The convenient Bride

Chapter 176: We Can't Fail

As soon as Payton and Juliet finished their meal, they were ordered to leave before they could take a

"It's time to go since you two are well-fed.” Sachin's tone was indifferent.

Since Juliet had enjoyed a delicious meal and seen Rosiley return safely, she had no reason to stay
here and disturb the couple's private time.

Therefore, Juliet said, "Of course. I will leave now."

With that, she waved goodbye to Rosiley, picked up her bag, and left without hesitation.

"Sachin..." Seeing that her good friend had been driven away, Rosiley glared at him in dissatisfaction.

However, Sachin ignored her unhappy look. He glanced at Payton, who hadn't left yet. "What about

"I want to have a rest. I ate too much." Payton burped, completely ignoring the displeased look of

“Then wash the dishes before leaving."

Without waiting for his answer, Sachin held Rosiley's hand and walked straight upstairs.

"Why should I do the dishes?" When hearing this, Payton was a little annoyed. He turned around and
lay on the sofa, shouting at the two people who had already walked up the stairs.

"You can disobey my order, but next time, you won't be able to eat any food cooked by me,’ Sachin
replied without turning back.

Payton was willing to wash the dishes if he could continue enjoying the dishes cooked by Sachin.

Therefore, with a sullen look, Payton walked towards the kitchen.

"Haven't you gone too far?" Rosiley did not expect him to ask Juliet and Payton to leave.

Raising his eyebrows, Sachin looked at her pretty little face. With a smile, he said, "I don't think so."

“I want to be alone with you, so they should leave."

Rosiley pursed her lips and sighed softly, but she didn't say anything else.

The next day, when Rosiley arrived at TEG, she knew that something had happened to Clifford.

It was said that he was found in a hotel. At that moment, he was already unconscious and his lower
body was bleeding nonstop. He couldn't have sex with any girl for the rest of his life.

‘This should be the retribution of the wicked; Rosiley thought to herself.

That hotel was just the one where the press conference and banquet of "Empresses in the Palace”
were held.

If she guessed right, Clifford should have something to do with her being drugged that night. Could it be
possible that Bertram was involved in the accident that happened to Clifford?

Thinking of that gentle man, she was amused by her thoughts. Although Bertram looked aloof and
indifferent, he couldn't be so vicious.

Clifford's reputation in the entertainment industry was not good. He had slept with many innocent girls
and held a grudge against many people. Therefore, it was possible for someone to attack him because
of hatred.

This matter definitely had nothing to do with Bertram.

What made her even more amused was that Melissa had been asking for leave since the banquet,
saying that she was feeling unwell.

However, she knew that things were not that simple.

Since Clifford had an accident, Melissa, Yunis, and Rorey must be afraid that they would end up like

Rosiley was curious about what kind of expression Melissa would have if she saw her.

Would she be scared to death?

Melissa, Yunis, and Rorey were now in the huge living room of the Ji's villa. The atmosphere was
rather subdued.

"Yunis, when our family faced a big crisis, it was I who persuaded the directors of AR to help us.
Besides, I entered TEG to help you with Rosiley. But now, it seems that I can't stay here any longer."

When Melissa mentioned Rosiley, a hint of fear appeared on her face.

"You also got involved in this matter. Don't leave us high and dry." Yunis did not expect that she would
abandon the Ji family to protect herself. He immediately felt resentful and glared at her in

"That's right. We're on the same boat now. If you want to get off the boat early, don't blame me for
capsizing it,’ Rorey echoed with a threatening voice.

"You..." Melissa glared at them angrily.

They were a family, but now they were having a fight because of Rosiley.

It was understandable for Melissa to care about her own safety. But it seemed that she couldn't get rid
of this matter.

“Both Manny and Clifford were retaliated. Do you still want to deal with Rosiley?” A chill went down
Melissa's spine when she thought of Clifford's miserable state, and she couldn't help trembling all over.

She was indeed afraid that she would end up like Clifford.

Yunis and Rorey were also in fear of retaliation, but they understood one thing as well. If they didn't get
rid of Rosiley, they would live in fear for the rest of their lives.

"Rosiley is like a time bomb, which might explode at any time. If that's the case, we can't avoid being
punished. The best way now is to take effective measures to stop her further actions,’ Yunis said with a
sinister smile.

"Then what do you want to do?” Melissa asked.

Rorey took out a document from her bag and handed it to Melissa. "Take a look at this.”

Melissa glanced at her. Then she took the document and opened it. When seeing the contents, she
looked at Rorey in surprise. "Share Transfer Letter?"

"Yes." Rorey smiled smugly. "Forty-one percent of Seneca’s shares in the Tang Group is mine now. As
long as the board holds a meeting next week, I'll be the chairman of the corporation."

"So?" Melissa still did not understand what she was getting at.

"Rosiley is most concerned about the Tang Group. As long as it becomes mine, she will lose her
composure. In addition, if Seneca dies afterwards, she will be unable to take such a blow."

Thinking that she was going to defeat Rosiley, Rorey couldn't help but feel excited. The day she had
long been waiting for was almost here.

After hearing this, Melissa pondered for a moment and then asked, "Yunis, what do you think?"

"I think it's feasible. After all, we only have this chance, so we must seize it. We can't fail this time."

As long as they took revenge on Rosiley, they would lead a peaceful and happy life again.

This was what Yunis thought.

“Alright then." Melissa nodded, agreeing with their idea.

Since she was unable to get out of this, she could only be more involved in it.

She hoped that this time their plan would go as smoothly as Rorey said.

Since she had agreed, Yunis and Rorey smiled tacitly at each other.

This time, they were determined to get back at Rosiley.