The convenient Bride

Chapter 210: Who Are You Trying to Seduce by Dressing Like This?

Seeing that she was uneasy, Sachin raised his eyebrows slightly, and a gentle smile was formed on his

He reached out and caressed her hair, and his eyes were full of affection. "I asked Sasha to cook some
fish soup for you. Have more later."

"Fine." She replied.

Her hair was thin and soft, and when he was fiddling with her hair, his eyes gradually narrowed,
revealing a trace of coldness.


Aman approached Rosiley with ill motives.

Feeling his cold aura, Rosiley raised her head and saw his thoughtful, cold and handsome face. His
black eyes were so meaningful that she could not read his thoughts.

She frowned and softly called out, "Sachin."

Hearing her voice, Sachin lowered his head and met her puzzled eyes. "What's wrong?"

Rosiley smiled and shook her head, “Nothing. I'm just hungry."

Sachin beamed and petted her head. "I'll bring you the fish soup.”

"Okay." She smiled and nodded.

As he turned around to fetch her fish soup, Rosiley's smile slowly faded.

Looking at his straight back, Rosiley's eyebrows were furrowed. His expression just now was so cold
and frightening. Was he thinking about Bertram?

Did he misunderstand them?

She bit her lip and wondered if it would be better to explain.

Sachin held the fish soup and turned around. He saw her complex expression and couldn't help but
smile, "Rosiley, what's wrong?"

Rosiley raised her eyes to look at him and smiled brightly, "I was wondering if I should have one or two
bowls of soup.”

Sachin knew that this wasn't something that she was conflicted about, but he didn't expose her.

He just smiled and handed her the bowl, saying gently, "Drink as much as you want."

"Yeah." Rosiley beamed and took the bowl. The smell of the fish soup reached her nose.

“It smells good. It must be very delicious." She said with a smile, then lowered her head to pick up the
spoon and slowly drank it.

Sachin sat on the chair beside her and looked at her quietly with dote in his black eyes.

There was a hint of warmth in the silent ward.

The soup was almost consumed. Rosiley's movements slowed down, and she was still hesitating to

She looked up at the man sitting on the chair. She pursed her lips and said, "Sachin."


Rosiley put down her hand and hesitated for a moment before slowly saying, "I didn't know that
Bertram would come to see me today. Apart from today, I have only met him twice. He saved me once
and we met in M City for the second time, so today is the third time we met.”

Sachin looked at her quietly and calmly, and she was unable to tell whether he was happy or angry.

His silence made Rosiley very uneasy, and her hand holding the bowl was unconsciously clenched.

After a long time, he smiled resignedly, "Rosiley, did you think that I wouldn't trust you when you

“No.” Rosiley shook her head. "I just don't want there to be any misunderstandings between us."

Sometimes, a trivial misunderstanding could affect their relationship, and she wanted them to be
honest and clear.

Looking at her serious expression, Sachin's mood fluctuated slightly. He stood up and took the bowl in
her hand and put it on the bedside table. Then, he carried her into his arms and gently stroked her soft

"Idiot." He whispered, "We won't have misunderstandings.”

His tone was very firm. Rosiley's uneasy heart gradually calmed down when she heard this.



"I'm glad you trust me.”

When Sachin heard this, he could tell that something was wrong. So, he let go of her and lowered his
head, pretending to look at her in disgruntlement.

"So you still don't believe that I will have faith in you."

"How?" Rosiley touched her nose guiltily. "I'm just expressing what I’m feeling.”

"You fool." Sachin petted her head and asked, "Do you want some more soup?”

"Yeah, I want some rice as well." Rosiley's voice was filled with excitement as she rid the shadow in her

“Alright.” Sachin replied gently.

Seeing him being busy, Rosiley's corners of mouth were gradually curved upwards, and her heart was
filled with joy.

Outside the window, the distant and starry sky flickered with resplendent light.

The night was quiet and poetic.

When Juliet worked for TEG for the first day, it caused quite a stir.

"Do you know how much that bag in her hand costs?"

"How much? Is it very expensive?"

“Of course it's expensive. I've read in fashion magazines that it seems to be some kind of limited
edition bag of an international brand, and it costs you two years’ salary. Also, the dress she wears
costs tens of thousands, and the high heels worth about 100,000."

"Holy shit, she wears that kind of extravagant things but comes to work for our company? Is there
something wrong with her?"

If it was her, with such conditions, she wouldn't work and would stay at home enjoying herself.

"What do you know? This is called experiencing life fully, understand?”

"I really have no idea if those rich people are crazy nowadays. They always like to come out and have
an experience of life. They go to the countryside, and now they even work!"

When Yayoi passed by the front desk, she heard the two girls discussing.

She couldn't help but stop curiously. She walked over and asked, "Who are you talking about?"

"The new general manager's secretary.” The two girls who were discussing so heatedly replied without
turning their heads.

By the time they turned around, they could no longer see the person who asked them.

"Did we just hallucinate?” They looked at each other.

‘Isn't the new general manager's secretary Juliet?’

Upon hearing the answer, Yayoi immediately turned around and quickly walked towards the elevator.

She felt the same as Rosiley, and did not understand why Juliet, who valued freedom so much, would
work for TEG.

Could it be that she did this for Payton? For love?

As soon as Yayoi entered the elevator, she pressed the button to the floor where the general manager's
office was on.

She had to check Juliet's condition. She was worried.

Now, the general manager's office was indeed in a mess.

"Miss Juliet, you're here to work, not to have a blind date."

When Payton saw Juliet wearing sunglasses, fashionable dress of the season, carrying a limited
edition bag, and walking into the office on high heels that were more than ten centimeters in length, he
almost fell from the leather chair to the ground.

Was she going to walk the catwalk?

When he said that, Juliet was unhappy. "What? Can't I dress like this?"

"Of course not. You are in the company. Who are you trying to seduce by dressing like this?" Payton’s
tongue was still as sharp as ever.

Juliet snorted coldly. "I'm not seducing you anyway.”

Then I'm so glad." Payton heaved a sigh of relief dramatically. "I'm really worried about the person
you're trying to seduce.”

"Payton!" Juliet's eyes widened in anger.