The convenient Bride

Chapter 167: Did I Allow You to Leave?

The light of the morning sun shone into the room through the floor-to-ceiling window and on the floor.

Rosiley took a bite of the scrambled egg and looked at the man opposite her.

Sachin sat silhouetted against the light. His figure was upright and his facial features strongly marked.

As he drank the milk, he focused on reading the newspaper.

“You should focus when you are having a meal. Don't be distracted, or you'll suffer from indigestion.”

Rosiley muttered discontentedly. The man opposite her looked up at her with a smile.

"It was my mother who said it.” Rosiley added. An elder's words might be convincing.

Sachin folded the newspaper and put it aside. Then, he smiled and said, "Since Mom said so, I have to
listen to her."

Rosiley narrowed her eyes and asked, "Are you making fun of me?"

"No,’ Sachin smiled. His eyes were bright with pleasure.

Rosiley angrily glared at him and placed some egg on his plate. She said, "This is delicious. Have a

Sachin looked at the golden scrambled egg and then looked up at Rosiley who was looking at him

Thus, he gently took a bite of the egg.

"How is it?" Rosiley asked anxiously.

He tasted it carefully, and after a long time, he said under her eager gaze, “It's delicious."

Rosiley started smiling, her eyes curving into crescent moon-like shapes. She said proudly, "I cooked

Sachin smiled as he looked at her, and his eyes were filled with pampering.

"I am indeed a good wife,’ Rosiley said and smiled.

"Yes, you are a good wife.”

Rosiley was happier to win his praise than to win a lottery.

She was so happy and then she drank the milk fast.

"Slow down." Sachin looked at her dotingly and helplessly.

This morning was their private moment, which was filled with laughter and happiness.

As soon as Rosiley entered the Media Department of TEG, she was told that Ms. Su was looking for

She frowned and wondered what Melissa was going to do.

Yayoi warned worriedly, "Rosiley, be careful. She failed to fire you, so she must be grudging. She might
have come up with some evil idea to target you.”

Rosiley smiled and comforted her, "Don't worry. I will play it by ear."

Afterwards, she turned around. Her face darkened and her eyes turned cold.

Some people's ambition never died until there was no way out.

In Ms. Su's office.

Rosiley was standing at the desk, while Melissa was looking at the files absorbedly as if there was no
one else present.

Ever since Rosiley came here, Melissa hadn't looked up at the former at all as if Rosiley wasn't here.

They seemed to be in a contest. If Melissa did not look up at Rosiley, Rosiley would definitely not take
the initiative to start a conversation.

But now, it seemed that Melissa was just humiliating Rosiley in this way.

Rosiley bit her lips and stared coldly at Melissa who was focused on the files. Then, she suddenly
turned around and strode towards the door.


Just as she reached out to open the door, Melissa shouted behind her.

Rosiley withdrew her hand with a sneer and turned to face Melissa's gloomy face.

"Did I allow you to leave?" Melissa asked coldly.

Rosiley sneered, "Ms. Su, I'm very busy. Just say what you have to say. Don't waste my time."

Malice gleamed in Melissa's eyes. She glaring at Rosiley malevolently, and then she picked up a
document aside and heavily smashed it onto the desk.

"There is going to be a press conference about ‘Empresses in the Palace’. Go and do an interview.”

Melissa gave Rosiley the work briefly.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows, "I am now the deputy manager. I do not need to do all the interviews. I
will ask my subordinate reporters to do it."

“I need you to do it,’ Melissa said firmly.

"What if I say no?” Rosiley asked.

Melissa glared at Rosiley and did not answer.

Rosiley thought it boring. She curled her lips and walked over to take the document.

When she looked at Melissa, she suddenly had a cunning idea. She leaned against the table and
approached Melissa. She smiled meaningfully, "Ms. Su, I will do the interview. After all, if I don't go to
the press conference, you, Yunis, and Rorey won't be able to go ahead with your plan."

Melissa's expression changed as soon as Rosiley finished speaking.

"Ms. Su, tell Yunis and Rorey that I'm very grateful to them. They enrich my life."

Rosiley laughed loudly and left.

Melissa was so angry that she trembled, and her chest heaved violently.


She jumped to her feet and swept all the things off the desk.

Rosiley came back to her office and casually threw the document on the desk.

Yayoi ran over and picked up the document. She flipped through it and frowned.

"A press conference? What is this?" Yayoi asked.

"Work," Rosiley shrugged her shoulders with her hands up.

"Does Melissa want you to do an interview?"

"Yeah, she won't let go of me." Rosiley picked up her cup and walked towards the pantry.

"Did you agree?” Yayoi chased after her.

"Yes. If I refuse, things wouldn't be fun.”

Rosiley took out a packet of instant coffee from the cupboard and put it into the cup.

“What if something happens to you?" Yayoi thought that Rosiley was taking risks. Melissa and Rorey
were scheming. Yayoi was afraid that Rosiley couldn't fight off them.

Rosiley filled her cup with hot water from the water dispenser and she gently stirred the coffee in the
cup with a spoon.

The aroma of the coffee came out with the fumes. Rosiley took a deep breath and said, "It smells

Yayoi was lost for words.

She was so worried about Rosiley, but Rosiley didn't care at all.

Rosiley took a sip of coffee and said slowly, "I'm sure I can avoid danger, or I would have refused

“Are you sure?” Yayoi did not believe her.

"Yes. Since I had been kidnapped by Manny, Sachin was worried about me so he sent some
bodyguards to protect me."

“Bodyguards?” Yayoi frowned and asked, "Why haven't I seen them before?"

“They hid in the shadows. Only when I am in danger will they appear."

This coffee tasted good. Rosiley narrowed her eyes in satisfaction.

Yayoi looked around and did not find anyone hiding in the shadows. However, since it was arranged by
Sachin, there wouldn't be anything wrong.

Yayoi warned worriedly, "Even if you have bodyguards protecting you, you still have to be careful.”

"OK. My good Yayoi,’ Rosiley smiled and pinched Yayoi's cheek gently.

"Stop it.” Yayoi patted Rosiley's hand away.

They looked at each other and smiled.