The convenient Bride

Chapter 186: I'm So Well-connected Now

Louie was still scheming something. It seemed that he had got everything under control.

He looked up at his niece, Melissa. After thinking for a while, he said, “Melissa, you can work in my
company first. After Rorey gives the Tang Group to Yunis, you can go there and help him."

"Then what will be my role in the company?" Melissa asked straightforwardly.

Louie paused for a moment. He was surprised in Melissa's question. However, cunning as he was, he
quickly regained his senses and replied, "To tell you the truth, all the important positions in the
company are not available right now. How about being my assistant?"

He spoke as if he was giving her a charity. Melissa sneered, "Assistant?! Is that what you think? That I
can only be an assistant?"

Bunches of companies had offered high salaries to poach her from AR Group, but she refused them all.

For the sake of the Ji family, she resolutely quit her job at AR Group and entered TEG to help Yunis.

But now, her dear uncle completely forgot about what she had given up for his family. He was only
willing to give her a small position as an assistant. It was truly ironic.

"Melissa, I know that you deserve more than an assistant, but there are no other suitable positions for
you. Don't worry, this is only temporary. I'll make sure that when Yunis is in control of the Tang Group,
you will be the general manager.”

Louie tried to persuade her with the position of General Manager of the Tang Group. It was such great
temptation that Melissa shouldn't have any reason to refuse.

However, in Melissa's opinion, what Louie said was merely an empty promise. Whether the Tang Group
would be Yunis’ or not was still unknown.

So, she directly refused, "Sorry, Louie. The AR Group wants me back. I'm afraid I can't help you in the

"You are going back to AR Group?" Quinta cried out in surprise.

"Yes." Melissa nodded, "Actually, they had contacted me when I was still in TEG.”

"If you go, what should we do about the matter at hand?” Quinta became a little anxious when she
thought of the mess.

"I believe that Yunis can solve it by himself."

Melissa wasn't being selfish. She had new plans.

"No! You can't leave." Quinta walked over and grabbed Melissa's hands. She said, "Melissa, I raised
you up, and you are like a daughter to me. We really can't do without you here. Yunis and Rorey are
simply not capable enough.”

"Can you let go of what Maddox and Rosiley did to you? Don't you hate them?"

Louie was indeed cunning. He knew what would hurt Melissa the most.

"I hate them, but..." Melissa paused for a moment before she continued, "But it doesn't conflict with me
returning to AR Group."

Moreover, she had a purpose in returning to AR.

“Melissa, just listen to me. Stay." Quinta looked at her pleadingly.

Melissa shook her head, "I'm sorry, Auntie. I have to go back."

Quinta couldn't bear it anymore. She said angrily, “If you go back, don't call me Auntie anymore.”

“I'm sorry.” Melissa bowed to them, then straightened up her body. She left before they could say
something more.

"Look at your good niece."

It never occurred to Louie that Melissa would leave without hesitation. He was so embarrassed that he
angrily shouted at Quinta.

Quinta said in an injured voice, "Melissa has always had her own ideas. What can I do?"

Louie glared at her and remained silent.

Rosiley went back to work.

On this day, she and Yayoi entered the company together. The minute they stepped in, they felt
people's stares from all directions.

"Rosiley, you have become the focus again,’ Yayoi teased her.

Rosiley said softly, "It's like a monkey walking into a crowd and being pointed at."

"Damn it, Rosiley, you actually called yourself a monkey."

“You're the monkey.”

The two of them chatted and laughed as they walked towards the elevator.

When the people waiting for the elevator saw them approaching, they quickly dispersed. In an instant,
no one was waiting in front of one of the elevators.

Rosiley and Yayoi were not surprised. They walked over to that elevator directly.

“Rosiley, the Grand Ceremony will be held in Lake Entertainment in a few days. Are you going?" Yayoi

"It depends. If the company wants me to go, I'll go."

Yayoi sighed, “I really want to go. After all, a lot of stars will be there, but..."

She shrugged her shoulders and continued, "I'm not qualified to participate in such a grand ceremony."

"Do you really want to go?" Rosiley looked at her seriously.

Yayoi replied with a smile, "Yeah, I want to see those superstars and ask them for autographs. Maybe I
can make a small fortune from those autographs."

That was funny.

It turned out that Yayoi only wanted the stars’ autographs.

When the elevator arrived, Rosiley took the lead and entered while Yayoi hurriedly followed

Only then did Yayoi realize that something was wrong.

"Why were we the only ones waiting for this elevator?"

It was rush hour, so it was impossible for them to be alone.

Hearing this, Rosiley also understood. She quickly figured out what was happening.

"They dont want to take the same elevator with us."

"Why?" Yayoi was confused.

Rosiley shrugged her shoulders and said, "Perhaps they think that I'm special. They don't want to get
too close to me."

Her tone amused Yayoi. "You are special," she joked.

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh, "Yes, Payton has become TEG's general manager. I'm really well-
connected now."

"I'll ride on your coattails." Yayoi pounced on her and smiled flatteringly, "Please protect me in the

Rosiley smiled and pinched her cheek, "Alright, you can count on me.”

After Melissa was fired, the position of General Manager became vacant.

All the qualified department managers in the company were coveting this position, wondering if they
would be chosen to take the responsibility.

Unfortunately, they were destined to be disappointed.

It was lunchtime, and Rosiley and Yayoi were sitting in a corner of the cafeteria, chatting while eating.

Suddenly, someone ran into the cafeteria and shouted, "The new general manager is here!"

Instantly, the cafeteria was in chaos. Everyone put down their chopsticks and ran out.

Seeing this, Rosiley and Yayoi looked at each other. They were a little confused. Why were people so
excited to meet the new general manager?

And... Why would Payton choose to come here during lunch break?

They blinked and then lowered their heads to grab a few mouthfuls of food and soup. Then, they put
down their chopsticks and ran out of the cafeteria like the others.