Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 211: You Touched My Breast

Today, Juliet didn't sleep in but got up early in the morning.

After waking up, she washed up, put on makeup, and picked her clothes, shoes and bags without

She took almost all of the clothes in season in the wardrobe to the bed. She took each of them to the
dressing mirror and imagined what she would be like when in it, and if she felt that it was not bad, she
would try it on.

If she found it unsatisfactory, she would repeat the process until a satisfactory one was determined.

She spent one hour picking clothes, not including shoes and bags.

By the time she was about to leave, it was almost time for work.

Therefore, she never thought that he would dislike her because she dressed up decently.

Thinking of this, Juliet became even angrier.

And Payton was still talking nonstop.

"You are at a company, not a catwalk. You'd better utilize the time you spent on dressing up to read,
and you will have the ability to finish your work and will not be an eye candy..."

Juliet only felt a wave of anger rising from the bottom of her heart. She gritted her teeth and roared,
"Payton, are you enough?"

Payton was so frightened by her roar that he shut up and blinked. He looked at her innocently.

Juliet strode forward and grabbed his tie. He had no choice but to lower his head and meet her angry

He was stunned for a moment, then shouted, "Curse and no hitting, Juliet.”

With his shout, Juliet could not hold her laughter.

"Payton, is it possible for a woman like me to hit you? You're brainless! You're a coward!"

Juliet loosened her grip on his tie and rolled her eyes at him with a look of disdain.

She actually called him a coward?!

“Juliet, don't think that I won't hit a woman." Payton was enraged.

"Yeah." Juliet looked at him with disdain and crossed her arms in front of her breast, "Then try me. I'll
see if you really have the gut to do it."

As she spoke, Juliet approached him and raised her head to look at him offensively.

Payton raised his hand, but he couldn't do it.

“What? You don't dare to make a move, do you?” Juliet sneered, raised her hand, smoothed her hair
and snickered.

"Coward!" She deliberately emphasized the word and smiled proudly.

"Juliet, I suddenly find you very cute.” Payton was amused.

"Is that so?" Juliet fiddled with her hair and raised her eyes. "That means you're blind. I've always been

"Yeah, very cute.” Payton nodded noncommittally and added, "It's a pity that nobody loves you.
Whoever loves you will be pitiful.”

After he finished speaking, he grinned at her and retreated, afraid that he would be beaten by her.

"Payton!" Juliet rushed forward and waved her hand to hit him.

Payton raised his hands to defend himself and warned her, "Don't come over. Otherwise, I can't
guarantee that I won't do anything to you."

"Oh?" Juliet put down her hand and said, "Then try me, you coward!"

As she spoke, she continued to approach him, while Payton retreated.

Payton stepped back until he felt the wall. He stared at Juliet and said, "I'm warning you for the last
time. If you get any closer, you'll have to bear the consequences."

Juliet ignored his warning and continued to get close to him.

Payton placed both of his hands in front of him, closed his eyes, and turned his head away, as if he
was facing a reaper.

Suddenly, Juliet felt something touching her breast.

The atmosphere instantly fell into deathly silence.

She slowly lowered her head and saw that his hands were cupped at her breast.

Payton felt as if his hands had touched something soft, and he subconsciously pinched it.

Juliet instantly flushed as she shouted, "Payton!"

The roar shocked Yayoi, who just entered the office. Then, she looked over and her eyes were
suddenly widened.

Holy shit, did she see something she shouldn't have seen?

When Payton opened his eyes and saw where his hands were at, he felt dejected and had the urge to
chop them off.

He touched her breast.

He cautiously raised his eyes to look at Juliet, only to see her staring at him with anger burning in her

He quickly retracted his hands, swallowed his saliva, and smiled awkwardly. "This... this was just an
accident ... an accident, do you understand?"

"Accident?" Juliet sneered and her eyes narrowed with intimidation. "Payton, I will accuse you for
sexual harassment!"

Sexual harassment? Payton was amused. "Juliet, I warned you not to get close. It was you who got
close. It was clearly your breast that touched my hand. It wasn't my hand that touched your breast. You
need to understand the subject and object."

"Screw you. Anyway, your hand touched my breast, so you harassed me.”

"It's your breast that touched my hand. I'd like to accuse you for harassing my hands as well.”

Yayoi saw that there was something wrong and hurriedly walked over.

“What are you doing?"

Hearing her voice, Payton and Juliet looked at her at the same time.

Seeing that it was her good friend, Juliet immediately took the lead. She pointed at Payton and said,
"Yayoi, he's a pervert. He touched my breast."

Yayoi looked at Payton and smiled awkwardly. "I saw it.’

"Then did you see what happened before you went in?" Payton asked.


When she entered, she happened to see such a thrilling scene.

“Then do you think I would take the initiative to touch her breast?" Payton asked.

Yayoi did not know how to answer.

If she answered no, then she would anger Juliet.

If her answer was yes, it would be unfair to Payton. After all, he was not like a vulgar man who would
cop a feel.

"What do you mean by ‘do you think’? You clearly touched it." Juliet shouted at him discontentedly.

"Miss Juliet, can you tell the difference between active and passive?"

"So what if I can't? It can't change the fact that you harassed me."

Juliet was a little unreasonable at the moment because she was angry with Payton.

She painstakingly dressed herself up, but he actually disliked it and she hadn't vented her anger yet.

Yayoi looked at them, not knowing what to do.

Nobody expected the scene happened next.

Payton stretched out his hand and quickly touched Juliet's breast and swiftly retracted.

"This is called taking the initiative to touch it, okay?" Payton was completely unaware of what he had
just done.

When he realized that, Juliet had slapped his face.

Then there came a crisp slapping sound.

Yayoi frowned and couldn't bear to look at him.

Juliet had great strength!

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