Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 181: Get out!

When Rorey reached the set, they had already begun shooting.

Probably because she was acting with Bertram, Rorey's was in a good state today, and her acting was
not bad.

Although she disliked her, Rosiley had to admit that Rorey's performance today was good.

Thus, she directly raised her camera and shot several photos of Rorey, wanting to use them as news

After finishing a shot, the actors took a break and waited for the next shot.

Rosiley took this chance to run to Rorey.

Rorey was refining her makeup. When she saw Rosiley coming over, she asked the makeup artist to

"Rosiley, you still remember you have work to do?"

Rorey had already seen her when she walked onto the set and noticed that she had taken photos, so
she seized the opportunity to mock her again.

"Of course, I remember. But I think you know the difficulty of this work. So, it does take time for me to
finish it.”

How could Rorey not understand the implied meaning of what she said? She sneered and said, “You
must have had a tiring day."

Rosiley smiled, replying, "Thanks for being so caring.”

Hearing this, Rorey turned a little angry. Just as she was about to retaliate, she suddenly noticed that
man did not follow her. Her eyes, which were with exquisite eye makeup, narrowed and a trace of light
quickly flashed in them.

She immediately changed her expression and said with a smile, "Today, my filming schedule is full. I
believe you will learn something today.”

Rosiley was slightly surprised by her sudden change, and then smiled meaningfully, saying, "I hope
such a big star like you won't disappoint me."

"I won't,’ Rorey smiled and said.

In the eyes of those who did not know the conflict between Rorey and Rosiley, both of them were
smiling brightly now, and the atmosphere was quite harmonious.

However, both Rosiley and Rorey knew very well that this was just an illusion.

"The second shot of the second scene. Action!" Along with the slapping sound of the board, the crew
started shooting again.

Rosiley stood afar and looked at the two women on set.

One was Rorey, the other was an actress at the beginning of her acting career.

"Bitch, with your coquettish and deceiving appearance, you won't have an easy time here!"

“Please, I..."

She was slapped heavily.

The moment the little actress raised her hand, Rosiley quickly lifted the camera towards them.

In the shot, Rorey's face was tilted because of that slap, which was so heavy that everyone could
clearly see the palm print taking shape on her face.

Rosiley couldn't help but gasp. She almost felt pain upon seeing this.

The following shots were finished very quickly and smoothly because of the slap.

Rosiley also got the photos she wanted.

Since she got the photos, she didn't need to stay here anymore.

So she turned around and was about to leave. But suddenly she heard someone calling her.

Turning around, she saw Rorey waving at her, asking her to come over.

Nothing good.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and looked around at the busy crew. She thought that with so many
people here, Rorey wouldn't dare to do anything to her.

Therefore, she slowly walked over and stopped a few steps away from Rorey.

"What's up?" She asked coldly.

Rorey held the hot egg wrapped in a handkerchief and gently pressed it on her swollen cheek. Instead
of answering, she asked, "How are your photos?"

"Not bad.”

"Let me have a look."

"No need,’ Rosiley directly rejected her, saying, "If there's nothing else, I'm leaving."

Then she turned around.


Rorey shouted. She put down the egg in her hand and walked towards Rosiley.

Rosiley frowned and looked at her cautiously.

"Give me.” Rorey stretched out her hand.

"What?" Rosiley frowned even more tightly.


So, she still wanted to see what Rosiley shot.

Rosiley refused again, "You'll see them online soon."

"No, I want to see them now."

Rorey insisted and directly reached out to grab the camera hanging around her neck.

Out of the instinct to protect herself, Rosiley raised her hand to block it.

Rorey did not give up and still wanted to grab it.

They tussled with each other. Suddenly, Rorey stumbled and her body became unstable. She
screamed as she fell backwards.

Rosiley quickly stretched out her hand, but it was too late. Rorey smashed heavily onto the ground.

When people heard the scream, they all ran over. And they saw Rorey lying on the ground and Rosiley
standing at the side.

“Rorey!" Stacie shouted and ran over.

"Stacie, my stomach ... hurts so much." Rorey opened her eyes, with her entire face pale from pain.

"Blood! She is bleeding!"

Someone cried out. Everyone looked over and saw blood slowly flowing out from her body.

"Call the ambulance! Now!"

The set was immediately in chaos. Rosiley was still immersed in the shock just now, and she didn't
react when she was hit by someone.

Hearing the commotion, Bertram walked over and saw Rosiley standing there in a daze. He frowned
and reached out to grab a crew member who was running over in panic.

"What happened?" He asked.

“Rorey is injured."

Rorey? Bertram frowned even more tightly. He let go of that person from the crew and then quickly
walked in.

Why did this happen?

Rosiley stared blankly at the blood on the ground. Her entire body felt as if someone had poured cold
water on her. Her hands and feet were cold, and her body was trembling.

Suddenly, someone ruthlessly hit her, who was absent-minded. By the time she regained her senses,
her entire body had already fallen backwards.

Just when she thought that she would also lie on the ground like Rorey, someone steadily hugged her.

She raised her eyes and saw a pair of worried black eyes. Subconsciously, she blurted out, "Sachin."

Bertram's eyes lit up. After he helped her stand properly, he turned his sharp gaze to the person who
had hit her.

That was Rorey's assistant, Stacie.

She stared at Rosiley with overwhelming hatred in her eyes.

"Get out if you still want to live!"

Bertram's cold voice carried a trace of deathly malice.

Stacie's back stiffened. She knew that she was not able to cope with Bertram, and he seemed to be
protecting Rosiley now.

She gritted her teeth unwillingly and pointed at Rosiley. She shouted, "She is the murderer. She pushed
Rorey down."

As soon as she said so, there was an uproar. Everyone looked at Rosiley in disbelief. How could a girl
who looked weak and gentle have such a vicious heart?

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