Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 174: He Didn't Want to Hug Her at All

Ever since Rosiley disappeared, Payton got very fidgety.

He walked back and forth and almost drove Juliet crazy. She shouted, "Payton Lu, can you just sit?
You make me dizzy."

Payton looked miserable, "How could I sit still?" If he could keep calm, why would he walk around?

Juliet sighed helplessly, "Mr. Sachin has already gone to pick up Rosiley, which means that Rosiley is
safe. Don't worry about it anymore.”

That was true, but...

“I'm afraid Sachin will punish me severely."

Well, that was what he was most worried about right now.

So, it was because of this! Juliet's eyes twitched. She scolded, "You deserve to be punished by your

“Even my dear cousin has been banished to such a desolate place. I am screwed.”

Payton shook his head and sighed.

"Maddox is just on a business trip. Don't act like he won't be able to come back."

Juliet rolled her eyes at him and continued, "As long as Rosiley pleaded for you, Mr. Sachin would not
make things too difficult for you.”

Hearing this, Payton's eyes lit up. "Oh right, why did I forget Rosiley?"

Juliet rolled her eyes. How could he be so stupid?

At this moment, the door opened. Payton and Juliet exchanged a look and ran towards the entrance at
the same time.



Upon seeing Rosiley, they exclaimed at the same time.

Rosiley was shocked and smiled helplessly, "Are you two trying to scare me to death?"

“Rosiley!" Payton spread his arms wide and pounced towards her.

Rosiley dodged to the side to let him pass.

"Why?" Payton looked at Rosiley sadly.

Rosiley smiled craftily, "Payton, are you sure you want to hug me?”

"I..." Payton felt a cold gaze fall on him. He slowly looked up and saw his big brother's poker face. He
quickly explained, "Sachin, I don't want to hug Rosiley. I don't want to hug her at all.”

Rosiley laughed at the side while Juliet scolded coldly, "Coward."

Juliet stepped forward and gave Rosiley a warm hug. She said, "Thank goodness, you finally return

“Sorry, I made you all worry.” Rosiley patted her back with guilt.

Juliet let go of her and a trace of ruthlessness rose in her eyes. "Rosiley, don't worry, I will avenge you.
Melissa and her fellow are going to pay.”

"Yes." Payton agreed, "Damn it, do they think my sister-in-law can be easily bullied? I will definitely
make them pay ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times the price."

“Payton, Juliet.” Rosiley looked at them touched.

It felt good to have them here.

Just as Rosiley was about to cry, Sachin's cold voice sounded.

“Payton, you should worry about yourself first.”

Hearing this, Payton froze. Then, he wailed, "Rosiley, you have to save me."

"Ignore him!"

Sachin pulled Rosiley inside.

"Rosiley?" Payton continued to howl.

Seeing this, Juliet shook her head and sighed. She patted Payton’'s shoulder and said, "Good luck,

"Juliet, you are so happy, aren't you?" Payton knew she was gloating.

Juliet pretended to be surprised and blinked her big eyes, "You actually knew it."

"JULIET!" Payton gritted his teeth.

"Hey, I heard that place has a lot of mosquitoes and germs. You must take care of yourself.”

Juliet smiled sweetly at him.

Then, she ignored his clamor and walked away.

Rosiley heard Payton's helpless call. Although she knew that he was faking it, she still couldn't bear it.

"Sachin, it is not Payton’'s fault. Don't treat him like Maddox.”

Rosiley pleaded for Payton. Actually, it was her fault. She did not want anyone to be implicated
because of her.

Sachin lowered his head and looked straight into her eyes. He smiled slightly, “So you will be punished
with him."

"What?" Rosiley's eyes widened in surprise, "Why should I?"

"Because you didn't listen."

The very simple reason left Rosiley speechless. She didn't listen to him. He did not allow her to attend
the cocktail party, but she insisted and said that she could protect herself.

Thinking about it, she felt embarrassed.

"Alright, I accept the punishment. But Payton doesn't need to. He was also implicated by me." said

“What? Are you sure that you want to bear all the punishment for Payton?" Sachin raised his eyebrows.

"Yes." As his sister-in-law, she was willing to bear the burden for him.

"As you wish." Sachin said with a meaningful smile.

Rosiley heaved a sigh of relief when she heard that he had agreed to her request and smiled widely.

At this moment, she did not know what kind of punishment she would face, and what kind of
consequences it would bring to her.

Rosiley wanted to taste the dishes personally cooked by Sachin, so Sachin asked her to sit in the living
room and chat with Juliet and Payton.

Then he went straight into the kitchen to prepare the food.

Juliet stared into the kitchen. Seeing Sachin busy in the kitchen, she shook her head and said, "Sachin
Lu, the young master of the Lu Family, the president of REG, can actually cook. No one would believe

"Do you think it's very fantastic?” Rosiley asked.

"It's not just a fantasy. I simply don't dare to even imagine it." Juliet sighed emotionally. Then, she
turned to Payton and said, "Payton, can you cook?"

"What do you mean?" said Payton curtly. He looked up and caught the anticipation in Juliet's eyes and
his lips curled into a dangerous smile. "If I could, does it mean you will marry me?"

Juliet was stunned for a moment, but she quickly recovered. She frowned in disgust, "Payton, why are
you so narcissistic? Could it be that every girl who asks you this question wants to marry you?"

“Of course.” Payton replied bluntly.

Juliet rolled her eyes at him, "Sorry, I'm not interested in you."

Payton raised his eyebrows and didn't say anything else.

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