Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 197: Be My Girlfriend

"Are you really going to take me there?"

Yayoi did not believe that he was so kind. She looked at him with caution. "Do you have any

What did she mean? Was he such a person in her eyes?

Maddox forced a smile, and deliberately returned, "Yes, as long as you agree to be my girlfriend, I will
take you there."

As expected, how could he be so nice?

Yayoi was angry. She coldly snorted, "Stop daydreaming. What a two-timer!"

After saying that, she turned around and walked out.

Maddox frowned. What did he do?

Seeing that she was about to leave, he hurriedly stood up and chased after her.

Just as Yayoi was about to open the door, Maddox suddenly pressed the hand that she had just rested
on the handle of the door, stopping her from moving.

An aggressive masculine aura approached Yayoi, and her back stiffened. She didn't dare to look back.

"Who are you referring to as a two-timer?"

His low voice carried a hint of anger.

She bit her lip and did not answer.

Enraged by her silence, Maddox narrowed his eyes, where there was a dangerous light. He suddenly
grabbed her hand and pulled it hard.

Yayoi felt her head spun dizzily. When she regained her senses, she had been pressed against the

As she looked up, she met his angry eyes. Yayoi was heartbroken, as if someone had fiercely grabbed
her heart.

"Yayoi, let me ask you again. Who is the two-timer?"

He stared at her eyes.

Yayoi avoided his horrible gaze.

She clenched her hands tightly and took a deep breath. Then, she replied coldly, "I mean you. You
have a fiancée, but you still won't leave me alone."

Fury surged through Yayoi. Maddox was the one who played her, but how dare he question her like

Thus, Yayoi began to struggle, trying to break free from his arms. But to her surprise, he approached,
and pressed his long legs against hers. They tightly clung to each other.

Yayoi felt the pressure and struggled even harder. But she was only a woman. How could she be a
man's match at strength?

Her struggle instantly ignited the desire in his body like a lighter.

On the verge of losing control, Maddox took a deep breath. He bent and threatened Yayoi in her ear. "If
you move again, I will fuck you here."

Her sensitive neck could feel Maddox's scorching breath, and she shrank back. But she did not take his
words seriously.

"Maddox, why should I listen to you? If you have the guts, do it to me now." She glared at him, her eyes
daring and provocative.

Hearing this, Maddox dissolved into laughter, somewhat with helplessness.

She knew that he wouldn't do anything to her without her consent. So she was fearless.

The laughter eased the tension between them.

Seeing him laugh, Yayoi couldn't help but be annoyed. "What are you laughing at? What's so funny
about it?”

"You are so adorable.” Maddox still smiled with sparkling eyes.

With a blush, Yayoi looked away and snorted. "Cut it out. Go talk to your fiancée.”

He raised his eyebrows and pretended to be surprised. "So, you're jealous!"

‘I'm Jealous?’ Yayoi sneered, "Maddox, don't flatter yourself. I'm not jealous.”

Maddox sniffed into the air and smiled, "I can smell it. You must be jealous.’

Yayoi rolled her eyes and said, "I don't care what you think. I won't bother to argue with you."

Then she continued, “Release your hand. I have a lot of work to do.”

Her hands had been pressed tightly against the door, leaving her completely unable to break free.

Maddox released his grip as he was told to, but he kept pressing his body against hers.

With her hand rest against his chest, Yayoi tried to push him away, but he was too heavy for her.

"Maddox, what do you want to do?" She glared at him.

Maddox laughed mischievously. "Nothing."

"Then please retreat.”

"Give me a kiss and I'll retreat."

Yayoi would not do it unless she was crazy.

"If you don't retreat, I'll shout for help. When the people outside rush in and see you threaten me like
this, believe me, you'll make the headline.”

Yayoi threatened.

Maddox smiled indifferently. "I don't care. It's good to have you involved.”

‘Damn it! He is not afraid! What should I do?’

Just as Yayoi was at a loss for what to do, he suddenly retreated. But he still kept her in his arms.

"Yayoi, my fiancée is arranged by the family. I don't love her."

Yayoi was surprised by his sudden explanation. "So?"

"Be my girlfriend.” He looked sincere.

Yayoi smiled coldly. "When you get married, will I become your lover?"

Maddox frowned. Actually, he only wanted her to be his girlfriend now. He didn't think about what would
happen next.

In his opinion, even if a man and a woman were in a relationship, they might not necessarily get

When Maddox fell into silence, a trace of disappointment flashed in Yayoi's eyes, and she pushed him
away. This time, she easily made it.

"Maddox, I want my boyfriend to stay with me for the rest of my life. I think you are not the right one.”

After saying that, she opened the door and walked out.

The door was slammed shut in front of him, and Maddox stared at the door in a daze.

Then, he smiled bitterly.

As a person from a wealthy family, how could he choose his wife to suit himself?

Yayoi was a little strange.

Rosiley pretended to be reading, but she was looking at Yayoi, who was peeling an apple by the bed.

Although Yayoi was peeling the apple, it seemed that she didn't pay attention to the apple in her hand,
and her eyes were dull.

Yayoi was able to peel the apple without looking at it.

Rosiley found it amazing.

Rosiley secretly praised Yayoi. But just as she finished, she heard Yayoi shout.

Rosiley's heart missed a beat and she hurriedly asked, "Yayoi, what's wrong?"

Yayoi turned around and smiled at her, "I'm fine. I just cut myself."

Then she stood up and took out a few tissues to press on the wound.

Despite the fact that Yayoi was calm, Rosiley got nervous and hurriedly asked again, "Where did you

Yayoi was amused by Rosiley, who was anxious. "Don't worry. It's just a small cut on my finger.”

After saying that, Yayoi raised her injured finger and showed it to Rosiley.

The blood was still oozing out from the wound, which wasn't a minor one.

"Hurry up and ask the nurse to bandage it.” Rosiley frowned and urged her.

"It's fine. I always cut myself." As she spoke, she pressed the napkin on the wound, and soon the blood
soaked through the napkin.

Seeing this, Rosiley continued in a serious voice, "No, you have to bandage it.”

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