Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 193: Do You Want to Murder Me?

Yayoi helped Maddox to the emergency department and directly stopped a doctor who was walking
towards them.

"Doctor, he's injured.”

The doctor was shocked and asked, "Where did he get hurt?"

"On his back.” As she spoke, Yayoi was about to take off Maddox's shirt, but Maddox stopped her.

She looked up at him doubtfully.

“There are many people here,’ he whispered.

So he was shy. Yayoi suddenly nodded her head in realization. Then she turned to the doctor and said
embarrassedly, "Doctor, let's go to the consultation room and see his injury.’

The doctor led them into the consulting room and asked Maddox to take off his shirt.

When Maddox unbuttoned, he would occasionally glance at Yayoi who was standing at the side.

Yayoi was amused and she asked, "You don't want me to go out, do you?"

Maddox did not answer yes or no. He just unbuttoned and took off his shirt, revealing his lean figure.

Yayoi thought that he would be thin and weak because he was cosseted, but to her surprise, he was in
a fine shape.

Yayoi couldn't take her eyes off his nice abs.

She used to find a beefy man disgusting, but Maddox was wonderfully muscular. His muscle definition
was perfect and would have girls swoon over it.

Seeing that she was dumbfounded, Maddox smiled, "You have seen it before."

‘You have seen it before.’

A picture appeared in Yayoi's mind. In the picture, he was asleep. The sheet could only cover his
private part, and the rest of his body was exposed in the air.

His beautiful muscles were so charming that she could never forget that.

‘No, something's wrong!’ Yayoi thought.

She quickly shook her head and tried to get the sleeping beauty out of her mind. Then, she said
righteously to Maddox, "Sorry, today is the first time I've seen your muscles."

Maddox put on a smile and didn't say anything else.

The doctor examined him and asked him to lie down for dissipating blood stasis by massage.

When he stood up and walked past Yayoi, he stopped and looked at her translucent earlobe. He
remembered that it was her sensitive spot. He was aroused.

Yayoi felt his burning gaze and she stiffened. She was afraid to turn to look at him.

He approached her neck and exhaled a warm breath on her neck. In an instant, he saw gooseflesh
cover her delicate skin.

He laughed. She was really sensitive.

"I remember a mole on your left chest."

A deep voice rang in Yayoi's ears and she widened her eyes in shock.

As for Maddox, he smiled faintly and slowly walked over to lie on the bed.

Yayoi clenched her hands tightly and her heart was filled with anger. She turned around and glared
angrily at the man who had already lain down.

She didn't believe that Maddox would flirt with her at such a time. He was really tired of living.

Yayoi acted as if nothing had happened as she walked over and suddenly reached out to press down
on the bruised area on his back.

Although she didnt put much strength, Maddox cried out in pain.

“Yayoi, do you want to murder your husband?"

Maddox looked up at her, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

"My husband?" Yayoi snorted coldly, "In your dreams!"

With that, she strode out arrogantly.

Seeing this, Maddox couldn't help but laugh, and his eyes were filled with love for her.

When Sachin arrived at the hospital, Rosiley had already undergone surgery and was sent to a VIP

When he walked into the ward and saw Rosiley lying on the bed with pale face, Sachin felt distressed.

When he left home this morning, she was still sleeping soundly and looked cute.

But now, she was lying here in a coma. Her face was deathly pale in the white light.

“Sachin, Payton stood up and said in a low voice when he saw Sachin coming in.

Sachin walked to the bedside and looked down with distress at Rosiley who hadn't woken up. He
reached out and brushed away the hair scattered on her cheek. His fingertips gently caressed her
slightly cold skin and slightly trembled.

He wanted to protect her for the rest of her life, but she was still hurt again and again.

He closed his eyes to hide the pain in them.

He stood by the bed with his back stiff. The others in the ward were afraid of saying anything because
of his aggressive aura.

After a long time, he opened his eyes, which were filled with coldness.

“Where's Rorey?" he asked.

"She is at the police station,’ Payton replied.

“Tell the police that no one could get her out on bail."

"Yes, Juliet had informed the police station.”

"I will ask them take ‘good' care of Rorey,’ Juliet said with malice in her eyes.

Sachin glanced at her and then asked, "What did the doctor say?"

"The doctor said that the operation went smoothly. She will recover after a period of time in the

Payton repeated what the doctor had said to him.

Sachin pondered for a moment, and then said gravely, "Go out, please."

Payton knew that Sachin wanted to stay alone with Rosiley, so he immediately went out with Juliet and
closed the door.

Sachin sat down beside the bed. He held her hand with both hands and kissed it gently.

The room was quiet, and night fell.

After leaving the ward, Juliet walked to a chair at the side and sat down.

Payton followed and asked softly, "Would you like something to eat?"

"No." Juliet shook her head. She had no appetite because she was worried about Rosiley, who hadn't
woken up.

Payton sat beside her and said half-jokingly, "If Rosiley wakes up and knows that her best friend hadn't
had dinner, she would blame me for not taking good care of you."

Juliet, who had a sullen face all afternoon, chuckled softly and said, "Don't worry. Rosiley is not that

Seeing her smile, Payton couldn't help but smile. He stared at the white ceiling and said in an envious
tone, "Sometimes, I envy your relationship with Rosiley and Yayoi.’

"Why? Don't you have any friends?" Juliet turned to look at him, only to see that his cold profile was
covered with faint loneliness.

She couldn't help but feel a slight pain in her heart. Then, she withdrew her gaze and looked down at
her hands.

Payton whispered, "I have friends. We all have different responsibilities, so we have been training since
we were young. We couldn't spend much time together. We can only occasionally find some time to
build our friendship.”

As amember of the four great families, he and Sachin could only make friends with the heirs from other
families because they had similar identities.

"I sympathize with you." Juliet looked up and said, "Your identity prevent you from making friends that
don't match your status.

Who knows if they have other intentions when they want to be friends with you?"

Payton smiled and teased, "I am surprised that you're thoughtful.”

“Of course I am." Juliet turned around and smiled at him.

The corridor was brightly lit, and her charming face became even more attractive under the light.

He couldn't help but looked at her with gentleness. Juliet noticed that and turned her head away in a

Immediately, everything fell silent.

Something changed.

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