The convenient Bride

Chapter 173: A Punishing Kiss

After going downstairs, Bertram accompanied Rosiley waiting for her pickup in the lobby of the building.

Rosiley was a little embarrassed and said, "Thank you Mr. Chad. I can wait alone."

Bertram glanced at her and said, "I would be worried if I left you alone.”

Rosiley couldn't decline his kindness.

Yesterday, she saw him on the poster. Although he was smiling, she felt that it was very difficult to get
close to him.

The same was true of him at the press conference. Facing the cast, he was courteous but distant, not
too close to anyone.

But today, he gave her another feeling.

Cold hands, warm heart. He seemed to be a very considerate and gentle person.

Rosiley, who seemed to have discovered some big secret, lowered her head and smiled uncontrollably.

She didn't know she was special to Bertram. He would only treat her gently.

Sachin walked into Royal Lagoon House and saw Rosiley and a man standing not far away.

He frowned as he saw his Rosiley lowered her head while the man stared at her lovingly.

Instead of walking over, Sachin stood still and shouted, "Rosiley.’

Rosiley heard a familiar voice, her head jerking up, and saw a familiar figure. Her pretty little face
lightened up with joy.


She ran over happily.

She walked away with a spring in her step.

Bertram looked as they huddled together, his hands clenching tightly. A sullen look shaded his
handsome face.

Sachin hugged Rosiley tightly. He could feel the warmth of her body and her breath. The fear of losing
her appeased.

Sachin hugged Rosiley so tightly that was hurting her. However, Rosiley did not struggle. She quietly
leaned against his chest

and listened to his steady heartbeat.

After a long time, she said softly, "Sorry, Sachin, I made you worry.”

Sachin let go of her and looked at her up and down, “Are you all right?"

Rosiley smiled, "I'm fine.”

Then, she turned to Bertram, grinning more broadly "Sachin, he saved me.”

Sachin looked in the direction Rosiley pointed to and met that man's eyes.

The two men stared at each other with a high fighting spirit.

Rosiley did not know the competition between them and introduced Bertram to Sachin. "This is
Bertram. He is the most

popular actor in the entertainment industry right now."

Their secret competition came to the end when Bertram politely nodded. Sachin raised his eyebrows
and then led Rosiley to Bertram.

“Thank you for saving my wife.” Sachin said politely.

Hearing the word "wife", Bertram frowned slightly and cast a puzzled look at Rosiley.

The latter smiled bashfully. “Yes, this is my husband, Sachin."

Bertram's expression changed. He knew Sachin, the president of REG. But he didn't expect that
Sachin was married, and his wife was actually...


"Don't you feel well, Mr. Chad?"

Rosiley worriedly looked at Bertram whose face turned pale.

“I'm fine.” Bertram forced a smile.

"But..." Rosiley felt that he didn't seem to be fine at all. She wanted to say something but was stopped
by Sachin.

"Rosiley, since Mr. Chad feels ill, we shouldn't disturb him anymore. Let's go home first and visit Mr.
Chad after he gets better."

Sachin took a deep look at Bertram. He favored Bertram with a half bow and took Rosiley leave.

Rosiley did not understand why Sachin was in a hurry to leave. She wanted to ask him but found his
expression was cold.

She fell silent and turned to Bertram, who was standing still.

Was it just her or did he look a little sad, just like he lost something precious?

Bertram watched her leave. He saw her turn around. She was as beautiful as ever but now she was
someone else's wife.

That broke his heart.

Even though she was out of his sight, Bertram still looked in the direction where she had left, and only
after a long time did he withdraw his gaze.

After standing for such a long time, his feet fell asleep. This nearly made him fall. Fortunately, the
bodyguard hiding in the shadows stepped forward to help him.

“Help me investigate Sachin." He coldly ordered.

The bodyguard respectfully replied, "Yes!"

Then he helped Bertram slowly walk to the elevator.

Sachin held Rosiley's hand and walked to the side of the car. He opened the door of the passenger
seat for her.

Rosiley lowered her head and got into the car while nervously glancing at the sullen man.

Then the car door was slammed shut.

This sound was like a fist heavily hitting her chest, causing her to feel suffocating pain.

On the way out, Sachin did not say a word. His expression was cold and solemn. Obviously, he was in
a very bad mood.

Rosiley obediently followed behind him, not daring to say a word.

She thought that he was angry because she insisted on attending the banquet. Otherwise, she wouldn't
have almost been plotted against by Melissa, so he wouldn't be worried all night.

In the end, it was all due to her willfulness.

She quietly pulled her seat belt and clutched it tightly. She hesitated if she needed to censor herself
and apologize to him.

Right at this moment, Sachin's deep voice sounded.


She turned around and got a kiss.

It was a rude, punishing kiss.

Just as all was about to lose control, Rosiley's stomach gave an enormous rumble.

They were stunned at the same time, and immediately realized what happened.

Sachin couldn't help but laugh.

Rosiley shyly pushed him away.

“I'm hungry.” she muttered.

Sachin dotingly rubbed her hair, "Let's go home and I'll make your favorite meal."

Rosiley smiled sweetly, "I want to eat shrimp with tomato sauce, fried cabbage, braised fish, and then
tomato egg soup."

“Alright, whatever you want." Sachin glanced at her, his eyes full of doting.

Rosiley was happy again.

Sachin wasn't angry. He was still so gentle.