped Lonny carry her suitcase.

Surrounded by a few women who followed Lonny's lead, Lonny walked to Yayoi like a proud peacock.
She crossed her arms around her chest and cast a glance at Yayoi with a mocking smile.

"Some people think that they are at the top of the world when they become the deputy manager. It
would be better if they could keep their place. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing if they fell down."

As she spoke, Lonny poked her brown curly hair with a smug look.

Yayoi glanced at Lonny and sneered, "Assistant Lonny, keep that to yourself.”

Then, Yayoi stood up and coldly swept her gaze over the others. Finally, she stared at Lonny's
complacent face and smiled. "Don't be proud now. Otherwise, you will lose in a miserable manner.”

Lonny's expression changed. She stopped smiling and glared at Yayoi with hatred.

"Yayoi, don't think high of yourself just because you've been promoted. You are just a deputy manager.
Lonny is the general manager's assistant, much more powerful than you."

Lonny's supporters stood up for Lonny, which amused Yayoi.

Sure enough, there were many people with mental problems in these years.

Yayoi coldly glanced at that person, "Hurry up and hug her coattails. Otherwise, you won't have the
chance to do so in the future."

With that, Yayoi walked away under their indignant and unwilling gazes.

Just wait and see! Lonny promised to cause trouble for Yayoi and Rosiley!

Lonny glared at Yayoi as she walked away.

Rosiley sat in the car. When she saw the figure walking out of the building, Rosiley hurried to roll down
the window. She waved at the person.

"Yayoi, we're here."

When Yayoi heard that, she looked over and saw a jeep parked not far away.

She frowned and trotted over.

"Juliet, why are you driving a jeep again?” Yayoi asked as soon as she got into the car.

“L like it.” Juliet in the driver's seat turned around and smiled sweetly.

Yayoi smiled, "I really don't understand why you prefer to drive such a car that males like."

Other debutants drove sports cars in bright colors. Why did Juliet like such a big black jeep?

"Yayoi, don't complain about Juliet every time you see her car." Rosiley turned to look at Yayoi. "You
know that Juliet's parents

are soldiers. She is a boyish girl, so it's normal for her to like this kind of car."

“That's right. Rosiley understands me better." Juliet raised her hand to hug Rosiley and said in a
coquettish manner, "Rosiley, Yayoi bullies me.”

As Juliet spoke, she stared at Yayoi cutely.

Yayoi couldn't help but laugh, "Alright, I won't complain about you in the future, so that you won't say
that I bully you."

Rosiley smiled and asked, "It's rare for us to gather together. What are we going to eat?”

"Everything will be fine." Juliet shrugged with a casual attitude.

"Me too. I'm not picky about food." Yayoi's attitude was the same.

Rosiley stroked her forehead and sighed softly, "You guys are so smart."

Juliet and Yayoi smiled at each other and said together, "Let's eat the Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage
and Chili."

Rosiley smiled and said, "Alright, that's fine.”

The three girls looked at each other and laughed at the same time.

“Actually, we are still tacit." Juliet said as she started the car.

"That's for sure. We have been together for so many years.” Yayoi raised her chin proudly.

Rosiley smiled and didn't say anything.

At this time, Yayoi seemed to have thought of something. She looked at Rosiley with concern and
asked, "Rosiley, is it still


Rosiley replied with a smile, "Not anymore.”

Juliet, who was concentrating on driving, heard their conversation and turned to look at them with
confusion. She asked, "What are you talking


"Didn't you tell Juliet?" Yayoi asked in surprise.

"No." Rosiley shook her head.

“Tell me what? Are you hiding something from me?"

When they met the red traffic light, Juliet placed her hand on the steering wheel and leaned sideways.
Her eyes narrowed, revealing a sense of alert.

Yayoi looked at Rosiley and said slowly, “Rosiley was bullied in the company yesterday?"