Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 178: He Likes You

The weather in the south was changeable. It had just been sunny, but now it was raining cats and

Sitting by the window of the coffee shop in leisure, Rosiley watched the passersby outside who were

Suddenly, a knock disrupted the quietness.

She turned around to see a man wearing a cap and facial mask in front of her.

A brilliant smile appeared on her fair face after a while.

"Mr. Chad.”

As soon as she got off the plane, she received a call from her assistant saying that he wanted to see

Since he had saved her, she agreed without hesitation.

“Rosiley, shouldn't you be restrained?"

Hearing that she had agreed to another man's invitation, Payton couldn't help but complain. He
continued, "What if Sachin knows?"

Rosiley glanced at him, "Who will know if both you and I keep silent?"

Payton was speechless.

Well, he could keep it a secret. But it didn't mean that the bodyguards who secretly protected them
wouldn't tell Sachin.

Acalm and low-profile man. It was Payton's first impression of Bertram.

Bertram was a little surprised to see him. Then, he politely nodded with an aloof and cold expression.

He was not easy to deal with.

This was Payton's second impression of him.

“This is Payton Lu, my brother." Rosiley introduced him.

Lu? A glimmer of light flashed through Bertram's eyes. A corner of his mouth raised, "Mr. Sachin's
younger brother.’

Payton raised his eyebrows. He stood up and stretched out his hand, "Yes, I'm his younger brother.
Nice to meet you.”

“Hello, I'm Bertram."

Bertram held his hand, but quickly let go. He turned to Rosiley as his gaze softened in an instant.

Payton retracted his hand and exactly saw the change of his expression. He thought, "Not good. He is
interested in Rosiley."

Bertram asked, "How long will you stay in M City?"

"It shouldn't be long. We'll return after filming the video.”

It didn't take much time to make a video showing Rorey's devotion to work. Of course, it depended on
whether Rorey would cause trouble for her.

Bertram was slightly disappointed to hear that, but he quickly recovered. He said in a gentle tone, "I'd
like to invite you to dinner tonight.”

Smiling, Rosiley shook her head, “Don't bother. I'm going to the famous gourmet street in M City with

His smile faded. Although disappointed, Bertram did not force her. "Then let's make an appointment

“Alright.” Rosiley smiled and nodded, "I'll treat you another day to repay your kindness last time.”

“Well, then I'll wait for your invitation." Bertram gazed at her with a trace of tenderness in the depths of
his black eyes.

Quietly observing him from the side, Payton had an answer.

Bertram specially asked the film crew for leave to meet her, so he had to leave shortly after.

Just like when he came, the customers in the coffee shop did not notice the super star at all.

Rosiley picked up the coffee and took a sip. At this time, a voice came from the side.

“Rosiley, Bertram likes you."

She couldn't help but spit the coffee.

She quickly took a few napkins to wipe away the mess and her mouth as well. Then, she turned around
and glared at Payton, feeling both funny and annoyed, "You're blind. It's time for you to see a doctor."

It was the first time they met when he saved her. How could he like her? Payton was talking non-sense!

“Rosiley, according to the way he looks at you, I won't believe that he doesn't like you." Payton shook
his head.

Rosiley was speechless, "Then if he looked at pigs with the same expression as me, would you agree
that he liked pigs?"

Heavens! Just with a single expression, he actually misunderstood that Bertram liked her! What a silly

Seeing that she still didn't believe him, Payton shrugged, "Forget it. Let's just say I've mistaken him."

Despite this, he was on guard against Bertram. He regarded it necessary to make Rosiley have less
contact with Bertram.

Thus, he added, "Rosiley, in the few days in M City, we should stay together. Tell me if you want to
meet someone. I don't want to see anything go wrong again.”

He implicated that whoever she wanted to see, she should go with him.

Without thinking too much, Rosiley simply nodded, "OK, I see."

Payton nodded in satisfaction, "Then we'll join the crew tomorrow.”

The director who took over "Empresses in the Palace" was famous for his talent but bad temper as

Therefore, when Payton and Rosiley arrived next day, they happened to hear the director criticizing

“Are you a pig? You can't even make a sad expression.”

"If you still can't pull it off, get out of here. Don't be a drag.”

Stepping closer, Rosiley only found Rorey quietly standing there with her head lowered.

She couldn't help but blink to see if the woman in the costume was Rorey.

After all, arrogant as Rorey was, how could she be obedient like this?

However, she was not mistaken. That woman was Rorey.

The director scolded for a long time before he stopped to continue his work.

Rosiley watched Rorey's performance from a distance and gradually frowned with eyes filled with

She already knew that Rorey's acting wasn't that good, but she didn't know that it would be so bad.

In this scene, Rorey acted as a concubine of the emperor. After becoming a concubine, the emperor
had never visited her. Therefore, waiting for the emperor in her own palace, she should be lonely and

But her performance was funny. She looked pretentious, making people feel uncomfortable.

No wonder the director was angry.

The director was so angry to see her terrible performance again that he threw away the script and left.

The staff stood gazing at one another, not knowing what to do.

And Rorey was shocked as well, sitting there at a loss.

Stacie hurried to walk over and wiped the sweat off her forehead, comforting her, "Rorey, you did a
good job. That director is just nitpicking. Just forget it. We can ask Mr. Ji to solve it."

"Furthermore..." Stacie glanced at that familiar figure with her eyes cold, "Rosiley is here."

Looking where she glanced, Rorey raised her head and saw Rosiley waving at her with a smile.

Her face lit up and was without dismay in a second. She stood up and said, "Let's go meet her then.”

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