The convenient Bride

Chapter 169: She Took the Bait

The press conference proceeded in an orderly manner. After the filming ceremony was the media
interview time.

Everyone was scrambling to ask questions, and the actors responded calmly.

Rosiley looked at Rorey, who was standing beside Bertram. Her eyes narrowed as she raised her hand
when the host asked if there was any more question.

"What's your question?"

The host pointed at her and asked.

She stood up, took the microphone from the host, and cast a sharp gaze at Rorey.

"May I ask how Miss Rorey can give her best acting during pregnancy?"

This sharp question plunged the atmosphere to an intense state.

Other journalists also wanted to ask this question, but they were told not to. If they asked, they would
be charged, so everyone had to compromise.

Hearing Rosiley's question, other journalists were instantly excited. Apart from admiring her courage,
they were also looking forward to Rorey's answer.

On the stage, Rorey's face turned pale. She looked at Rosiley with gloomy eyes. Even though her
heart was filled with hatred for Rosiley, she pulled a smile on her face. "The filming won't take too long,
and my part will be finished first, so there is no need to worry that my pregnancy will affect the progress
of filming.”

Rosiley was a little disappointed by her moderate answer, but she would not let her off just like that.

Then, she threw out another sharp question.

"I heard that Miss Rorey had invested in this play. Is that true?"

“That's not true."

"Then how did you get such an important role?"

"Director Angus chose me for my abilities. I believe in his choice and I will not let him down."

"Is that so? Then why did I hear that Director Angus chose another actress at first? She has been in
the industry for several years and had done quite a few good TV shows. What do you think gives you
an advantage over her?"

"You said that you heard about it. Don't believe this kind of false news."

Rorey easily handled every question that Rosiley had raised, so she couldn't hide her complacency.

It was what Rosiley had expected. She sneered and asked another question.

"Miss Rorey, you play a character who can sacrifice her happiness for the sake of the family. She is
filial to her parents and loves her siblings. Are you such a person in reality?"

This question caused people to burst into laughter.

Everyone in the entertainment industry knew that Rorey had stolen her sister's fiancé. How could it be
possible that she loved her siblings?

Rorey was no longer complacent.

The atmosphere was embarrassing. The host received instructions from the producer and took away
the microphone in Rosiley's hand.

"If anyone wants to ask more questions, please ask some questions about the play. Thank you."

After the microphone was taken away, Rosiley curled her lips indifferently. Anyway, she had achieved
her goal.

The headline would be very interesting next day.

Being late, putting on airs, grabbing another actress's job with money... Any of these could ruin her
reputation as an actress.

Other journalists kept posing questions, but Rosiley stood up and left with the cameraman.

She did not notice that there was someone on the stage following her until she disappeared at the door.

As soon as she walked out of the venue, Rosiley was stopped.

She raised her head and saw a face that she did not want to see.

She frowned and shouted coldly, "Get out of my way!"

However, the person in front of her did not move at all. She took a deep breath and decided not to
waste time on him.

So, she moved aside, trying to bypass him.

Unexpectedly, he stopped her again.

She turned left. He turned left too.

She turned right. He turned right too.

He wouldn't let her go.

“Yunis, what do you want?"

Rosiley couldn't help but shout at him.

The person who stopped her was Yunis, a man she didn't want to see at all.

“Nothing. I just wanted to invite you to tonight's banquet.’

Compared to her anger, Yunis appeared calm and composed.

"Yunis, are you crazy? Do you think I will accept your invitation?"

Rosiley looked at him mockingly.

"It is the first time for Rorey to get such a good role in a play."

“So what?"

"You are her sister. You should be proud of her.”

Yunis was quite shameless.

Rosiley sneered and said word by word, "NONE OF MY BUSINESS!"

Then, she walked away and strode towards the entrance of the hotel.

"Rosiley, are you afraid?"

Yunis's voice came from behind her. She paused and he continued, "Are you afraid that we will do
something to you, so you don't even dare to attend the banquet?"

Rosiley knew that this was a provocation, and that what he said was true—they really wanted to do
something to her. Otherwise, they would not invite her.

Now that they wanted to play a game with her, how could she have fun if she didn't play with them?

She turned around and the dazzling lights were reflected in her eyes. She slowly raised the corner of
her lips. "Yunis, it's just a banquet. Do you think I'm afraid?”

Yunis's eyes lit up with a glimmer of complacency. She took the bait. They would be able to
successfully complete this plan.

Rosiley told Sachin about the banquet.

Sachin was silent for seconds. Rosiley bit her lip and said carefully, "Sachin, don't worry. I will protect

After a while, Sachin said, “I'll let Payton come with you.”

Only by having someone by her side could he be at ease.

"Didn't he go abroad to see your mother?"

Their mother missed her kids very much, so Payton was sent by Sachin to accompany his mother for a
period of time.

Rosiley knew that their mother actually missed Sachin, but Sachin was too busy to spend time with her.

"That's also your mother."

“Payton has returned home today. I'll let him find you."

If staying with Payton could make him feel at ease, she was OK with that.

The banquet was actually held by the producers to celebrate the start of filming of the TV play.

It was also held to entertain the journalists.

"Sorry, my girlfriend is there.”

Payton had refused other women many times.

"Rosiley, I find being handsome troublesome." Payton complained, but his eyes were smiling.

Rosiley rolled her eyes and said, "Do you mean you're too handsome?"

“Sure enough, you always know me.” Payton winked at Rosiley.

Rosiley felt it disgusting.

She didn't know him well, but he was such a narcissistic person.