The convenient Bride

Chapter 172: Someone Drugged You

Rosiley woke up slowly. The moment she saw the unfamiliar surroundings, she was so scared that sat
up with a jerk.

Lifting the blanket, she heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that she was still wearing her clothes.

After confirming that nothing had happened to her, she looked around the room.

The spacious room was decorated in a dark, simple, and mature style. It was a man’s room.

Then why was she here?

All of last night's memories crept back, from attending a cocktail party to Payton being hit. She also
remembered she met a fan named Emma.


Her pupils suddenly shrank. She didn't remember what happened after drinking the glass of wine that
Emma gave her.

"Sorry, Rosiley. I have no choice. If anyone, I hope you'll blame Melissa.”

At that time, she seemed to have heard Emma say such a thing.

She was not sure whether Emma really said it.

If Melissa and the others wanted to harm her, why hadn't anything happened? Why was she here?

However, it was not the time to think about these things. What she should concern about right now was
to connect with Sachin and the others. They must be worried about her.

But where was she now?

Rosiley got out of bed, stepped barefoot on the soft wool carpet. She walked to the window and pulled
open the thick curtains. The dazzling sunlight instantly poured out of the room.

She shielded her eyes against the light. Growing accustomed to the light, she slowly put down her
hand and looked out of the window.

Amagnificent building came into her sight, and the sunlight glazed over its glass exterior, reflecting a
resplendent light.

It was the Lu family's property, Tower of Prosperity, the landmark of Benin City.

She could infer that she was at Royal Lagoon House, which was facing it from afar, the extravagant
apartment building priced over a hundred thousand yuan per square meters.

After confirming her location, Rosiley turned back to the bedside to search for her phone.

She found nothing.

Her cell phone was not here.

She sat on the edge of the bed in frustration and scratched her hair irritably.

She wanted to call Sachin and tell him where she was, so that he could come and save her.

It would not work now.

What could she do...

She looked at the tightly shut door of the room and frowned, wondering who had brought her here?
Would the person harm her just like Melissa?

Thinking of this, she was no longer calm, but panic.

If the person were like Melissa, she would be in a very dangerous situation.

She had to find a way out of here.

Just as she was contemplating how to get out of here, the door opened.

She vigilantly looked towards the door.

A tall and slender man walked in. When she saw the man's appearance, she was shocked and stood

"How come it's you?!"

The man who walked in was Bertram, the male lead at yesterday's press conference.

Bertram slowly walked in front of her and smiled gently, "Why are you so surprised?"

Wasn't he asking nonsense? She didn't know him at all, at most she had seen his work. How could she
not be surprised?

"Why am I here?" Rosiley directly cut to the point.

“Someone drugged you and I saved you."

The brief and concise answer clearly explained what had happened last night.

Last night, she was tricked by Emma who had a pair of clean eyes. She thought that she met her fan.
But Emma was this fake fan who harbored ill intentions.

If it weren't for Bertram’s help, perhaps she wouldn't know what kind of calamity she was in right now.

"Thank you. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't dare to imagine what the consequences would be like." She
looked at Bertram gratefully with a lingering fear.

Bertram thought that if he hadn't been paying attention to Rosiley last night, he wouldn't have known
that those people would have done such a thing to her.

Melissa, Yunis, Rorey, Clifford Lin, and Emma... He would never let all those people go.

A trace of bloodthirsty ruthlessness rose in his eyes, but he quickly covered it up and put on a faint
smile. He said in a gentle voice, "You're welcome."

Rosiley smiled back. She pursed her lips and asked hesitantly, "Mr. Chad, can you lend me your

"I want to let my family know I'm safe.” she added. She was worried that if she did not contact Sachin,
he would probably turn Benin upside down.

“Wait for me."

After saying that, Bertram left the room. Not long after, he returned to the room with a mobile phone in
his hand.

Rosiley thanked him and picked it up.

She walked to the window and dialed the number that she had memorized in her mind.

The phone was picked up as soon as the bell rang.

"Rosiley.” An anxious voice rang out.

Hearing the familiar voice, Rosiley choked up and shouted, "Sachin."

When Bertram, who was standing not far away, heard the word "Sachin", his expression darkened a
little, and his beautiful eyes flashing.

"Rosiley, where are you?"

Rosiley looked up at Tower of Prosperity and replied, “I'm in the Royal Lagoon House."

Rosiley told Sachin what happened last night. Sachin replied, "Wait for me downstairs. I'll go pick you
up immediately.”

"OK. I'll wait for you.” She obediently replied and hung up the phone.

Wiping away the tears, Rosiley turned around and smiled embarrassedly at Bertram, "Sorry, I behaved
like a weeper...”

She shrugged her shoulders. Bertram stared at her with love in the depths of his eyes. He smiled faintly
and said, "A girl who is easy to cry usually has a gentle and beautiful heart."

Like the little girl who always cried for little animals.

"Bertram, little bird is dead.” Holding a dead bird, the little girl, who was like a porcelain doll, almost
melted in tears.

"Mr. Chad, Mr. Chad..."

Bertram, who was immersed in his memories, regained his senses and met a pair of worried eyes.

He was stunned for a moment, but quickly reacted and smiled gently, "I'm fine."

Rosiley bit her lip and asked, "Can I leave now?"

Although Bertram knew that she would leave as soon as she woke up, his heart sank when he heard it.
His eyes flashed with gloom, and even the smile on his face became somewhat forced.

"Sure, I'll take you down."

“Thank you."

Rosiley smiled gratefully at him.

Bertram smiled and said nothing, then turned around and walked out first.

Rosiley gaped after him and frowned slightly. She didn't know if she was too sensitive. Why did she feel
as if he was in a low mood in a sudden?

Was it because she was leaving?

Immediately, she found it was ridiculous. They were not related. How could he be upset because she
was about to leave?

Rosiley curled her lips and hurriedly followed him up.