Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 192: Must Have the Operation

It hurt.

It really hurt.

Rosiley heard Rorey's crazy shouts, Maddox's angry roars and Yayoi's shouts.

Rosiley hugged her belly and squatted down slowly against the table.

The pain spread out from her belly to her whole body little by little. She felt achy all over.

She couldn't help but tremble and shed tears. It hurt. It really hurt.

“Rosiley, what's wrong?"

Yayoi ran over, squatted beside her and asked anxiously.

"Yayoi, my belly hurts."

Rosiley looked up and said weakly. Her face was pale.

Yayoi saw her pale face. Yayoi was shocked and she shouted, "Maddox, Rosiley is injured."

"Rosiley, don't be afraid. I'll call the hospital. Don't be afraid.”

She took out her phone with trembling hands and dialed the number for a long time. Finally, a call with
the hospital came through.

She cried and told the hospital about the situation of Rosiley and urged them to come.

After hanging up the phone, Yayoi hugged Rosiley's shoulder. Rosiley leaned against Yayoi, who held
Rosiley's hands tightly to give her more strength to hold on.

Maddox never hit women, but today he made an exception.

Rosiley was bullied by Rorey. How could he stand by and watch?

After pulling Rorey away, he didn't have the time to care about Rosiley. He slapped Rorey and knocked
her to the ground.

Looking at Rorey who was lying motionlessly on the ground, he sneered, "Rorey, don't go too far. If you
hadn't had bad intentions, you wouldn't have lost your baby and you wouldn't have been dismissed by
the company. You deserve it.”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and saw Rosiley's pale face. He frowned and was

He walked over, squatted down, ignored the injuries on his back and picked Rosiley up.

He walked out. Yayoi followed closely behind him.

When the employees saw him walking out with a woman in his arms, they all stood up and cast curious

"Lucian, call the police. Have the police take away the woman in my office."

Maddox said in a deep voice as he walked forward.

Maddox's secretary Lucian replied, "OK." Then he called the police.

Rosiley was sent to the operating room.

Yayoi sat on the bench, stared at the illuminated surgical indicator light. She clenched her hands tightly
in front of her chest. Her heart was filled with fear and unease.

‘Rosiley is so kind that she will be safe and sound.

Yayoi thought to herself.

Rosiley would be fine.

After Maddox hung up the call, he turned around and saw the uneasiness on her face. He felt worried
and walked over to sit beside her.

“Rosiley is brave and strong. She will be fine,” he said softly.

Yayoi turned to look at him and smile, "Yes. Rosiley will be fine.”

Maddox smiled to comfort her and stroked her hair.

The footsteps rang out in the quiet corridor. Maddox looked over and saw Payton and Juliet running

"What happened?" Juliet asked.

"Juliet." When Yayoi saw her good friend, Yayoi's eyes couldn't help but turn red.

Juliet walked over and hugged her, "Yayoi, what happened? Why is Rosiley sent to the operating

"Maddox, what happened?" Payton asked anxiously.

Payton was in a meeting when he received the phone call from Maddox. Maddox said that Rosiley had
been sent to the hospital. Payton was so scared that he left those subordinates behind and hurried
over. He even drove through a few red lights along the way.

"Juliet, it's because of Rorey. She is the one who caused Rosiley to be sent to the hospital.”

When Yayoi thought of how Rorey hurt Rosiley, she was furious. "She kicked Rosiley's belly. After the
doctor examined Rosiley, the doctor said it was abdominal bleeding. She must have the operation."

"Rorey!" Juliet gritted her teeth and said indignantly. Her eyes were glowing with horrifying anger.

“Damn it. I shouldn't have listened to Rosiley at that time. If I have dealt with Rorey, it wouldn't happen.”
Payton punched the

wall in frustration.

He and Sachin respected Rosiley's opinion, but they forgot how vicious Rorey was and Rorey would
blame Rosiley for her miscarriage.

They were too careless.

"Where's Sachin?" Maddox asked.

Payton turned to look at Maddox. "He happened to have a meeting in another city. He's on his way

Payton frowned, "Maddox, what's the matter with you? You don't look well."

Maddox's face was a little pale as if he was enduring something.

When Yayoi heard this, she recalled what she saw when she entered the office. She couldn't help but
be worried. She replied on behalf of Maddox,

"His back was hit by the paperweight.”

"The paperweight?"

Payton frowned and asked, "Is the paperweight that Grandpa gave you?"

Maddox replied, "Yes. It's not serious. Don't worry.”

It was made of jade and heavy. How could he be fine after being hit by it?

Payton didn't believe him, so he stepped forward and lifted his white shirt.

Maddox cried out in pain.

Yayoi and Juliet were shocked. Maddox's white back was shockingly bruised and bloodshot.

It looked shocking, and it didn't seem that he was fine at all.

"Yayoi, take him to have a check." Payton was afraid that it wasn't just bruises.

Yayoi was in a daze for a moment. Then she stood up and said, "OK. I'll take him to have a check."

After saying that, she came over to support Maddox, met Maddox's dark eyes, and looked away to help
him to the emergency room.


Yayoi stopped. She turned around and heard Juliet asking in a deep voice, "Did Rorey do that?"

"Yes. She planned to throw it at Rosiley. Mr. Shen protected Rosiley and he was hit by it."

Juliet clenched her hands tightly and said sharply and coldly, "I will not let Rorey off.”

Juliet had endured Rorey for a long time. Rorey made troubles to them repeatedly. This time, Juliet
would not let her off so easily. Juliet would avenge Rosiley.

"She was sent to the police station." Maddox smiled meaningfully, "Juliet, you should know what to do."

Juliet sneered, "Of course I know."

“Wait for the good news."

Maddox looked at Juliet meaningfully. Then he turned to Yayoi and said, "Let's go.”

Yayoi glanced at Juliet and supported him.

With the Shen family's influence in the military and the government and the Juliet family's status in
politics, it was easy to deal with Rorey.

“Didn't you think the same way as Rosiley? You planned to deal with Rorey slowly. Why do you change
your mind?"

Payton looked at Juliet with a faint smile.

Juliet glanced at him coldly. "I have changed my mind.”

Payton smiled coldly. What Rorey did provoked him.

“Count me in.”

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