The convenient Bride

Chapter 177: His Whole Life Is Ruined

The drug used by Rorey to harm her father came from abroad. After Sachin's thorough investigation,
they finally found a very important clue.

This drug was a new one developed by a private medical research center in America. It had only been
tested on animals yet.

However, even if it hadn't been tested on humans, the drug still entered the black market.

Rorey bought it from the black market. As for why Rorey knew about the existence of this dangerous
drug, only she herself knew.

Rosiley sat on the sofa and flipped through the materials. With a frown, she wore a somewhat solemn

After reading all of them, she looked up at the man standing in front of the French window and said,
"Sachin, how can I save my father?"

Sachin turned around and said, "I contacted people from the research center, and they promised to
develop an antidote."

Hearing this, Rosiley was delighted. "Really?"


Putting down the materials, Rosiley got up and quickly walked over to hug him.

"Sachin, it's so good to have you,’ she said dully in his arms.

Ever since her father fainted, she had been overwhelmed with worry and fear. But when knowing that
her father could be saved, she was relieved.

It was Sachin who gave her this good news.

Without him, she could not imagine how helpless and afraid she would be.

When thinking of this, she tightened her grip on his waist and buried her head deep in his arms.
Smelling the familiar scent of his body, she felt much more reassured. Tears then fell down her cheeks


Her low sobs rang out from the quiet room. Sachin's expression was slightly cold, and his deep black
eyes were filled with concern. Raising his hand, he gently stroked her beautiful hair and said softly,
"Don't cry. Everything will be fine."

Hearing this, Rosiley nodded in agreement.

She then sobbed loudly in his arms.

Clifford's life was saved, but his career had come to an end.

After Clifford's accident, the Lake Entertainment Group made a statement to fry Clifford. At the same
time, it also clarified that the company had nothing to do with Clifford's previous scandals. It was all
because of his own immorality.

The Lake Entertainment Group's decision made life harder for Clifford. All these years of cooperation
had ended in a single statement.

This unexpected turn surprised the public.

The shooting of "Empresses in the Palace" didn't stop because of Clifford's accident. The Lake
Entertainment Group paid a high price to hire a famous domestic director to continue the shooting.

"How can such a thing happened even before the filming? This TV show must have been cursed.”

After reading the news, Yayoi made a comment.

Rosiley forced a smile and said, "Your focus is really different.”

Normally speaking, one should criticize the immoral higher-ups of the Lake Entertainment Group or pity
the new director. Besides, one might hold the view that Clifford had got what he deserved.

However, it was out of her expectation that Yayoi would think the whole matter this way.

"Isn't that so?" Yayoi curled her lips and said, "You went to the opening ceremony that day. It was really
a grand one, but what happened then? Clifford..."

Speaking of this, Yayoi sighed, "His whole life is ruined"

“What? Do you pity him?"

Rosiley joked.

Yayoi quickly retorted, "Of course not. An old pervert like him is not worth pitiful.”

“Then why did you sigh?"

"I just think the rest of life must be meaningless.”

Hearing her words, Rosiley couldn't help but laugh. "Since Clifford is a shameless person, he won't
think he will lead a meaningless life. Instead, he will feel that God has given him another chance to
make a name for himself."

Yayoi frowned. "What do you mean?"

Rosiley said with a smile, "A leopard never changes its spots."

"Holy shit! He isn't afraid of death, is he?"

Yayoi instantly felt that the person who attacked Clifford should kill him, so that he wouldn't harm other

Rosiley smiled. Seeing Lina walk over, she quickly said to Yayoi, "Let's stop talking about this. Go back
to work, for Ms. Lina is coming."

Yayoi turned around and saw that Lina had come over. She stood up in an instant and greeted her,
"Ms. Lina.”

Lina still looked so serious, but she wore a faint smile. She nodded at Yayoi and said, "Hello."

Yayoi took a look at Rosiley and hurried to her seat.

"Ms. Lina, what's wrong?" Rosiley stood up.

After hesitating for a while, Lina slowly said, "The company's top managers want you to join the
production of "Empresses in the Palace" and shoot a video of Rorey working hard. Then you should
post it online and write articles for the major marketing accounts. In this way, they will praise Rorey for
her diligence, so as to hype the new TV series."

Hearing this, Rosiley knew that Melissa was going to target her again.

Rosiley had already been tired of her little tricks. She asked, "Can I let other reporters go?"

"No." Lina shook her head and smiled helplessly. "This is Ms. Su's order. I know she is making things
difficult for you, but if you insist on not going, she will use other methods to deal with you. Sometimes, a
moment of grievance can lay foundations for future development. What do you think?"

It was rare for Lina to say so much. Rosiley could feel she was concerned about her.

She then smiled. "OK. Thank you."

Lina smiled with satisfaction, patted her shoulder and said, "Be careful when you get to the movie set."

"Yes, I know."

Since Melissa wanted her to join the crew, there must be something waiting for her.

But so what? She had never been afraid.

“Empresses in the Palace" was filmed in SP Cinema City, the largest movie and television filming base
in the country.

SP Cinema City was more than a thousand kilometers away from Benin City, so it was kind of a
business trip for Rosiley.

Rosiley was carefully wiping the camera lens. Seeing her, Yayoi walked over.

"Rosiley, M City is so far away from Benin. Are you sure it's okay for you to go alone?"

Yayoi was a little worried. That place was far away, and if something happened to Rosiley, it would be
rather difficult to save her.

Rosiley replied without raising her head, "I wont go there alone. Payton wants to go with me."

"That's not enough. Besides, he is a man, which means it's convenient for him to protect you at any

Rosiley was amused by her words. She stopped and looked up. "Then should I take a group of people
there with me?"

Yayoi was annoyed and muttered discontentedly, "I care about you, but you made fun of me."

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, "Yayoi, I know you care about me. I am sure that
Melissa will get back at me this time. Since it's unavoidable, I won't think too much about it. Just let
everything run its course."

Moreover, she wouldn't be as careless as she had been at that banquet. She would always be vigilant,
so as not to give Rorey an opportunity to harm her.

"You really keep an open mind.” Yayoi didn't know if she should be happy or sad for her.

Rosiley used to be an unsophisticated girl, but after what had taken place recently, she became a calm
and fearless person.

To be honest, this was not a good thing.