The convenient Bride

Chapter 162: He Was Back

"Yunis is really trash. Rorey is pregnant, yet he comes out to meet a female celebrity. He is really

Juliet looked at the closed private room with disdain.

"Do you think they saw us just now?" Juliet looked at Rosiley and Yayoi and asked curiously.

“Probably not.” Yayoi and Rosiley glanced at each other and answered with uncertainty.

"Then ... is that man a bodyguard?" Juliet asked again.

Speaking of the man, Yayoi's was a little dazed, but she quickly recovered. She replied, "Probably.
When Iwas taking the photo, he happened to be at the door. Ididn't pay much attention to him.
However, as he deleted the photo, he should be Hazel's or Yunis' bodyguard."

Rosiley distributed the dishes to them one after another. "Alright, let's stop talking about them anymore.
This is our party."

Hearing this, Juliet pouted, "Who wants to talk about them? Isn't that because women are born to love

With that, she sighed softly, “It's a pity that such a sensational piece of news can't be known to the

"Don't worry. It will be exposed one day." Rosiley poured Juliet a cup of tea with a meaningful smile.
“There is nothing like an absolute secret."

After coming out of the restaurant, Yayoi walked very slowly. Before long, she fell behind Rosiley and

"Yayoi, we want to go shopping. Do you want to join us?” Juliet turned to ask Yayoi, only to find that
Yayoi was not by her side.

Afterwards, Juliet and Rosiley turned around and saw that Yayoi was walking slowly. They urged her,
"Yayoi, are you a turtle? Why are you so slow?"

Yayoi looked up at them with hesitation.

Rosiley sensed that something was wrong with Yayoi, so she walked to her side and asked with
concern, "What's wrong?"

Yayoi shook her head and smiled. "I'm fine. Ijust forgot my stuff in that restaurant."

"Did you?" Rosiley frowned and said, "I'll go with you."

As Rosiley said that, she held Yayoi’s hand and wanted to go back.

"No." Yayoi got rid of her hand and smiled at Rosiley. "Ican go by myself. You guys go first. I'll go find
you later."

Before Rosiley could answer, she turned around and ran to the restaurant.

"Rosiley, do you think Yayoi is a little strange? She was very quiet during the meal just now, as if she
was thinking over something."

Juliet walked over and looked with worry at Yayoi's figure.

Rosiley pursed her lips and looked thoughtfully at the restaurant.

Returning to the restaurant, Yayoi said to the boss that she might have left something there. Then, she
walked to the seat where they were sitting and began to look for her things.

As she searched, she glanced at the private room, whose door was still closed.

Actually, she didn't forget to bring her stuff. It was just an excuse for her to return to the restaurant.

She wanted to see that guy again.

However, as time passed, the door remained closed.

Yayoi, who was pretending to be looking for something, gradually lost her patience. She glanced at the
boss who was walking over. Yayoi knew that the boss might have come for her as Yayoi had been
there for so long.

"Miss, did you find your stuff?" The lady boss asked with concern.

Yayoi raised her head and smiled with apology, "Sorry for the trouble, but Icouldn't find it."

Hearing that she couldn't find it, the boss frowned. "How could it be? The place is small. Could it be
that things have grown legs and run away?"

Yayoi smiled with guilt. She was afraid that the boss would find out that Yayoi was lying. She hurried to
pull off the earring on her ear when the boss was not looking at Yayoi.

She was very glad that she was wearing earrings that could be easily removed today. Otherwise, it
would be troublesome.

"Let me help you look for it." The boss said friendly.

The customer dropped something in the restaurant, so the boss needed to offer a hand.

"No, thanks."

Yayoi refused quickly, which made the boss look at Yayoi with shock.

"Imean Ican find it myself. Idon't want to cause you any more trouble.”

Yayoi felt that she couldn't manage to keep the smile on her face.

When the boss saw that she was so determined, she did not insist. "Then look for your stuff slowly. If
you need help, call me."

“Alright, thank you.”

Looking at the lady boss walking away, Yayoi heaved a long sigh of relief. She lowered her head and
spread out her hand. She looked at the earrings in her palm for a long time before she clenched her fist
again. She turned to look at the private room.

The door was still closed.

It seemed that she couldn't see him.

Yayoi felt frustrated and was about to leave when she caught a glimpse of a waiter with fruit to the
private room.

Yayoi stopped walking. She turned around and looked at the private room.

The waiter knocked on the door. Before long, the door opened. A tall figure appeared at the door.

Seeing the man that Yayoi wanted to see, her eyes instantly turned red.

The man took the fruit tray in the waiter's hand. Coincidentally, he suddenly turned to look at the
position where Yayoi was standing. The moment he saw Yayoi, an unknown excitement flashed in his
eyes but he quickly became calm and cold again.

Just as he turned around and walked into the private room with the fruit tray in his hand, a choking
voice came from behind.


It was obvious that his straight back stiffened, but he kept walking. He closed the door again.

Tears rolled down her cheeks, blurring her vision.

He really came back, but he ignored her.

Surprise and sadness interweaved in her heart, making her feel very uncomfortable. She sniffed with a
faint smile.

It was fine. It was good that he was finally back.

She looked at the private room before turning around to leave.

After she left, the door opened and a tall figure walked out.

It was the Hallie Wright that she called just now.

He looked at the position where Yayoi was with a complicated expression.

Walking out of the restaurant, Yayoi raised her hand to wipe away her tears. She saw two familiar
figures not far away.

Yayoi was stunned. They were still waiting for her.

When she saw that, she hurried to run over.

"Why are you still here?"

Yayoi might have been inside for more than half an hour, but they had been standing here waiting for

"We want to wait for you and leave together." Rosiley smiled gently.

"What did you forget? Why did you look for it for so long?"

Juliet asked with suspicion.

"My earrings.” Yayoi spread out her palm, revealing the "dropped" earring.

Rosiley frowned. According to her memory, when Yayoi went out with them, she was wearing both the

She looked at Yayoi thoughtfully and then said, “Fortunately, you found the missing one. Otherwise,
you will only have one of the pair."

"Yes." Yayoi smiled.

“Be careful in the future. It would be a pity to lose your earrings."

Juliet warned Yayoi.

“Sure, Iknow."

Looking at her two good friends who cared about her, Yayoi felt guilty because she lied to them.

However, there was something that she couldn't say.