The convenient Bride

Chapter 191: I Cheat Death

The door to the office was pushed open from outside. Rosiley walked in.


Seeing her, Maddox almost cried out in alarm. Luckily, he reacted and changed his words in time, "Ms.
Rosiley, why are you here?"

Rosiley walked over and smiled at Maddox. She glanced at Rorey and faked a smile, "I heard that
someone came to cause trouble, so I come over to take a look."

Rorey turned around and stared at Rosiley.

Meeting enemies opened old wounds. Rorey and Rosiley were like that.

Rosiley could see the hatred in Rorey's eyes clearly. If Rorey had a knife, Rorey would kill Rosiley
without hesitation.

Rorey did not look well. She had always liked to wear heavy makeup, but she had not put on any
makeup today. Her face was especially pale, and her lips too. She looked a few years older.

This was something that Rosiley could not imagine.

Originally, Rosiley thought that Rorey didn't have any feelings for the baby because she could even
take advantage of her baby, but it seemed that Rosiley was wrong.

Rosiley looked at Rorey's belly unconsciously. Rosiley felt sorry and guilt for Rorey.

‘Rorey is right. I'm indirectly responsible for the loss of her baby.

Rosiley pursed her lips and took a deep breath. Then she looked at Rorey calmly and said, "I apologize
to you for the baby.”

Hearing her words, Rorey was surprised for a moment. She snorted coldly, "Rosiley, don't pretend to be
kind. You must be the happiest one when I lost my baby. You hate me stealing Yunis from you. You
think I deserve it.”

"I don't think so." Rosiley shook her head. “Rorey, I'm not you. I don't have such a ruthless heart."

Suddenly, Rorey laughed out loud and looked at her with a sorrowful expression. Her eyes were as
cold as the frost in December.

“Rosiley, why didn't I crash you to death at that time?"

Her cold voice was filled with hatred.

Her words shocked the agent and Maddox. In their eyes, Rorey might play tricks, but she would not kill
anyone. They never thought that she had ever wanted to kill Rosiley.

Rosiley smiled, became cold and said rudely, "I cheated death. God is unwilling to see me die unjustly.
God allows me to be alive and live to see how miserable your fate will be.”

Originally, because of the baby, Rosiley felt guilt towards Rorey. However, Rorey didn't admit her
mistakes, so Rosiley didn't feel guilt anymore.

Rosiley should never be soft-hearted towards someone like Rorey, not even for an instant.

Rorey gritted her teeth with hatred, widened her eyes and stared at Rosiley who looked well. The
hatred in Rorey's heart surged constantly.

‘Rosiley is the one who killed my baby. My baby couldn't even come to this world:

‘She is the one who caused me to be dismissed by the company and ruined my reputation.

"It is her. I have suffered so much because of her. Everything is wrong with my life.

Rorey could no longer control her hatred and wanted to kill Rosiley. Rorey picked up the paperweight
on Maddox's desk and threw it at Rosiley.

Maddox's paperweight was a gift from his grandfather. It was made of jade. It was valuable and quite

Therefore, when he saw Rorey picking up the paperweight and throwing it at Rosiley, he was shocked.
Without much hesitation, he jumped onto the desk and jumped down. He reached out and hugged
Rosiley into his arms. Rosiley was at a loss. The paperweight hit his back heavily.

Yayoi just arrived. When Yayoi saw this scene, she raised her hands to cover her mouth and she was

It hurt. He snorted and frowned.

Rosiley was protected by him. She regained her senses and heard the sound of the paperweight hitting
his back and his snort. She asked, "Maddox, are you all right?"

Even though it was very painful, Maddox endured the pain and forced out a smile to comfort her, "I'm
fine, Rosiley.”

He frowned and his face was slightly pale. It was simply not as he had said.

Rosiley's eyes reddened. "Why are you so stupid? What if you get hurt? How can I explain it to

Maddox smiled, "Protecting my cousin's wife is my duty. If you get hurt, I will feel sorry for him.”

Maddox and Payton treated her well. It was not only because she was Sachin's wife, but also because
they treated her as a family member.

How could she let them suffer?

Rosiley wiped away her tears and stood up. She looked at Rorey sharply.

Rorey was surprised that Maddox rushed out to protect Rosiley, so Rorey was at a loss.

Rorey's agent had disappeared. The agent might be frightened by Rorey's crazy actions. The agent ran
away because she was afraid of being


Rosiley narrowed her eyes and became angry. She strode forward and raised her hand.

She slapped Rorey.

The sound of the slap echoed in the spacious office.

Rorey's face tilted to the side and couldn't turn back to its original shape for a long time.

"This is for Maddox,’ Rosiley said coldly.

Then Rosiley slapped Rorey again.

"This is for myself."

Rosiley slapped Rorey for the third time.

"This is for your dead baby."

Rosiley slapped Rorey three times. Her hand hurt. She frowned and waved her hand.

Rorey was like a broken doll, her head tilted and her hair covering her face. No one saw her

"Good job, Rosiley!"

Yayoi walked over and gave a thumbs-up.

Rosiley slapped Rorey three times in a row. Yayoi felt satisfied.

Dealing with someone like Rorey, Rosiley shouldn't be soft-hearted.

Rosiley looked at her and said, "Yayoi, you're here. Take care of Maddox."

Yayoi raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Leave him to me.”

"I have to deal with Rorey first.”

Rosiley turned around to look at Maddox and found that his face was extremely pale, and his forehead
was covered in sweat.

She was worried. She said to Yayoi, "Yayoi, hurry up and support Maddox. Let's take him to the

A jade paperweight hit him. It must hurt. She was afraid that he got hurt.

However, when she was about to help Maddox to his feet, her hair was pulled by Rorey. Rosiley's scalp
hurt and she was forced to turn her head. Before she could see it clearly, Rorey slapped her.

The sound was loud.

Aslap landed on Rosiley's cheek.

Rosiley tasted blood. Her mouth was broken. Her cheek was burning with pain. Her ears were ringing.



Yayoi and Maddox exclaimed. They went forward to pull Rorey.

Rorey tugged at Rosiley's hair and shouted crazily, "Rosiley, go to hell!"

Yayoi and Maddox pulled Rorey. Rorey was crazy. She bit their hands.

They could only let go of their hands. Rorey seized the chance to kick on Rosiley's belly hard.