The convenient Bride

Chapter 179: You Must Have Slept with Someone

Seeing Rorey walking over, Payton whispered in Rosiley's ear, "Watch out.”

Rosiley glanced at him and lightly nodded.

With so many people here, Rorey didn't dare to do something to her, but she had to be wary.

With Stacie's help, Rorey slowly walked up to Rosiley. She sized her up and said in a weird tone,
"Rosiley, arent you a manager? Why do you run for the news yourself?"

Rosiley sneered. Clearly, it was Rorey who gave her a hard time with Melissa, yet she pretended to be
innocent. Why didn't she use her acting skills just now? Or she may become a super star and maybe
Oscar-winning actress.

"I had no choice. I had to decline the interview with Alfred and come here for some major star."

Rosiley said with a smile, but if someone looked carefully, he would find a trace of coldness in her.

Of course, Rorey could realize that she was mocking her. She immediately darkened her face and
glared at her in gloom. "Rosiley, do you really think you can be safe every time? That's just a fluke."

Hearing that, Payton’s handsome face instantly sank. He glared at Rorey coldly, "OK, super star.
Rosiley can be safe every time, but what about you? Please remember what had happened to Clifford."

Everyone in the entertainment industry knew how miserable Clifford was.

So when Payton mentioned Clifford, Rorey shivered with her face pale. But she still pretended to be
calm and sneered, "Rosiley, don't tell me that it is you who did it to Clifford. Do you think you have the

"You don't need to know if I have the capacity."

A sneer touched the corner of Rosiley's mouth. She leaned forward and whispered to Rorey, "But you
have to know what a miserable ending those who provoked me would have. So, Rorey, you can be

Rorey's face instantly turned as pale as ash. Her hands that were hanging by her side quietly clenched

Rosiley stepped back and showed a satisfied smile while seeing her pale face.

Who told them to regard her as a sick cat? They had provoked her many times. If she didn't say it out,
they would think that it was easy to bully her.

She thought she had made it clear this time. If Rorey continued to be like this, she would have to bear
the consequences herself.

“Payton, let's stroll around."

Rosiley left with Payton while Rorey and her agent were standing still, angry but afraid to speak out.

It was not until they had gone out of their sight did Stacie take a step forward and Say, "Rorey, will we
just let them go?"

Staring at where they left, Rorey narrowed her eyes with a trace of maliciousness. "I won't let her go."

Rorey, just be arrogant now. When the Tang Group was in the control of me, you would be totally done.

“Rosiley, I don't think Rorey would give up her plan so easily."

With Manny and Clifford as examples, she was still stubborn and didn't change her mind.

She was simply courting death.

"I know. I would find it strange if she gives up now.”

Rosiley glanced at him with a smile. She then raised her camera to take a picture of the scene in front
of her.

It was her first time to be the biggest movie studio in the nation. Rosiley didn't want to miss the chance
and took photos everywhere she went.

They walked along the road, chatting and photographing. It was quite pleasing.

Until they heard the quarrel.

“Emma, as a little know actress, you must have slept with someone to get the chance to act in
Empresses in the Palace’, haven't you?"

“Don't spout nonsense. I will never sell myself for the sake of a character."

“Emma, don't defend yourself. Everyone in this industry has slept with others if they want a good

"I'm not that kind of person! I'm not!"

A figure rushed out and almost ran into Rosiley.

Rosiley and Payton felt embarrassed.

They didn't mean to eavesdrop. They just happened to pass by, and they were loud.

So, they had no choice but to hear it.

Surprised, Emma hurried to wipe away her tears and greeted Rosiley, "Rosiley.’

Rosiley smiled, "Hello."

Her voice sounded indifferent and distant, unlike the friendliness at the party that night.

Emma subconsciously grabbed the hem of her clothes, as if only by this would she have the courage to
face her.

Payton sized her up. She was wearing a costume, so she should be an actress. But he felt her
somewhat familiar.

So, he asked, "Rosiley, do you know her?"

Rosiley tilted her head and whispered, "It was the girl who ran into you at the party."

"So, she is...!" Payton widened his eyes in shock.

Rosiley nodded lightly and said to Emma, "We heard it by accident. Don't worry. We'll keep it a secret.”

She thought that Emma was worrying her quarrel with others being said out.

After all, she was a media worker and Emma a star.

"It's not that, Rosiley...."

Rosiley interrupted her before she wanted to explain, "We have to go."

Rosiley smiled politely at her and walked past her first.

Payton picked up his pace to follow Rosiley after shooting Emma a cold glance.

Standing still, Emma bit her lip and hesitated for a while. She then quickly ran towards them.

She ran into their way.

Rosiley and Payton had no choice but to stop and look at her expressionlessly.

Emma took a deep breath and stared straight at Rosiley. She seemed to have summoned great
courage and suddenly bowed to her.

"Sorry, Rosiley."

Rosiley frowned, "Emma, what are you doing?"

“Rosiley,’ Emma straightened herself and looked at Rosiley firmly. "I'm really sorry about what
happened that night, but I..."

"You mean to say that you can explain for it, right?" Rosiley interrupted her.

Emma paused.

Rosiley smiled, "Everyone who hurts others will say that.”

Emma was anxious, "Rosiley, I can really explain it. Rorey told me if I don't help her, she will get me out
of the entertainment industry!"

“So, you agreed to hurt me?"

Rosiley did not understand why human beings were so selfish that they were willing to hurt others for
their own sake.

"l...." Emma was speechless.

Rosiley sighed and said in sincerity, “Emma, you're not even twenty years old yet. For me, you're still a
teenager. I don't want to argue with you about what happened before. But please remember, keep your
head and never hurt others for the sake of your own. Otherwise, you won't be able to continue your

With that, she left with Payton.

Emma clenched her fists tightly as tears welled up her eyes. She raised her head and looked at the
gloomy sky, regardless of the rolling tears.

People should remember where they started and where they were heading. It was easy to say that. But
who could do that in this complex industry of entertainment?