The convenient Bride

Chapter 184: There'll Be a Major Turn

All these years, Yunis had never been so rude to her.

She stared at him in disbelief. There was some serious tension in the ward.

After a long time, Rorey pouted her mouth in grievance and said, "Why are you so hard on me?"

The second she said these words, tears began to flow down her cheeks.

Yunis was also surprised that he actually shouted to Rorey. He had rarely lost his temper.

But with the child gone, how could he remain calm?

"I'm also sad that we have lost the baby. You were too busy accusing me to even notice that. What I
need is comfort and understanding. Do you care about me or not?"

Rorey complained to him with tears streaming down her cheeks. His attitude had disappointed her.

Hearing this, Yunis let out a long sigh. Then, he stepped forward to hug her, but she dodged.

"Yunis, I knew that your parents agreed to take me as their daughter-in-law only for the child. They
were not very happy with the decision. Now that the baby is gone, they dont have to force themselves
into marrying me to you anymore.”

Yunis' mother had never been nice to Rorey. She had always looked down on her. With the child gone,
she would find all excuses to keep her distance with Rorey.

Because of the child, Yunis was terribly upset. With Rorey's complaints, he was even more annoyed.
His raised his voice again.


He shouted angrily.

Rorey's eyes suddenly widened as she said, "You are shouting to me again? Yunis, you don't love me
at all. Not at all...”

As she cried, she punched him with her fists.

Yunis didn't dodge.

He thought that Rorey must be exhausted, both physically and mentally. It was natural that she would
lose control of herself. Yunis wanted to blame her, but at the same time, he also had feelings for her.
He couldn't bear to accuse her again.

The news about Rorey and Rosiley had made new progress.

Rorey's company, TEG, issued an ambiguous statement. Nevertheless, the meddlesome netizens had
managed to figure out TEG's stance.

TEG had admitted that Rosiley was the one who pushed Rorey because of hatred, and that was how
Rorey lost her child.

Soon, everyone who had heard the news went crazy. They all started to abuse Rosiley. There were a
few who spoke up for her, but their words were instantly drowned in the wave of denunciation.

Just as things were getting worse and more intense, Rorey, one of the protagonists of the incident,
made a move.

TEG's official account released a video of Rorey, in which she looked extremely pale and fragile.

"I saw her (Rosiley) shooting the video the other day and wanted to see how it went, so I asked her for
the camera, but she refused. Perhaps she was enraged at my request, so she pushed me. I fell. She
didn't do it on purpose. Please don't criticize her."

It seemed that Rorey was speaking for Rosiley, but she was actually trying to make more trouble for
Rosiley. She wanted Rosiley to be drowned in invective forever.

The video received hundreds of thousands of comments in just over a dozen minutes and was
reposted by millions, showing just how much attention netizens had paid to this incident.

As expected, more and more people began to scold Rosiley. Some of the netizens created a topic,
"Burn in Hell, Bitch Rosiley", and the topic followers quickly broke through 100 million. Rosiley became
even more popular than the biggest star right now.

Because of this, the entire social media site also crashed.

"Right now, the public opinion is one-sided. If we don't defend ourselves, we will be completely
defeated by Rorey."

Juliet got off the Internet and turned to look at the people sitting on the sofa.

“How do you plan to defend Rosiley?" Payton asked.

"There were no witnesses or surveillance cameras. We don't have any evidence. Even if we speak up,
people wouldn't believe us.” Payton was troubled.

"But can we just sit here and do nothing?" Yayoi was furious that the comments online were all one-
sided. She really wanted to slap those netizens in the face.

Juliet pursed her lips. She couldn't think of any good idea, either. She could only look at Rosiley and
asked her, “Rosiley, what should we do?"

Rosiley raised her eyebrows. “What is happening right now is exactly what Rorey wants to see. If I
make a statement, people would only take it as an excuse. Then...let's just let it run its course."

Hearing this, Yayoi felt helpless. She said, "This time, we can literally do nothing about Melissa."

Sachin, who had been silent all this while, suddenly said,

"Let's face it. We can have them produce evidence to prove that Rorey was pushed down by Rosiley.”

"Right." Juliet blinked her eyes. She continued, "They definitely have no evidence. If so, the whole thing
will be a slander. Also, we can tell the others about what have happened between Rosiley and Rorey..."

“Then there will be a big twist!" Yayoi interrupted her excitedly.

Payton was not very optimistic. "They must have been prepared. We..."

“Shut up!"

Juliet and Yayoi shouted at the same time.

Facing their glares, Payton could only shut his mouth in embarrassment.

Seeing this, Rosiley couldn't help but laugh. She was originally in a serious mood, but now she was
much more relaxed.

She turned around and smiled at Sachin. With these good friends around, there was nothing that could
not be solved.

Before Rosiley and the others could voice their doubts, a video was posted online.

The video was a complete replay of the incident.

Rosiley did not push Rorey. Rorey fell on her own.

This was the conclusion that everyone came to after watching the video.

Those netizens who were cursing Rosiley were proven wrong. However, they were all anonymous, so
correcting themselves was not embarrassing. This was the way the virtual world worked.

"I told you so! Why would Rosiley do such a thing? Rorey is shameless. She actually slandered her
sister. Does she have a conscience?"

Yayoi had been online for the past two days. Though angry, she burst out in laughter when seeing
comments as such.

If she remembered correct, the one who posted this should be one of the netizens who cursed Rosiley
the hardest before.

Sure enough, the people on the Internet only knew how to follow suit. They didn't even bother to figure
out the truth.

“Where did this video come from?" Rosiley walked over and asked.

Yayoi turned to look at her, then clicked her mouse and a page popped up.


She was inexplicably familiar with the name.

Rosiley frowned. According to the ID certification, this person was a star actor—someone also in the
entertainment industry.

Browsing through Emmeline's earlier posts, Rosiley finally knew why she was so familiar with the

It was Emma's account number.

"Rosiley, do you know her?" Yayoi asked curiously. She noticed that Rosiley was suddenly somehow

“Yes, I do.”

Rosiley gently nodded and looked at the page on the screen. She felt a little strange.

Why did Emma have the video? And why did she help her?