The convenient Bride

Chapter 168: She Was Desperate to Be Famous

It was the day of the press conference of "Empresses in the Palace", and Rosiley came to the scene
with a photographer.

When Rosiley left the company, Yayoi was still worried about her. Yayoi urged Rosiley to protect herself
if something happened.

Rosiley was touched by Yayoi's concern for her. She repeatedly assured Yayoi that she would definitely
return safely.

When she arrived at the hotel where the press conference was held, Rosiley saw huge posters of the
stars were showed at the entrance. The fans were barred behind the safety line by security guards.

Although it was after four o'clock in the afternoon, they felt hot in the sun. However, those fans didn't
care and they were eager to see their favorite stars.

Rosiley couldn't help but sigh. The stars’ greatest happiness should be having such a group of fans
following them without complaint.

As soon as they entered the hotel, they could see the fans that had come out to support their favorite
stars. After walking around, Rosiley held several bags, which were filled with small gifts from the fans.

She knew almost all the actors of "Empresses in the Palace", except Bertram, who would play the

He was an extremely mysterious man.

Three years ago, he suddenly appeared in the entertainment industry. He made his debut as the male
lead of a romantic drama. He became famous overnight because of his handsome appearance and
consummate acting abilities. He also garnered a massive fan base.

In the past three years, he had made a total of five TV dramas, one movie. All of his works were

In just three years, he had become one of the leading male celebrities and was named the most
wanted man in the entertainment industry for three consecutive years.

Such a person should have been the darling of the media reporters, but there had been little news
about him in the past three years.

All the news about him was just promoting his movies or TV shows.

Of course, it wasn't that the media didn't want to report his news, but that they couldn't find his stories
at all.

During filming, he preserved his moral integrity. He usually didn't have any private contact with the
actresses after work.

When he wasn't filming, the media simply couldn't track his whereabouts, as if he had disappeared.

Therefore, over the past three years, the media had been very anxious to find some shocking stories
about him, but they had never been able to get what they wanted.

Standing in front of Bertram's huge poster, Rosiley looked at the man on the poster curiously.

His facial features were strongly defined and attractive. His eyes were especially clear and shining,
without the slightest bit of dust.

Nowadays, especially in the dirty entertainment industry, it was really difficult to find such a pure

As a media reporter, Rosiley couldn't help but be curious about him. She wanted to pry into his well-
hidden private life.

It probably was the weakness of the media.

Rosiley put on a self-mocking smile. She turned around and saw other reporters walking into the hall
one after another.

She hurriedly called her photographer and followed the crowd into the hall.

The LED screen in the center of the stage was showing posters of all the actors and actresses.

TEG was a well-known media company in the industry, so its seats had been arranged in the center,
behind the stars.

Rosiley sat down. She looked up and happened to see Rorey's poster on the big screen.

Rorey would play a tragic character in this show. She only loved the Emperor for her entire life. She
was a concubine, who was endurable and did not compete for favor. In the end, she helped the female
leading role become the Empress.

Rosiley had to say that Rorey was really smart to choose such a lovable character. Rosiley thought that
Rorey might want to use this drama to clean herself up.

"Why did the producers of this drama choose Rorey to play this role? They don't care about the critic
reviews anymore?"

Rosiley heard a reporter raise a question. She thought that this question must be the voice of all the
media present.

“I heard that she invested in the drama. So as long as you have money, even if you can't act, the
producers will choose you."

"Yunis is Rorey's fiancé, isn't he? Yunis has gone all out to make Rorey popular.’

"All his efforts will be in vain. People like Rorey won't be popular no matter how she is propelled.”

Rosiley laughed quietly as she listened to their complaints about Rorey. Indeed, the masses had sharp

Rorey would never be popular in this life.

The press conference started half an hour later than originally scheduled. It was said that Rorey was
late, so that the press conference was delayed.

"She acts like a prima donna but she is not famous. If she becomes famous, we will have to wait for her
until late at night.”

The other reporters were complaining, but Rosiley kept a faint smile on her face.

Rosiley could imagine that tomorrow, there would be a news about "the press conference was delayed
as an actress acted like a prima donna without sense of time."

Rorey never thought that she couldn't clean herself up, but instead, her reputation would be worse.

In the stars’ lounge, Rorey walked out of the washroom with a pale face. Her assistant, Stacie,
hurriedly stepped forward to support her and asked with concern, "Rorey, how are you? Are you sick?"

Rorey stroked her chest, and soon she felt sick again.

“Sour plums.”

She tried to hold back the sickness and asked her assistant to give her some sore plums.

After eating a sour plum, she managed to hold back the feeling.

"Rorey, I'm afraid you would vomit on stage."

A lot of media came today. If Rorey vomited in front of the cameras, she would definitely make the
headlines tomorrow.

"I'll be fine. Just give me a few minutes."

Rorey leaned against the sofa and closed her eyes. Suddenly, she thought of something and opened
her eyes.

"Is Rosiley here yet?"

She asked.

Stacie nodded and said, "Yes."

"That's good.” Rorey closed her eyes at ease.

The celebrities entered one after another, and the last one to enter was Rorey. She was more arrogant
than the male and female leads.

As expected, the people around complained her again.

Rosiley gazed on Rorey, who was coming in with the help of her assistant. Rorey was pale and it
seemed that she was not feeling well.

She was pregnant, but she still wanted to act in a drama. She was desperate to be famous.

The host made his introductory remarks, and then he introduced the producer and the actors.

When Bertram went on stage, there was no doubt that his fans were especially excited and shouted

Rosiley took out her camera and focused it on the stage. And then she took several photos in a row.

The man in the photos put on a smile.

He suddenly turned and looked in Rosiley's direction. Rosiley was startled and she trembled.

However, Bertram quickly looked away. Rosiley thought that she thought too much. They didn't know
each other, so he wouldn't turn to look at her.

Bertram answered the host's questions calmly in a good manner, as if he had come prepared.

Rosiley suddenly had the idea to interview Bertram. To be honest, she had only seen this kind of calm
in Sachin before, so she was really curious about Bertram.