The convenient Bride

Chapter 200: The Engagement Cannot Be Called off

Yayoi wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and said to Rosiley, "Rosiley, don't scare me in the
future. If I have heart disease, you will really scare me to death."

Rosiley knew that she was wrong and nodded meekly. "I know. I won't do it next time.”

Yayoi smiled and looked up at Maddox. After hesitating for a moment, she said, "Maddox, this is our
own business. You shouldn't ask Rosiley to help you.”

"I see," Maddox replied indifferently.

If she hadn't refused, he wouldn't have told Rosiley everything.

Thinking of this, Maddox let out a long sigh and stared at her. "Are you really not willing to be with me?
Do you hate me, or do you have other worries?"

Rosiley looked at Yayoi quietly, waiting for her reply.

Yayoi looked at Rosiley, then shifted her gaze to Maddox and smiled, "I admit that I have a good
impression of you, but it’s not enough for me to convince myself to be with you. Even if I really like you,
I don't want you to come into conflict with your family for me. Otherwise, I will feel guilty.”

Yayoi made herself very clear that she was reluctant to be with Maddox.

Maddox laughed self-deprecatingly. "I got it. I won't force you.”

He had never been a stubborn man. Since she had said so, it would be very ungraceful for him to
pester her again.

Perhaps Maddox could not see Yayoi's inner conflict, but Rosiley could.

While Yayoi was speaking, in the depths of her eyes, Rosiley saw her pain, which Yayoi thought was
well hidden.

Yayoi liked Maddox.

Yayoi was just afraid that she would get the same result as her previous relationship.

At least, Rosiley thought so.

Rosiley held Yayoi's hand. The latter turned to look at Rosiley in surprise. When Yayoi saw the pity in
Rosiley's eyes, she instantly understood.

Yayoi put on a self-deprecating smile. Sure enough, the one who understood her best was Rosiley.

Yayoi's eyes couldn't help but turn red. She blinked and smiled apologetically at Maddox. "Sorry, Mr.

"There's no need to apologize. Love should be based on willingness." Maddox replied with a smile that
carried a faint sense of alienation.

Feeling the changes between Maddox and Yayoi, Rosiley sighed softly in her heart.

They obviously liked each other. Why didn't they seize the opportunity?

What a pity!

Rosiley felt sorry for them, but she couldn't interfere with their relationship.

Just as she was secretly lamenting, a thought flashed through her mind. Rosiley's eyes lit up. How
could she forget about that?

Thus, she smiled and asked, "Maddox, have you received the invitation letter from LEG?"

"Yes." Maddox nodded.

That was good.

Rosiley turned to look at Yayoi with a pitiful expression and pleaded, “Yayoi, can you do me a favor?"

"What do you want me to do?” For some reason, Yayoi had a bad premonition.

"Participate in LEG's entertainment festival. When you see Emma, tell her that I want to see her.”

"Emma?" Yayoi frowned. "Is she the one who posted the video to help you?"

Rosiley nodded. "Yes, I want to thank her."


Yayoi glanced at Maddox and finally nodded in agreement while meeting Rosiley's pleading eyes.

"Thank you, Yayoi." Rosiley stared at her with deep gratitude.

Yayoi smiled and didn't say anything.

Afterwards, Rosiley instructed Maddox, "Maddox, go with Yayoi, and don't look for any other female

Maddox nodded with disappointment. He glanced at Yayoi and said, "Rosiley, if there’s nothing else, I'll
go first."

"You are leaving. Then drive Yayoi back,” Rosiley said.

Hearing this, Yayoi carried her bag. “Rosiley, see you."

Just as Yayoi was about to step forward, she heard Maddox's cold and emotionless voice.

"I'm afraid it's inconvenient. Please take a taxi back by yourself, Miss Song.”

After that, he did not look at the two women who were shocked by his words. He then added,
"Goodbye." Then, he left.

Yayoi clutched the bag tightly, as if this was the only way to support her and to stop her from revealing
a trace of sadness.

Yayoi turned around and smiled at Rosiley, "Rosiley, I will take a taxi by myself”

Rosiley came back to her senses and looked at Yayoi worriedly. "Are you alright?"

Yayoi shrugged her shoulders and laughed. "I'm fine."


Rosiley wanted to say something else, but Yayoi directly interrupted her. "I'm leaving first."


Watching her leave, Rosiley sighed. She was well-intentioned but she messed up.

If it weren't for her, Yayoi and Maddox wouldn't be in such an awkward situation.

Thinking about it, she heavily sighed again.

Sachin walked into the ward and happened to see her sighing like a little old woman, looking especially

He walked over and reached out to rub her hair. "What happened?" he asked softly.

Rosiley curled her lips. "I'm worried about Maddox and Yayoi.”

"What happened to them?” Sachin took off his jacket and casually placed it on a chair beside him.

"Something is wrong between them."

Hearing this, Sachin stopped unbuttoning his sleeves and frowned, "What?"

From Sachin's point of view, those two people were completely unrelated. How did they get emotionally
involved with each other?

"That's right.” Rosiley chuckled, "Doesn't it surprise you?"

"Yes." Sachin nodded honestly.

"To be honest, I was not sure until Maddox took the initiative to tell me today."

Sachin rolled up his sleeves, revealing his thin arms. Then, he sat down on the edge of the bed and
hugged her shoulders.

Rosiley snuggled up to Sachin. Pursing her lips, she thought for a moment, and then asked, "Sachin,
what kind of person is Maddox's fiancée?"

"She's a very ordinary girl. But her grandfather served mine at a young age and saved my grandfather
once on the battlefield. Therefore, this marriage was personally arranged by my grandfather."

Such a complicated relationship dumbfounded Rosiley. How could this engagement be called off

Thus, she carefully asked, "Sachin, is there any possibility that the engagement will be called off?"

Sachin fell silent, so Rosiley's heart rose to her mouth. She felt she had asked a wrong question.

After a long time, she heard Sachin replied calmly, “According to my grandfather's personality, I don't
think so."

This was the answer Rosiley had expected, but she was still unavoidably disappointed.

Sachin felt that Rosiley's heart sank. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Are you disappointed to hear
that their engagement cannot be cancelled?"