Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 166: Man and Wife

Compared with Lonny and the others, Rosiley's injuries were minor. There were a few scratches on her
fair face. The scratches were not deep, but looked quite terrible.

So when Sachin saw the terrible scratches, his expression changed.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"...I had a fight with someone."

Rosiley hesitated before answering. After all, fighting was not a good thing.

Sachin frowned and he looked at her face gloomy. He was unhappy that there were a few scratches on
her fair face.

"Do they hurt?" He stretched out his hand and gently touched the scratches. It pained him to see her

"Just some minor injuries. They didn't hurt very much."

Looking at his distressed eyes, Rosiley felt a little upset. It seemed that ever since she married him,
she had always been in

trouble. She caused him trouble and he had to worry about her.

Rosiley held his hand and Sachin looked down at her.

Seeing the surprise in his eyes, Rosiley smiled, "Sachin, I'm sorry to have kept you worrying."

The light in her eyes had gone and her eyes grew moist with guilt.

Sachin frowned and pursed his thin lips as he quietly looked at her without saying a word.

His eyes were as black as ink, and Rosiley could not see through his thougNts.

He was angry!

Rosiley keenly sensed his displeasure. She panicked and explained, “I didn't intend to fight. They..."

Suddenly, he kissed her lips and stopped her from speaking.

After a long while, when Rosiley thought that she was about to suffocate, he stopped the kiss.

Her heart was beating fast and she looked up at him timidly.

Sachin gently stroked her delicate red lips and stared at her affectionately. His black eyes were filled
with love.

He asked, "Do you know what you did wrong?"

His voice was hoarse and deep. Rosiley's heart fluttered and she clenched her hands. She looked
down and said, "I shouldn't

have fought with others."

As soon as she finished speaking, Sachin put his finger under her chin and lifted her head, so she was
looking up into his dark


"No," he said.

No? Rosiley frowned. To tell the truth, her mind was blank. She didn't know what she did wrong except

Seeing that she was confused, he knew that she didn't know what she did wrong.

Actually, her fault was only in his head.

He sighed and kissed the corner of her lips gently.

"Rosiley, I don't want you look at me with that guilty eyes, nor do I want you to say ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’
to me. We're a couple,

aren't we?"

He whispered.

‘We're man and wife, aren't we?’

Rosiley was touched by what he said, and she looked straight into his eyes.

She saw his deep affection for her in his eyes.

Her eyes were moist, and a strong feeling hit her crazily.

"I love you,’ she whispered and kissed him on the lips. Sachin was surprised.

Some people had known each other for dozens years, and they thought they loved each other and
would be together for a lifetime. However, in the end, they turned against each other and separated.

Rosiley and Sachin hadn't known each other for a long time. Although Sachin looked indifferent, he
cared about her.

There was no doubt that she loved him.

Melissa's plan failed again and she could not let it go.

When she thought of Rosiley's arrogance and proudness, Melissa trembled with hatred. She tightly
clenched the cup in her

hand and her knuckles turned white.

Rorey and Yunis glanced at each other. And then Rorey carefully asked Melissa, "Melissa, what's
wrong with you?"

Melissa turned to look at Rorey sharply and coldly.

Rorey was so frightened that she gave a gasp of horror. She forced a smile and asked, "Is it because
of Rosiley?"

Melissa forcefully placed the cup on the table. She said through clenched teeth, "Who else can anger

"What did she do?" Yunis asked.

"What did she do?" Melissa snorted coldly and suddenly changed the topic, "Yunis, as one of the
shareholders of TEG, don't

you have any rights in TEG?"

The sudden question confused Yunis, and he asked blankly, "What happened? Why did you talk about

"Maddox added a rule to Rosiley's employment contract. It says that other than the CEO, no one else
has the right to expel



Rorey and Yunis looked at each other.

Melissa coldly glanced at them and continued, “In such cases, it's not a coincidence that Maddox
suddenly became TEG's

new CEO as well as new owner. Someone deliberately bought TEG in order to protect Rosiley."

"How is this possible?" Rorey didn't believe Melissa's analysis and she said, "What is she? No one
would buy TEG for her."

Rorey sneered, “In your dreams!"

Yunis did not believe it either and he said, "Melissa, I think it should be a coincidence. Rosiley and
Maddox might have some

sort of agreement privately."

Yunis had a sense of superiority since childhood, so he didn't believe that Rosiley had someone more
powerful and

outstanding than himself.

Melissa looked at them and sighed, "I wish I had thought too much. However, if someone is protecting
Rosiley behind her, her

backer must be very capable and powerful.”

This was precisely what Melissa was worried about.

Rorey and Yunis were worried. They thought about it carefully and realized that they never succeeded
in trapping Rosiley but

tarnished their reputation.

Even though Rosiley was smart, she wouldn't be able to escape every time.

Was someone protecting her behind her?

No, they were unwilling to see Rosiley live a happy life.

Rorey had an idea. She bit her lip and said, "Melissa, I need your help."

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