Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 188: It Will Break Someone's Heart

After the meeting, a few women blocked Rosiley and Yayoi's way at the door of the conference room.

They were from the Publicity Department.

Rosiley didn't know many people except for those who worked in the Media Department. As for those
from the other departments, she thought they looked familiar but didn't know their names.

These women came on tough, but Rosiley still smiled politely, "What can I do for you?"

Those women looked at her impolitely and snorted, "That's how she looks. I thought she was so pretty.”

Hearing that, Yayoi frowned, "Don't you know that it's rude to criticize someone's appearance?"

"Why should I be polite to her?” One of the women snorted coldly.

"That's right. She's only a mistress. What's the big deal with her?"

"You're wrong. She is amazing. After all, she could hook up with Mr. Shen with some amazing skills.”

Those women mocked, laughing behind their hands.

"You..." Yayoi was so angry and about to teach them a lesson.

At this time, Rosiley pulled her back, “Yayoi, don't argue with them. That will be lame."

"That's right, they are only a bunch of jealous losers who know nothing but laugh at others." Yayoi

Those women were annoyed, "Who are you talking about?"

“Whoever answers." Yayoi tipped her chin to them provocatively.

Rosiley stroked her forehead. Didn't she say not to argue? Why bother about it again?

"I'll rip your mouth off.”

Those women rushed forward angrily and directly grabbed Yayoi's hair.

"Stop! Are you mad?" Yayoi screamed in shock and burst into tears. Those angry women nearly
scalped her.

Rosiley hurriedly stepped forward, trying to stop those women. She shouted, "I warn you! If you don't
let go of her, I'll ask Mr. Shen to fire you all.”

However, those women did not pay attention to her warning at all. They still clung onto Yayoi's hair and
scratched Yayoi with their long nails.

Rosiley couldn't bear it any longer and roared, "ALL OF YOU, STOP!"

For a moment, silence fell.

The women were frightened and finally stopped.

Yayoi took the opportunity to push them away and pull her hair back. However, she had forgotten that
she was wearing high heels and fell backward.

Rosiley exclaimed, "Yayoi!"

"Heavens, why was this always happening to me?"

Yayoi closed her eyes helplessly, preparing to welcome the pain.

However, the pain did not come. Instead, she fell into a warm embrace. A clear and pleasant smell of
mint rushed into her nose.

The familiar smell made her heart skip.

She closed her eyes tightly and did not dare to see the person who had saved her.

"Mr. Shen."

Those women muttered in fear.

Then came Rosiley's voice, "Maddox, thank God, you're here. Otherwise, I'm afraid Yayoi will fall to


Yayoi suddenly opened her eyes and met a pair of deep eyes.

She stunned for a moment, then turned to Rosiley, avoiding Maddox's eyes. "Rosiley, what are you
talking about?” she said angrily.

Rosiley only smiled gently without saying a word.

She saw that Maddox saved Yayoi and found that Yayoi was fine but still tightly closed her eyes with
her long eyelashes trembling. She knew Yayoi was burying her head in the sand and decided to give
her a boost.

Thus, she provoked Yayoi on purpose. If she didn't say this, how would Yayoi open her eyes?

"Are you alright?" Maddox asked softly as he fondly looked at the energetic girl.

"I'm fine. Thank you, Mr. Shen." Yayoi realized that she was still in his arms and quickly jumped away.

Her tone was courteous but remote. Maddox frowned slightly. A trace of disappointment flashed in his

Then his sharp eyes darted towards those troublemaking women.

"Can you tell me what happened?" He snapped.

"I... We..." A woman tried to explain but she was so scared. Her voice was trembling. She even could
not say a complete sentence.

Maddox glanced at them and then his gaze fell on Rosiley. "Ms. Rosiley, what's going on?"

Maddox said in a businesslike tone, professional but aloof.

The women looked at each other. Wasn't Rosiley Maddox's mistress? Why did Maddox look at her
indifferently without expression?

Wasn't the rumor true?

"Nothing. It's just a small conflict between women." Rosiley didn't want to make a big deal out of it, so
she gave a light answer.

Maddox frowned slightly. He understood what Rosiley meant and said to the women in a low voice, "I
told you at the meeting that TEG doesn't need such an employee if she likes to stir up trouble and
destroy the cohesion of the company.”

"I'll let it go just this once. If I see it again, all of you are fired."

The women answered in unison, "We understand, Mr. Shen."

"Then go back to work."

Rosiley looked at those women fleeing and sighed, "Jealous women are quite terrifying.”

"So you should be careful." Maddox said with a smile.


"Just look at Sachin, you will definitely have countless rivals in love with such a handsome husband."

“That's true." Rosiley bit her fingernail and thought for a moment. Then, she said half-jokingly, "How
about I slash his face?"

"No!" Yayoi exclaimed.

Rosiley and Maddox turned to her in confusion. Yayoi scratched her head embarrassedly and
muttered, "Mr. Sachin is so handsome. It would be a pity if his face was dented."

Rosiley rolled her eyes and said, "It would not be a pity for me. Why are you so worried?"

"Don't worry about her husband's face. You should worry about yourself."

Hearing Maddox, Rosiley noticed the wound on Yayoi's face and said worriedly, "How dare they hit you
so hard? I shouldn't have let those people off so easily."

There were a few traces on Yayoi's face and blood oozed out. Maddox was very worried about Yayoi
and wanted to take a closer look. But when he thought that Rosiley was here, he quickly dropped his

Rosiley did not miss his small action. A glimmer of light flashed through her eyes. Then, she held
Yayoi's arm and smiled, “Let's go. I'll take you to apply some medicine. I hope you will not leave any
scars. Otherwise, it will break someone's heart."

As she spoke, she gave Maddox a meaningful look.

The latter instantly knew she saw right through him and laughed bitterly.

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