The convenient Bride

Chapter 190: She's Once Dumped

Standing in the shadows, Rosiley had just taken a shower. The water from her hair dropped onto her
shirt and soaked it. It became translucent. Sachin could see her body vaguely. She was alluring.

Rosiley panicked and explained, "I forgot to bring my pajamas. I'll put on my pajamas."

She turned around and was about to go to the dressing room.

However, he was faster than her. He took a few strides and came to her side. He reached out and
hugged her into his embrace forcefully.

She gave a soft cry in a panic. Then his kiss enveloped her...

They had a wonderful time.

Their night had just begun.

They had a wonderful night. Rosiley was so tired that she didn't get up until noon.

When she woke up and saw the time, her eyes widened in fright.

Holy crap! She was late for work!

Without thinking much, she got up, but she went weak at the knees. She almost fell back into bed.

She recalled what happened last night. Her face burned. She whispered, "He's shameless!"

Sachin was sitting in a meeting room. He was not as cold as usual. He was gentler with a smile.

Everyone present was confused.

Was Sachin sick?

Only Lane knew why.

There was only one person who could make Sachin so weird.

That was Sachin's wife.

His wife was Rosiley.

Lane thought it must have something to do with Rosiley. She was on her way to the company.

When Rosiley appeared in the department, Yayoi cried out in surprise, "Rosiley, didn't you ask for

Rosiley was confused for a moment before realizing that Sachin had asked for the day off for her.

Rosiley didn't tell her the truth. Rosiley replied, "I'm fine. There is work to do.”

Yayoi frowned. "You shouldn't have come.”


Rosiley put the bag on the table, turned on the computer, and looked at her doubtfully.

“Rorey is here."

This was a completely unexpected answer for Rosiley.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and asked, "Where is she?"

Yayoi sneered, "She is meeting Mr. Shen. I heard that she came here because Mr. Shen terminated the
agreement with her."

"It will be troublesome.” Rorey was importunate. She would not give up.

Rosiley pondered for a moment and decided to go to the president's office in case Maddox was unable
to deal with Rorey.

"Yayoi, I'll take a look. Be right back.”

Before Yayoi replied, Rosiley turned around and strode away.

“Rosiley.” Yayoi wanted to stop her, but Rosiley had left indifferently.

"Rorey is here to stir up trouble. Rosiley is bringing trouble upon herself!"

Yayoi was worried and she could only chase after Rosiley.

She might be able to help Rosiley.

In the president's office, the atmosphere was tense.

Rorey glared angrily at Rosiley who was sitting in the chair. His calm attitude made her especially

"Mr. Shen, you should have told us about the cancellation in advance at least. Your unilateral
cancellation brings bad effects to Rorey."

Rorey's agent was still struggling to persuade him to not terminate the agreement.

Maddox looked up at them coldly. He replied, "It's none of my business!"

He wished that Rorey wouldn't be able to survive in the entertainment industry.

Although Maddox's attitude was bad, the agent maintained considerable patience and continued to
advise, "Mr. Shen, Rorey's fiancé is one of the shareholders of the company. Terminating the
agreement is not good for your good relationship.”

Maddox sneered, "Good relationship? Do I have a good relationship with Yunis? Her fiancé is one of
the shareholders. But I can't forgive her."

Maddox looked at Rorey with a sharp gaze and sneered, "Rorey, in order to frame Ms. Rosiley, you can
even take advantage of your baby. You are vicious. It will be a hidden danger for you to stay in the

Speaking of the baby, Rorey felt angry and clenched her hands tightly.

"Mr. Shen, Rorey...,’ the agent wanted to help Rorey explain, but she didn't know how to explain, so
she could only sigh.

To be honest, a star like Rorey, whose reputation was bad, would find it difficult to gain a foothold in the
entertainment industry. After all, the audience did not like her.

Originally, the agent planned to help Rorey be successful in the entertainment industry step by step.

But now Rorey was in such a trouble, did Rorey feel that her situation was not difficult?

The agent was frustrated and helpless. If she could not persuade Mr. Shen not to terminate the
agreement, she could only look for another company to cooperate.

However, which company was willing to cooperate with Rorey?

Maddox looked at the agent who was at a loss and then looked at the silent Rorey. He raised his
eyebrows and stood up. "It's a foregone conclusion. It's useless to say more. You can go now!"

His attitude was clear. It was not good for them to tangle with him.

The agent turned around and pulled Rorey, "Rorey, let's think of another solution."

However, Rorey dodged her. The agent frowned and she was about to ask what had happened.

Suddenly, Rorey stepped forward, slapped her hands on the table and glared at Maddox with
resentment. "Mr. Shen, I lost my baby because of Rosiley. It was her fault, but you asked me to carry all
her mistakes. Isn't that too unfair?"

She became excited. She couldn't help but say hysterically.

“Rorey, shut up." Noticing that Maddox was angry, the agent went to pull Rorey.

"Go away." Rorey shook off her hand and glared at Maddox with mockery in her eyes. She sneered,
"OK. Rosiley's relationship with you is not simple. I wonder if you know that she has affairs with many
men when you sleep with her."

Maddox was furious. His expression was gloomy and terrifying. He had an aura of sharpness and
coldness as if the air pressure in the office dropped a few degrees.

Noticing this, the agent was afraid. She went to pull Rorey. “It's enough, Rorey. Can you stop talking?”

She begged Rorey.

However, Rorey did not listen to her at all. Facing the gloomy and dangerous Maddox, Rorey sneered.
She mocked without any fear, "So what? She did that. Why can't I expose her? She cannot sleep
around and still be honored as an innocent and loyal. I must expose her..."

“Rosiley is a slut. Only you guys are attracted by her.’

"Rorey, don't go too far!"