Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 204: You Have Got the Wrong Person

Coming out of the bathroom, Yayoi looked around the hall and saw everyone moving towards the

It should be the awards ceremony.

This was another highlight of the event—the Annual Awards Ceremony.

Near the stage, there were dozens of large round tables, covered with white tablecloth. On each of
them were flowers in a vase, various kinds of desserts, and exquisite tableware.

Seeing that everyone took their seats, Yayoi stood there awkwardly, not knowing which way to go or
where to sit.

She looked around for Maddox, but there were too many people. She couldn't find him even if her eyes
were sore from searching.

In the end, she was so discouraged that her shoulders went weak. Forget it. Anyway, she had done
everything that she promised Rosiley. She may not have to participate in the second half of the

So, she glanced at the stage and turned around to leave.

But before she walked away, her wrist was suddenly grabbed and she was forced to stop.

"Yayoi, are you going back?"

A low and hoarse voice came from behind her, and she could clearly tell that there was suppressed
anger in the voice.

Yayoi turned her head and smiled mockingly at his angry eyes. "So, Mr. Shen still remembers me.”

Maddox stared at her beautiful face with a meaningful gaze. Today, in order to be at the Grand
Ceremony, she put on makeup. The fine facial features on her delicate face were made up, now
striking people as more exquisite and attractive.

Her long hair was tied up, revealing her fair and long neck. She was wearing a long black dress that
was off her shoulders, outlining her beautiful curves.

She looked stunning tonight.

Desires flashed past his black eyes.

His gaze was too lustful and straightforward. Yayoi was so flustered by his gaze that she struggled and
tried to withdraw her hand.

However, his strength was so great that she couldnt.

"Maddox, what do you mean?" She glared at him angrily.

He smiled, and the light was reflected on his black pupil.

"Since you're here, then stay until the end.”

After saying that, he pulled her back and walked towards the stage, not giving her the chance to refuse.

Yayoi staggered behind him and looked at his straight back, and emotions in her eyes gradually
became complicated.

Apart from celebrities, there were also various media attending the festival.

Therefore, the scene of Maddox pulling Yayoi was photographed by some ill-intentioned people.
However, neither of them noticed this and they just walked straight to their seats and sat down.

Bertram, the most popular actor of the year, deserved the award.

Alfred, the most popular actor of the year, was expected.

After the two most important awards were presented, the awards ceremony ended with a speech by
the President of Lake Entertainment Group.

Yayoi yawned. She opened her eyes and looked around, wondering how long it would take for such a
boring ceremony to end.

Suddenly, Yayoi saw Hazel get up and leave the table. She couldn't help watching as she walk to a
dark corner. Immediately after, she saw a familiar person.

She stood up. Maddox, who was sitting beside her, turned to look at her and frowned. "What are you

" I have something to do. I gotta go."

After this, Yayoi didn't even look at Maddox and directly walked in the direction where Hazel moved.

Seeing this, Maddox frowned, and his eyes were fixed on Yayoi's slim body.

"Damari, I'll drive back by myself later. You can leave now."

Yayoi walked closer and heard Hazel shouting. "Damari." She stopped and knitted her eyebrows.

His name was Damari?!

After Hazel finished her instruction, she turned around and swept her gaze towards Yayoi, who was
standing not far away with ridicule in her eyes as she pursed her lips. "Oh, isn't this Yayoi, the famous

Hearing this, the man beside her glanced at her, then followed her line of sight. When he saw Yayoi,
the emotion is his eyes fluctuated and he quickly regained his calmness.

Yayoi walked closer step by step with her gaze locked on the handsome face of the man, afraid that if
she did not pay attention, he would disappear from under her nose again.

Seeing this, Hazel frowned. Why was Yayoi staring at Damari? She stared at him as if he was an

"Damari, you know her?"

Hazel turned her head to look at the man and asked.

The man shook his head. "No"

The cold word "no" was like an ice blade stabbing into her heart, causing her to feel pain.

Yayoi walked up to him and stopped. She raised her head to look at him, and her clear pupils were
filled with longing.

She smiled bitterly as she asked, "Hallie, you don't remember me?"

"I'm sorry, you've found the wrong person."

The way he looked at her was the way he looked at strangers. There were no feelings at all. It was so
cold that it she felt chill all over.

She would mistake anyone except Hallie.

After not seeing him for a few years, although he had become mature, his appearance was the same
as that in her memories.

She would never admit her mistake.

"Hallie, I..."

Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Hazel. "Yayoi, his name is Damari, not
Hallie. You are mistaken.”

"No, he's Hallie, not Damari!" Yayoi glared at him angrily.

Hazel sneered, "Yayoi, don't take anyone who looks like Hallie as your relative.”

"He is him." Yayoi strode forward and approached Damari with her eyes wide open as she searched for
something on his face.

Then, she smiled and turned to Hazel, "He is my Hallie, because...”

She raised her finger to his eyebrows and continued, "He has a scar here. It was left behind by me
when I threw a stone at him when I was a child."

"Scar?" Hazel walked over and signaled for Damari to lower her head. Damari lowered his head

Yayoi's pupils contracted and her hands were clenched tightly. Hallie was so proud in the past yet he
lowered his head to others now.

Hazel took a closer look at his eyebrows and found that there was indeed a scar.

Could he really be Hallie that Yayoi mentioned?

She looked at him thoughtfully, trying to detect uneasiness on his face.

She didn't know if it was because he hid it well, or if Yayoi recognized the wrong person, his expression
was natural and flawless.

Then, she turned around and sneered at Yayoi, "Can a scar prove that he is the person you
mentioned? Isn't that too hasty?"

"There can't be two people who look the same in this world and even have the scar on the same place,
so he is Hallie.”

Yayoi was very excited. She wanted to reach out to grab Damari's hand, but he dodged.

"I'm Damari. You've got the wrong person."

It was still an ice-cold voice without any emotion or warmth.

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