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Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 194: She Was Beaten

Rosiley felt that she had slept for a long time. When she woke up and saw the white ceiling, her mind
was blank for a while, but then she thought of Rorey's shout.

She thought of that she was kicked by Rorey in the stomach. It hurt very much.

But she didn't know what happened afterwards.

She stared at the ceiling for a while and licked her dry lips. She should be in the hospital.

Afterwards, she slowly turned around.

To her surprise, she saw a handsome face.

Why was Sachin here?

He lay on the edge of the bed and fell asleep. Even if he fell asleep, he kept frowning, and it seemed
that he couldn't sleep well.

He must be worried about her.

She wanted to reach out to smooth his frown, but she found that he was holding her hand tightly.

Rosiley couldn't help but smile. She was moved.

At the same time, she also felt guilty. If she had taken good care of herself, he wouldn't have been so

She sighed softly and whispered, "Sachin, Sachin..."

In a daze, Sachin heard someone calling his name. The voice became clearer and clearer, and he
recognized that it was Rosiley's voice.

He opened his eyes and saw a pair of soft and loving eyes. He was lost for a moment, but soon he
realized that Rosiley was awake.

He sat up straight and stared at her pale face, and then asked softly, "How are you feeling?"

Rosiley smiled, "I'm fine.”

Even if she still felt unwell, she wouldn't say it out because she didn't want him to worry too much about
her anymore.

When he heard her answer, he clearly relaxed.

Rosiley turned to look out the window. Seeing that it was dark outside, she asked, "Did they go back?"

Sachin knew that she was asking about Payton and Juliet, so he nodded, "Yes, I asked them to go
back and have a rest.”

As he spoke, he raised the bed at the head so that she could be in a fowler position on the bed.

"Maddox and Yayoi must be scared today.’

Rosiley felt very guilty that her injuries had scared everyone.

Sachin seemed to see through her thoughts. He held her hand and said softly, “Don't think too much.
As long as you can recover soon, everyone will be happy.”

Rosiley gave him a roguish wink and said, "I will get better soon."

Sachin smiled and his dark eyes were filled with love. He reached out and rubbed her soft hair.

In the police station.

"Why can't I get her out on bail?" Yunis asked the policeman in confusion.

The police officer answered truthfully, "The higher-ups told me that Rorey intentionally injured
someone. It is a crime. Moreover, the family of the injured are going to sue Rorey, so she can't be
bailed out.”

"I want to bail her out. As for the whole thing, I will settle it privately with the family of the injured.”

Yunis insisted. In his opinion, Rosiley just got kicked gently by Rorey and she wouldn't get injured. He
believed that Rosiley was setting Rorey up.

"Sorry. The injured refused to do it without a lawsuit.” The policeman smiled apologetically.

Yunis frowned. What did Rosiley mean?

"I want to see the chief of your police station.” Yunis thought that his father had a good relationship with
the chief. Perhaps the chief would do hima favor and allowed him to bail Rorey out.

"I'm sorry." The police officer smiled apologetically again, "It's so late. The chief should be sleeping."

"Sleeping?" Yunis looked at his watch and sneered, "It's only ten o'clock now. I'm afraid your chief is
having fun with girls somewhere now."

The policeman’'s face darkened and said sternly, "Mind your words, gentleman! What you said is

Yunis felt even more ridiculous. "Are you afraid of admitting it? Tell your chief that if I can't bail out my
fiancée, I'll expose all of his scandals."

He stared at the policeman sternly. The policeman was overwhelmed and he could only angrily close
the statement and strode out.

Yunis calmed down and leaned back in his chair. He knew that the policeman was out to make a phone

Not long after, the policeman ran back and said unwillingly, "The chief said that you can take her away."

Yunis stood up and smiled, "Thank him for me. I'll treat him to dinner."

Then, he took out a wad of money from his pocket and threw it on the table. He said, "This is for you.
Thank you for making the call.”

Yunis patted the policeman on the shoulder and walked out with a smug smile.

In a room of the detention center, Rorey was squatting at a corner. She looked particularly miserable
with messy hair and messy clothes.

She clasped her knees in her arms and looked out through the gaps in her hair that cover her face. Her
eyes were filled with fear.

Several women were chatting right across from her. They would made ear-piercing laughter when
talking about something funny.

Rorey knew that those women were all girls from some clubs and they were detained for rioting.

Bar girls in clubs were usually not innocent. They had seen all kind of people, so they would become
rascally and they would do things ruthlessly.

So when they saw Rorey who was thrown in by the police, they were excited.

They treated Rorey as a toy.

Rorey didn't know exactly what happened, she just remembered that she was trampled on the ground
by a few women, beaten and kicked, and her hair was pulled out.

If she hadn't cried so loudly and attracted the police, she would have died here tonight.

“Yunis, hurry up and save me. Yunis, Yunis...”

She murmured and buried her face between her knees. She wept quietly.

She was afraid that if she cried out loud, the women would hear her and beat her up again.

The moment Yunis saw Rorey, he was stunned.

The woman who had always been dressed beautifully in the past was now in a very sorry state. Her
hair was matted, and her clothes were ragged. What was worse, her face became swollen and bruised
out of all recognition.


Rorey threw herself into his arms and hugged his waist tightly with both hands. She hid her face in his
arms and cried loudly.

Yunis smelled an obviously unpleasant stench coming from Rorey.

He had never smelled such a stench since he was living like a prince all the time.

He looked down at her matted hair in disgust. But he tried to be patient and pretended to be gentle. He
said, "Don't cry. Let's go home.”

Rorey raised her head and exposed her miserable face. Yunis frowned slightly and hid the disgust in
his eyes.

"Let's go home; he said softly again.

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