The convenient Bride

Chapter 217: I Hate You

Yayoi raised her head and closed her eyes, feeling the spray of the cold water on her face.

She was immersed in her own thoughts, and did not notice that someone was quietly approaching from
behind her.

Suddenly, her waist was held. She immediately opened her eyes and turned around to face an angry

“What are you doing? Torturing yourself or torturing me?"

Maddox was surprised that the water was cold. The moment he touched the cold water, anger rose
from the bottom of his heart.

Facing his questioning, Yayoi indifferently turned her head away, "This has nothing to do with you."

Her tone was cold and without emotion.

Maddox was shocked slightly, and the he sneered, "Have you regretted it?"

Yayoi remained silent.

Maddox narrowed his eyes, which filled with lust. He lifted her delicate chin and forced her to look at
him, but she stubbornly looked down and refused to look at him.

He put on an evil but charming smile, leaned forward, and was about to kiss her on the lips. However,
she abruptly turned her head away and got rid of him.

"Maddox, don't make me hate you,’ she said coldly.

"Hate me?" Maddox raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "You were very excited last night. You didn't
seem to hate me, did you?"

Yayoi closed her eyes and trembled slightly. She hated that she was spineless. She clearly knew that
he was flirting with her deliberately, but she still couldn't control her reaction.

"Maddox... I... hate... you." Her voice fell apart because she was aroused.

“Then hate me.”

They had taken the wrong path and they couldn't get back.

After the sex, he helped her clean her body and carried her to bed.

Yayoi pulled the blanket over and covered herself. "Get out of here."

Her choked voice came from under the blanket.

Maddox looked at her hiding under the blanket seriously. After a long time, he said softly, "Yayoi, you
will only be painful if you keep lying to yourself. Why not get comfortable with what happened?"

She didn't say anything.

He continued, "I'll be waiting for you."

He knew that she hadn't figured it out yet, and he didn't want to force her.

Thus, he picked up his clothes on the ground and put them on. He took an affectionate look at Yayoi,
who was still hiding under the blanket, before leaving.

There were things that did not need to be rushed for a moment. He was confident that she would come
to him.

Yayoi was absent from work.

Lina called many times, but Yayoi didn't answer the phone. Helplessly, Lina could only contact Rosiley.

When Rosiley knew that Lina couldn't find Yayoi, she immediately tried to contact Yayoi. However, she
couldn't get through to Yayoi either.

Yayoi left from Rosiley's house last night. Rosiley was worried that if something had happened to Yayoi

She was so worried that she drove straight to Yayoi’s house. When she arrived at the door and was
about to knock, someone suddenly opened the door from inside.

The person who came out shocked Rosiley.

Maddox did not expect Rosiley to be here, so he was shocked too.

After a while, Rosiley asked in a gruff voice, "Why are you here?"

‘Maddox was here. What about Yayoi?’

‘Could it be that they...?’ Rosiley was surprised.

Maddox did not show a trace of panic. He said calmly, "Rosiley, we are all adults, so I think I don't need
to explain.”

Rosiley's expression changed in surprise, "You... you and Yayoi... did you...”

Rosiley was so shocked that she couldn't even speak clearly.

"Yes, you guess right." Maddox admitted calmly.

Looking at his casual expression, Rosiley couldn't help but get angry, "Maddox, do you know what
you're doing?"

“I know."

“You know? What can you give Yayoi? Will you marry her?"

Maddox was silent. His marriage had been out of his hands, so how could he guarantee that he would
marry Yayoi?

Seeing that he was silent, Rosiley sneered, "What? Can't you answer it?"

Rosiley took a deep breath and continued, "Sachin told me that your fiancée is the granddaughter of
your grandfather's comrade-in-arms, who once saved your grandfather's life. Are you sure that you can

break off such an engagement?"

She was referring to the fact that Maddox had always been very clear about. He might not be able to
change it, but it couldn't stop him from loving Yayoi.

"I love Yayoi," he said seriously, staring at Rosiley with a sincere expression.

"Let her go if you love her. She can't afford to be called a home wrecker."

Rosiley took a meaningful look at him, and then she walked past him and went in. Suddenly, she

Because Yayoi was standing beside the shoe cabinet in the entrance.

She had heard everything they had said.

Yayoi kept a straight face, quietly looking at Rosiley and... Maddox.

“Yayoi, Rosiley called worriedly.

Maddox turned around and saw Yayoi's slender figure. His black eyes filled with mixed feeling.

"Hi, Rosiley.” Yayoi forced a smile, but her expression was indifferent and her eyes were empty.

"Yayoi, actually..." Seeing Yayoi's depressed look, Rosiley felt heartbroken. Rosiley was about to walk
over to hug Yayoi, but

Yayoi walked over and walk past her to Maddox.

Maddox looked into her unfocused eyes and felt a pain in his heart. He said, “Yayoi...”


Before Maddox could finish his speech, he was interrupted by a slap in the face.

He widened her eyes and looked at Yayoi in disbelief.

Yayoi sneered with a sad expression, "Maddox, we have nothing to do with each other in the future. No
matter what happened, we should treat it as a dream. Please get out of here, now."

"Why?" Maddox did not understand that why she kept pushing him away even though they were well

Even though they couldn't get married, it was enough for them to love each other, wasn't it?

"Because..." She paused for a moment and her eyes gradually became focused and revealed
coldness. She continued to say word by word, "I, hate ,you!"

"I hate you!"

A single sentence erased everything that had happened to them.

The door was slammed shut.

Looking at the bronze door in front of him, Maddox felt like his heart was hollowed out. He was

She was behind the door, and there was more than a door between him and her.

On the other side of the door, Rosiley looked worriedly at Yayoi who had closed the door, not knowing
what to say.

Yayoi looked down at the door lock. Her nose twitched and tears almost flowed out of her eyes.

She had to bite the bullet to correct the mistakes in time. She had to cut off contact with Maddox
completely. Otherwise, there would be endless troubles in the future.

Although they loved each other, they couldn't be together.