Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 189: It Was Too Embarrassing

"How dare they hit you so hard?"

"If I had known, I wouldn't have let them off so easily."

"What if it leaves a scar on you?"

“Does it hurt?"

Rosiley talked while disinfecting Yayoi's wounds.

Yayoi sat quietly with her head thrown back and saw concern in Rosiley’s eyes. She thought she would
keep this in mind.

"In the future, if you face those losers again, you must stay away from them. Do you understand?"

Rosiley looked into Yayoi's eyes and added, "Staying away from them is not saying that we are afraid,
but that we are sick of arguing with them. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand.” Yayoi nodded and smiled brightly, "Rosiley, you nagged like my mother."

“Really? Then call me Mom.” Rosiley was joking with her.

To her utter amazement, Yayoi said, "Rosiley... Mom."

“You really call me Mom?" Rosiley rolled her eyes. "I'm still young. I don't have a daughter as old as

Yayoi pretended to be dissatisfied and muttered, “I gave you an advantage for nothing, and you are like
‘oh, please’.”

Rosiley laughed, "My bad.”

After applying the medicine to her wound, Rosiley examined it carefully and said, "I hope it won't leave
a scar."

"It won't. It would be strange if such a small wound left a scar." Yayoi did not take it seriously.

Seeing that Rosiley was still staring worriedly at her face, Yayoi stood up and took her arm. She
comforted Rosiley softly, "Don't worry. I'm not a person with cicatricle diathesis. It won't leave a scar on
me easily."

Then, she pulled Rosiley out and said, "Let's go back to work. After work, let me take you out to

After having dinner, Rosiley and Yayoi went shopping together. When Rosiley got home, it was already
over ten o'clock.

The house was dark and quiet.

It was so late that the servants had already returned to their rooms to rest.

Rosiley gently closed the door and tiptoed upstairs.

When she passed by the study, the light came out from under the door. Rosiley stopped for a second
and pushed open the door. She saw Sachin sitting behind the black desk with his head lowered,
immersed in reading.

His hair was all combed back, revealing a full and clean forehead. The lights shone on his body, and
his dark hair was suffused with a faint halo. He looked exceptionally young and energetic.

Sachin didn't seem to hear the sound of the door opening. He still lowered his head and didn't realize
that there was someone else in the room.

Rosiley tiptoed over and covered his eyes from behind.

She could clearly feel that he was rather taken aback. Rosiley smiled and asked in a disguised voice,
"Guess who I am?"

“Rosiley.” Sachin smiled and pulled her hand down. He threw back his head and saw her smiling eyes.

"Why are you back so late?" he asked.

“Yayoi and I went shopping.”

Rosiley pulled out her hand from Sachin's and placed her hands behind her back. She came to his side
and looked down at the documents on the table.

"That's what you were reading just now. You didn't even hear me come in."

That was REG's financial profit statement.

"Yes, this is REG's business situation for this quarter." Sachin wrapped his arms around her waist and
pulled her into his embrace.

Rosiley exclaimed and fell on his legs. His hand was so close to her chest.

Although they were already husband and wife, such an intimate posture still made her feel shy. Her fair
cheeks were dyed with a faint blush.

Sachin did not notice her uneasiness at all. He placed his chin on her shoulder, closed his eye, and
smelled the fragrance of her body. She smelled very good and intoxicating.

Feeling his warm breath on her sensitive neck, Rosiley shuddered.

Sachin opened his eyes and finally noticed that her ears were red.

He teased, "Why are you still so shy?"

His voice was low and seductive.

Rosiley lowered her eyes and did not dare to look at him. Her long eyelashes trembled slightly.

Sachin chuckled softly.

Why was she so adorable?

Upon hearing his laughter, Rosiley was slightly annoyed. She broke away from his hand and stood up,
"You are a pill."

Then she ran away with a flushed face.

As he watched her run out, the smile on Sachin's face grew wider and wider, and his mind was filled
with his blushing wife.

When he picked up the financial report again, he had no mood to continue reading it.

He smiled helplessly. Rosiley really had too much influence on him.

Returning to her room, Rosiley threw her bag onto the bed and turned into the bathroom, covering her
hot cheeks.

She came to the mirror and slowly put down her hand. The woman in the mirror with rosy cheeks
looked quite lovely.

Her watery eyes shone under the light. Clearly, she was aroused.

His scorching breath seemed to remain on her neck, stirring her heart.

She quickly turned on the tap and rinsed her hot face with water in her hand. After several times, she
wiped off the excess water stains with her hand and looked into the mirror again.

She looked better than before.

Heaving a sigh of relief, she took off her clothes and stepped into the shower.

After taking a comfortable bath, she reached out to get the clothes on the shelf, but it was empty.

Her eyes widened, damn it! She forgot to bring her pajamas in?!

What should she do? She couldn't just go out naked. Although he had seen her entire body, it was

Too embarrassing!

She shook her head forcefully. She didn't want to go out naked.

Rosiley looked around to see if there was anything that could cover herself.

There would always be a bathrobe in the bathroom, but today, surprisingly, there was nothing!

Rosiley gave up and picked up the white shirt she had just taken off. The shirt just covered her butt.

Then, she poked her head out of the bathroom and found Sachin wasn't in the room.

She heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly walked out.

Just as she was about to run straight into the dressing room and change into her pajamas, the door
was suddenly opened.

Rosiley froze. She slowly turned to the door, only to see Sachin walking in.

He had already put on his pajamas, and his hair was still hanging down because he hadn't dried it. The
handsome man looked no longer as sharp and serious as he was in the day but looked lazy and
charming instead.

Rosiley was surprised, forgetting that she was only wearing a thin shirt.

The room was dimly lit, with only one wall lamp emitting a gentle orange glow.

When Sachin opened the door and entered, he did not expect to see such a beautiful scene. His eyes
gradually darkened.

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