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Chapter 215: Afraid of that the Truth Would be Discovered

The next day, after having breakfast, Rosiley went straight to the hospital where Seneca was staying.

Seneca was still unconscious. The doctors in United States hoped that Seneca could be sent to the
United States, so that they could develop the treatment plan nearby.

When Sachin told Rosiley what the doctors hoped, the Rosiley remained silent for a long time before
slowly saying, "If they can guarantee that my dad will be cured, I will send my dad to the United States.
However, if they only treat my dad as a subject of study, I refuse. I would rather my dad stay like this
than suffer any more."

No matter how much she hated her father in the past, blood was thicker than water and they were a

"I respect that." Sachin understood what she was worrying, so he didn't try to persuade her.

Today, she went to the hospital and wanted to discuss with the attending doctor about the best plans
for Seneca.

When she arrived at the hospital, she found that Xenia was also there. She was glad that she did not
ask Sachin to come with her.

"What a surprise. I thought that someone had forgotten about her husband.”

Upon seeing Xenia, Rosiley was aggressive and said with a sarcastic tone.

Xenia's face darkened. She raised her voice to defend herself and said, "Your father is ill, but there is a
lot of business to be dealt with in the company. I have to take care of the business.

Rosiley sneered, "I hope someone doesn't want to take advantage of this opportunity to steal the Tang

“Rosiley, is this how you talk to your elders?"

Xenia glared at Rosiley angrily.

Rosiley gave her a cold glance, no longer pestering her, and walked straight to the hospital bed.

Seneca was still unconscious in bed, and the doctor was examining him.

The doctor said, "At present, Mr. Tang's body is in a good condition, but he has not been able to wake

"Doctor, we're going to send my father to the United States. What do you think?" Rosiley asked.

The doctor pondered for a moment before saying, "In the case of Mr. Tang, our hospital has set up a
team of specialists. At present, there is nothing we can do about it. If Mr. Tang can be cured in the
United States, of course we recommend that you send him to the United States.”

The doctor said sincerely.

Rosiley thought for a while and finally made a decision, "Then send my father to the United States for

If that was good for her dad, then go ahead.

When Xenia heard that Seneca were going to be sent to the United States for treatment, she was
immediately anxious and said, "No, I won't agree.”

Rosiley turned around and glared at her coldly, "Do you think you have the right to disagree?"

Xenia said anxiously as if she didn't heard Rosiley, "Your father is too old to endure this kind of torment.
We can give it time and treat him here. Don't send him to the United States. What if his illness gets

Xenia thought that if Seneca was cured in the United States and woke up, she and Rorey would be
exposed. Then they wouldn't have the chance to get anything from the Tang Group.

She couldn't let that happen.

Rosiley sneered, "What? Are you afraid? Are you afraid that what you and Rorey have done will be

Xenia's expression changed in shock, "What ... what are you saying?"

Her voice was trembling. She didn't know if Rosiley was lying or really knew something.

"You know well what I am saying." Rosiley glanced at her coldly, then turned to the doctor and said,
"We will see when the time is right and then we will transfer my father to the United States."

The doctor nodded and said, "OK, I'll talk to the hospital as well."

“Thank you, doctor.” Rosiley smiled at the doctor.

"You're welcome. This is our duty." The doctor smiled and left the ward.

Rosiley, Xenia, and the unconscious Seneca remained in the ward.

The room was in a strange silence.

Rosiley chose to pretend that Xenia wasn't there. She sat down beside the bed and gently stared at
Seneca’s bloodless face. Her eyes were filled with love and sadness.

In the past, she always went against her father and enraged him. Although his father was annoying at
that time, he was healthy and lively.

But now, he was lying here, still breathing, but not lively at all.

She liked her father to be healthy and lively as he was.

Thinking of this, she smiled and whispered, “Dad, I will find someone reliable to accompany you to the
United States, so that you won't be alone."

"I will take good care of the Tang Group for you. I promise I will not allow it to be stolen by someone

As she said, she cast a sidelong glance at Xenia, who was obviously uneasy. Rosiley sneered.

Rosiley thought that Xenia would be unable to restrain herself and would take action.

"Rosiley.” After hesitating for a long time, Xenia finally said something.

Rosiley didn't turn around to look at Xenia. Xenia continued, "Rosiley, I don't think we should send your
father to the United States. It's too far away, and we can't see him. We will be worried."

Xenia continued, "It's better for him to stay here. We can see him at any time. Don't you think so?"

Xenia was just afraid that the truth would be discovered. Rosiley wouldn't satisfy her.

Rosiley turned to look at Xenia and said, "You seldom come to see my father here, let alone Rorey. If
you're going to use this reason to stop me from sending my father to the United States, that's

"You..." Xenia was very angry at Rosiley's attitude, but she didn't dare to explode.

Xenia could only hold back her resentment and try her best to calm herself down.

"Rosiley, if you don't send your father to the United States, Rorey and I will visit him often.”

After she finished speaking, she felt that she was wrong and quickly corrected what she said, "No, I will
personally take care of your father."

Rosiley couldn't help but smile, but it was a mocking smile and her eyes were filled with coldness.

"Don't you find it funny to say that? It was your duty to take care of my father, but now it has become a
condition for you to negotiate with me. It's really ridiculous.”

Xenia's face turned ashen with outrage. She looked at the unconscious man in the bed, and her heart
was filled with resentment and unwillingness.

Everything happened because of him. Were it not for that he didn't gave Rorey the 20% shares as he
promised, Rorey and she wouldn't have been in such a bad state, and he wouldn't have become like

However, the biggest culprit was Rosiley.

She turned to look at Rosiley, whose existence was the greatest threat to Rorey.

She wouldn't allow Seneca go to the United States, nor would she allow Rosiley to be happy for too

She concealed all her thoughts and pretended to be embarrassed. She said reluctantly, “Since you
insist on it, I won't make

things difficult for you. I hope your father will wake up in the United States."

‘Only if he can get to the United States safely. Xenia thought evilly.

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