The convenient Bride

Chapter 206: How Are You Gonna Deal with Me?

Seeing Juliet's disappointed expression, Rosiley felt a little guilty. After all, didn't she do so much to
avenge her?

“Actually, I'm just guessing. Rorey's face was disfigured but she still went to the Grand Ceremony. She
must be looking for a new employer. But with your disturbance, I don't think any company would dare to
employ her."

Rosiley analyzed the situation again to comfort Juliet.

"Really?" Hearing that, Juliet immediately regained her happiness and said proudly, "I just want her to
be unwanted by any company, so that she can't continue to work in the entertainment industry.”

Rosiley nodded, "Well, maybe she is getting close to that."

Seriously speaking, Rorey was now infamous. Hiring her was equal to picking up a piece of garbage. A
company, by hiring her, would not only inflict itself within, but also leave a bad reputation in the industry.

"Not maybe, but for sure," Juliet said resolutely.

Rosiley smiled and did not continue with the conversation, instead, she changed the topic and asked, "I
heard that you planned to work for TEG?"

When she suddenly asked this, Juliet was stunned. After a while, she regained her senses and said,
"How do you know?"

Juliet patted her head in frustration when she asked this. "I'm so stupid. It must be Payton who told

Rosiley shook her head. "No."

"Then, it's Maddox."

"Yeah, it's him.” Rosiley looked at her with interest. "Tell me, why do you want to work for TEG on a
whim? Is it because of Payton?"

"Because of Payton?” Juliet rolled her eyes, "You think too much, Rosiley. I just want to give myself a

"Oh, really?” Rosiley didn't believe in her simple reason.

"Believe it or not."

"It's not that I don't believe you, but I remembered ... Who said that she couldn't stand the company's
strict rules and didn't want to work for the company for the rest of her life?"

She raised her eyebrows at Juliet with her eyes full of ridicule.

Juliet pursed her lips and said, "Alright, I said that. But it's different now, understand?"

"Oh." Rosiley drawled and then said, "If I believed you, then both of us didn't tell the truth.”

"Anyway, I just want to give myself a challenge. If you insist on thinking too much, I can't do anything
about it.” Juliet spread her hands out, looking resigned.

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh, "Juliet, this is not your type.”

The Juliet she knew should be a very straightforward person. She would say whatever she wanted to
say and do whatever she wanted to. She would never conceal her true thoughts.

The reason behind her changing her mind would not be that simple.

"There are always contradictions in one's personality. So..." Juliet grinned. “You just need to get used to

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and didn't say anything else. Since Juliet wasn't willing to explain it, then
she wouldn't force her to do it.

"The doctor said I could be discharged tomorrow." Rosiley changed the topic again.

"Really?" Juliet was very surprised, "Have you recovered yet?”

"Yeah, almost. And after resting for a few days at home, I'll be completely recovered.”

"I think you'd better to stay in the hospital for a few more days. Anyway, you can rest here. Besides,
there are doctors, so it's more convenient to consult them."

Juliet was not at ease that Rosiley was going to be discharged soon.

"I won't stay anymore. I almost rot here. It's cozier at home."

"Oh?" Juliet raised her eyebrows and smiled evilly, "I think you're feeling sorry for your husband.’

"You got me." Rosiley admitted it.

"Who will feel sorry for my husband except me?"

Juliet shook her head and said, "You are really good at showing off. You don't even care about the
feelings of a single woman like me."

"Then find a husband, and you will not be single. When the time comes, I'll watch as you show off, and
it doesn't matter if you overwhelm me."

Juliet's expression darkened a little as she said in a somewhat upset tone, "The time hasn't come yet."

When she finished speaking, she couldn't help thinking of a man. She lowered her head and concealed
the loneliness in her eyes.

Rosiley looked at her quietly and sighed in her heart.

Juliet had a few boyfriends, but they were all boys who took a fancy to her family background and were
trying to use it to reach the pinnacle of their lives.

So they broke up shortly after.

Afterwards, she was single for several years.

If possible, she hoped that Juliet could find a man who truly loved her, and not her family background.

At Ji's villa.

"Get out! Get out of here!”

Rorey swept all the makeup on the dressing table onto the ground, turned around, and glared angrily at
the people standing in the room.

There were Yunis and his parents, and her mother, Xenia.

"Rorey, can you calm down? We should discuss how to deal with this news."

Seeing that her daughter had become like this, Xenia felt very distressed. She carefully comforted her.

"Deal with?" Rorey sneered and looked at the silent Yunis. "Yunis, tell me, how do you want to deal
with the news? Or more accurately, how are you gonna deal with me?"

Yunis glanced at her and didn't say anything.

His silence was like the last straw, completely annoying Rorey.

She rushed straight to Yunis, stared at him with her eyes wide open as she shouted, "Yunis, are you
disgusted with me?"

"Rorey, what attitude is this?” Seeing Rorey being fierce towards her son, Quinta immediately became
angry and roared at her.

"Didn't you have it coming? Yunis followed your will in everything yet you still treated him like this. Do
you have any conscience left?"

This time, Quinta no longer hid her disgust towards Rorey.

Hearing this, Rorey raised her head and laughed loudly. Then, she glares coldly at Quinta and mocked,
"Follow my will? Isn't that because I said my father would give me 20% of the shares of the Tang
Group? Do you think your son treats me sincerely?"

So she knew everything.

Louie and Quinta's expressions changed, and clearly, they felt guilty.

On the contrary, Yunis’ expression was calm. He sighed and said in an upset tone, "Rorey, how can
you think of me like that? If I really have my eyes on the 20% shares, I can just marry Rosiley.”

Rorey bit her lips and glared at him furiously, not saying a word.

Seeing that her mood improved, Xenia whispered to Yunis, "Yunis, stay with Rorey. Your parents and I
will leave."

As she said that, she made an eye contact with Yunis’ parents. Quinta was afraid that her son would be
bullied, so she did not want to go out. But in the end, she was still dragged out by Louie.