The convenient Bride

Chapter 163: It Was Impossible!

The cast of ‘Empresses in the Palace’ was officially released.

Bertram Chad was the leading actor, while Hazel was the leading actress.

Rosiley had already known it, but....

She frowned, staring at the name of the supporting actress on the computer screen.

Rorey Gu!

The investors and producers of this series must be crazy! How could they let Rorey play such an
important role?

She remembered that day when she saw Yunis and Hazel in the fish restaurant. The reason why Rorey
was able to get this role could be explained.

Looking at Rorey's official portrait on the screen, Rosiley's eyes were filled with ridicule. This woman
was really selfish. She could even take advantage of her fiancé for her own fame and fortune. How

cunning she was!

She picked up the cup beside her hand and took a sip. Her gaze was fixed on Rorey in the photo. She
sneered, "Rorey, just keep playing your nasty tricks! You will lose one day."

It was quiet and warm in the dining room. The orange lights shone on the dishes on the table, making
them more inviting.

Rosiley picked a piece of fish and put it in her mouth. Her gaze fell on the man opposite her, and there
was a hint of hesitation in her eyes.

Perhaps he noticed her gaze, the man looked up and asked, "What's wrong?"

Rosiley put down her chopsticks, folded her hands on the table and said obediently, "Ihave to go back
to work tomorrow.”

She saw the slight frown between his eyebrows and quickly added, "My injuries have healed."

He raised his eyebrows when he heard what she said. "Are you afraid that Iwon't let you go to work?"
he asked.

"No," Rosiley curled her lips and said, "I'm just afraid that you may worry."

Hearing this, Sachin smiled and nodded, saying, "I'm really worried.’

Really? Rosiley pursed her lips. A flattering smile appeared on her pretty face. "With Maddox in the
company, I'll be fine."

"Maddox?" Sachin raised his eyebrows, saying, "He is in South Africa now."

"South Africa?" Rosiley exclaimed, "Why did he go to South Africa?"

He did not answer and stared at her seriously.

Rosiley frowned and asked tentatively, "Because of me?"

Sachin did not admit or deny it. He smiled and said, "If you want to go to work, just go. Don't worry too
much about what Iam thinking."

Rosiley was stunned when Sachin suddenly said this. She asked, "You agree to let me go ... to work?"

Sachin smiled and said, "Idon't disagree, do |?"

That was true! Rosiley raised her eyebrows, saying, "Then I'll go to work."


He replied softly and then lowered his head to continue eating.

It became quiet again, but soon he heard her voice again.

"Sachin, is it too ruthless for you to send Maddox to South Africa?"

"My scald was all because of Lonny. It's none of Maddox's business.”

"Maddox is your cousin. How could you let him go to that damn place?"

Her chirping voice sounded beside her ears. Sachin slowly drank the soup in the bowl as if he hadn't
heard it.

After wiping his mouth with a wet towel, he finally looked up at Rosiley, who was chattering endlessly.

He smiled and slowly said, "If he doesn't go, then I'll go."

Rosiley was convinced at once.

She immediately changed her attitude, saying, "Actually, Maddox is still young, so it is good for him to
experience more."

Sachin gently stared at her with a faint smile on his face.

Maddox, who was far away in Africa, sneezed fiercely. He rubbed his nose and raised his eyes to look
at the desolation in front of him, as well as the African friends staring at him.

Instantly, tears filled his eyes. "Heavens! Why would Icome to such a damn place?"

The next day, Rosiley arrived at the company early.

Lina called her into her office.

"Are you feeling better?" Lina asked.

Rosiley smiled and said, "Thank you, I'm already much better.’

Lina nodded and pondered for a moment, then she said, "Lonny was removed from her post by the
president, but Ididn't expect that Ms. Su would directly ask me for Lonny and let her became her

"So...." Lina smiled apologetically and said, "I'm sorry Ididn't help you."

Rosiley shook her head. "It's okay. The manager and Ishould know very well what kind of person Lonny
is. She definitely won't be willing to submit to me, so it's not odd that she became Ms. Su's assistant.”

"That's true. But...." Lina sighed softly, with her eyes filled with worry. "I'm afraid your situation at the
company will be even more difficult,” she added.

Rosiley smiled nonchalantly, saying, "I'm not afraid. I'll always find a way to solve those problems."

Hearing this, a trace of admiration appeared in Lina’s eyes. "Iadmire your calmness,” she said.

Rosiley smiled and said nothing.

They chatted about their work, and then Rosiley walked out.

Lonny's supporters, who were chatting happily, froze when they saw Rosiley.

Rosiley's gaze swept over them, and she smiled indifferently.

When she sat down, Yayoi walked to her seat.

"Are you okay? Why are you back to work so soon? You should take a few more days off."

Rosiley turned on her computer and looked at her, asking banteringly, "Because Imiss you."

"Bullshit!" Yayoi laughed out loud, saying, "Would you still think of me with your Mr. Sachin
accompanying you?"

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh. She reached out and pinched her face, saying, "Alright, Idon't miss
you. Ijust feel that things are getting more and more interesting. Iwant to hurry back to work."

Yayoi rolled her eyes and pretended to sigh regretfully, saying, "Why are those people so pitiful?"

"The poor people must be utterly detestable,” Rosiley said, then opened the web page. There jumped
out of the news of 'Empresses in the Palace’.

Yayoi looked at it and snorted coldly, "I never thought that Rorey would really get that role.’

She thought that Rorey would be rejected by the producers, but they were even so foolish to choose an
actress without any acting skills like Rorey?

"It's her own ability that she can take it. Whether she can be famous or not, aside from her own ability,
is more decided by her fate."

Did Rorey really think that she would be famous if she acted in such a drama? The audience was not

This was what she wanted to tell her:

‘It’s impossible!’