Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 164: It Was Me

After taking a few days off, although Yayoi helped her with some of her work, there was still a backlog
of work.

She had been busy all morning without a rest.

She finally finished most of the important work before lunch.

She twisted her stiff neck and turned to ask Yayoi what she wanted to have for lunch. She saw a
familiar figure.

She fixed her gaze on it, and a hint of interest surfaced in her eyes. The trouble had arrived.

Hearing that Rosiley had returned to work, Lonny couldn't help but feel excited. She wanted to come to
the media department to humiliate her.

However, the secretary of the general manager had a lot of work to do, making it impossible for her to
leave, so she could only meet Rosiley in the noon break.

Rosiley and Yayoi exchanged glances and sat in their seats leisurely, waiting for Lonny to walk over.

Surrounded by her supporters, Lonny slowly walked over like a proud peacock.

“Are you here to inspect the work?" Rosiley smiled and asked as Lonny approached.

Lonny raised her chin slightly and looked at her sideways, with her eyes filled with disdain.

She sneered and said, "Some people didn't expect me to have such a day, right?"

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and sincerely agreed, "Yes, Ireally didnt expect that."

Lonny did not expect her to say this. She was stunned for a moment, but she quickly recovered.

"Rosiley, if Iwere you, Iwould have wisely chosen to leave TEG. Otherwise, if Iwere fired one day, it
would be embarrassing."

Rosiley still smiled sweetly, saying, "Are you threatening me?"

"Ms. Rosiley, you are so smart. Iwon't explain." Lonny smiled unhappily.

In Rosiley's mind, Lonny was like an ignorant woman who triumphed showing off.

But it was not easy to mess with Rosiley.

Rosiley stood up. Although there was a smile on her face, there was a harsh look in her eyes. "Ms.
Lonny, do you know extreme joy begets sorrow? Not to mention..."

Lonny's gaze swept over Lonny and the others, and her expression was arrogant. She raised her chin,
saying, "Idon't even afraid of Melissa. Do you think your threat will scare me?"

"You...." Lonny's face suddenly turned pale. She angrily widened her eyes and gritted her teeth as she
shouted, "Rosiley!"

"Rosiley, you think too much of yourself. You're just a mistress. You'll definitely be abandoned one day
when Mr. Shen is tired of you. Let's see if you'll still be so arrogant at that time."

"A woman who can seduce a man with her beauty dares to be so arrogant. How ridiculous!"

"So, she's not afraid of us at all. She can just spread her legs and she'll have a man to back her up."

Hearing their mockery, Rosiley's expression did not change. She just looked at them coldly.

They kept chirping, like ducks, and it was annoying.

Yayoi could not stand it and rushed over. She pointed at their noses and scolded, "Indeed, a wicked
woman must have an ugly look. No wonder you are all disgusting!”

After saying that, she even covered her mouth and retched a few times.


How could those women bear being called disgusting? They were trying to tear Yayoi apart!

Seeing this, Rosiley took a big step forward. "If you dare to make a move, Iswear you wont be able to
leave the Media Department today."

She glared at them coldly, emitting an oppressive aura all over. Her beautiful eyes were now with a cold
light, like the cold winter moon. They only felt a chill running up from under their feet. Lonny and the
others did not dare to say a word.

To tell the truth, Yayoi was also frightened by Rosiley's expression. In the past, no matter how angry
she was, she would not reveal such a terrifying expression.

From this, it could be seen how offensive Lonny and the others were.

"Other than saying something to humiliate me, what else can you do?" Rosiley’s lips curled into a
mocking smile, and her eyes became

even colder. "If you want to seduce men, men will vomit when they see you. Even if you open your
legs, they will only feel sick."

Words were always the most hurtful things in the world.

With these words, Lonny and the others lost their rationality and angrily rushed forward to grab
Rosiley's hair.

"What are you doing?"

Seeing Rosiley being beaten, Yayoi rushed over without hesitation. The scene was chaotic.

In the later days, when she recalled this incident, Rosiley always sighed with emotion and rejoiced,
saying, "Fortunately, Yayoi used to learn taekwondo. Otherwise, Imight have been torn to pieces by
those crazy women."

That was right, because Yayoi, Lonny and the others had an awful ending.

"What have you done?"

Melissa slapped the table and shouted loudly.

Rosiley turned to look at Yayoi. They curled their lips, with their eyebrows filled with disdain for Melissa.

Melissa caught a glimpse of their small actions. Her eyes turned cold as she strode in front of Lonny.
"Lonny, what exactly happened?" she asked.

At this moment, Lonny completely lost her previous arrogance. Her hair and clothes were messy, and
she even had a swollen eye. She looked very embarrassed and funny.

Yayoi couldnt hold back her laughter.

Suddenly, Melissa's sharp gaze and Lonny's resentful gaze fixed on her.

Yayoi coughed softly and smiled apologetically, saying, "Sorry, Ithought of something, so Icouldn't hold
it back. You guys continue."

Melissa stared at her fiercely and said, "Behave yourself. Don't think that you can cause trouble with a

Then, she said to Lonny, "Lonny, tell me what happened."

She gave Lonny an intentional gaze. She understood and immediately cried out loudly, "Ms. Su, you
have to help me. When Iheard that Ms. Rosiley had returned to work, Iwanted to apologize to her for
what happened last time, but she refused to forgive me. After arguing for a while, she hit me."

Rosiley was stunned.

So was Yayoi.

Lonny distorted the truth so badly. Why didn't she become a screenwriter?

"Look, Ms. Su." Lonny parted her loose hair, revealing the swollen eye on her face. "This is what they
have done.”

"Rosiley, Yayoi, did you hit her?" Melissa frowned and asked sternly.

"It was me,” Rosiley admitted calmly.

“And me,’ Yayoi immediately added.

Melissa narrowed her eyes and said, "When you entered the company, you should have read the
company's rules. Is there a rule that if you cause trouble in the company, you will be expelled?"

"I don't remember,’ Rosiley said, and sneered, "So what if Iremember? In any case, it's not up to you,

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