Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 214: A Lingerie

As soon as they finished speaking, Yayoi and Juliet's expressions changed, but they instantly returned

However, Rosiley caught it.

She smiled meaningfully. "How about I call them over?" She said.

“No need!"

"No need!"

Yayoi and Juliet rejected her proposal at the same time.

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh. "I was just joking. Why are you two so nervous?"

Just joking?!

Yayoi and Juliet looked at each other, then, at Rosiley, who was laughing so happily. Only then did they
realize that they had been tricked.

"Rosiley!" The two stood up one after another and were about to pounce on her.

At this moment, Sachin reached out and pulled Rosiley into his arms. He raised his eyes and looked at
the two people who were about to pounce forward.

"She was just discharged, and she can't withstand you messing around."

Actually, Yayoi and Juliet didn't really want to make things difficult for Rosiley. The moment Sachin said
this, they were instantly embarrassed.

Yayoi smiled embarrassedly, "Mr. Sachin, we know it."

Of course, only the two were embarrassed. Sachin helped Rosiley up and said, "Let's go eat."

Rosiley made eyes at Yayoi and Juliet before walking towards the dining hall with Sachin.

Yayoi and Juliet exchanged glances and sighed at the same time.

Alright, now that Rosiley had a backer, they couldn't be as casual as before.

In the dining hall, the atmosphere was lively.

"Rosiley, you have suffered an injury to your vitality after the operation. You need to eat more.”

As she spoke, Yayoi put a chicken drumstick in Rosiley's bowl.

“Right, Rosiley, you need to eat more.”

Juliet put a chicken wing into her bowl.

Rosiley raised her eyes to look at them, and her eyes twitched. "There is no free lunch, you must be up
to something!"

"Rosiley, how can you think of us like that?" Juliet was anxious.

Immediately after, Yayoi echoed, "That's right, how can you treat our concern as ill intentions?"

“Is that so?" Rosiley picked up the drumstick and took a bite, then continued, "Tell me, what do you
want me to do?"

Hearing this, Yayoi stroked her forehead and sighed, "Rosiley, we really don't need your help."

"Really?" Rosiley raised her eyebrows, and she still didn't believe it.

"Really! Hurry up and eat.” Juliet picked up a piece of fish and put it in Rosiley's bowl. She glanced at
her angrily.

“Alright, then I'll have no qualms of conscience and eat it." Rosiley picked up the drumstick and took
another big bite.

Then, the three women chuckled. Their harmonious relationships were self-evident.

After dinner, Yayoi and Juliet went back.

Rosiley finished bathing and sat cross-legged on the bed to unwrap the gifts Yayoi and Juliet gave her.

The gift was wrapped up layer after layer, and it took a lot of effort to open it.

She originally thought that it would be some precious gift, so it was wrapped so carefully.

However, Rosiley's expression darkened the moment she opened the gift and saw the item.

What the hell?

There was a big red gauze-like item in the small box. She reached out to take it out.

An extremely thin lingerie caught her eye. Her face instantly turned red.

Afterwards, she hurriedly threw it away, got out of bed, grabbed the phone on the bedside table and
went to the balcony.

Sachin came out of the bathroom and happened to see her running towards the balcony. He was about
to stop her, but before he spoke, she had run to the balcony and closed the door.

It felt like there was some sort of ferocious beast chasing after her.

Sachin shook his head and smiled as walked towards the bed. He inadvertently noticed that there was
something red on the gray sheets.

He frowned. He walked over and fixed his gaze on it. A hint of interest surfaced in his black eyes.

So that's why she ran so fast.

On the balcony, Rosiley roared at the person on her phone, "Juliet, what the hell did you give me?"

Juliet giggled on the phone. "How is it? I'm very considerate, right?"

“Screw you!” Rosiley was enraged, and she cursed.

"If Sachin saw what you gave me, what would he think?"

She didn't want to be misunderstood by Sachin as having lustful thoughts.

Juliet did not think so. "It will be fine, he will only thank us for being so thoughtful.”

"Juliet!" Rosiley couldn't help but roar.

It seemed that she was really angry. Juliet could only say embarrassedly, “Then hurry up and hide it, so
your husband won't see it.”

Hide? He wouldn't see it?

Rosiley's eyes suddenly widened. Damn it! That thing was still on the bed. She was so eager to
denounce Juliet that she forgot to put it away.

Ignoring the conversation with Juliet, she hung up the phone, opened the door and rushed into the

As soon as she rushed in, she saw the man sitting by the bed. He looked at the laptop with a focused
expression. When he heard the commotion, he raised his head and looked at her.

Rosiley smiled at him, and then swept her gaze towards the eye-catching redness on the bed.

It was so obvious that he should have seen it.

Then ... should she say something?

As she hesitated, Sachin closed the laptop and looked at her leisurely, "Rosiley, come over."

Hearing this, Rosiley bit her lip and slowly walked over, but she didn't dare to get too close to him.

She always felt that the smile on his face was a little strange. He must have seen the lingerie.

Thus, she sat at the end of the bed and hesitated for a while before slowly saying, "This is a gift from
Juliet and Yayoi. I didn't know that they would give me such a gift.”

He smiled but was silent and she found it hard to read his feelings from his eyes.

Rosiley felt that he was like a cheetah staring covetously at his prey.

She was inexplicably nervous.

Rosiley swallowed her saliva, then picked up the hot potato-like lingerie and pretended to be calm,
saying, "I'll put it away."

With that, she turned around and went to the dressing room.

Rosiley put the lingerie into the closet and let out a sigh of relief. She muttered in a low voice, "Juliet,
Yayoi, you guys wait and see. When you get married, I will also give you some amazing gifts.”

Then, she closed the closet door, turned around, and bumped into a scorching embrace.

She exclaimed, then raised her head and faced a pair of sparkling black eyes that flickered with lust.

“Actually, I really want to see how you look in that lingerie." He leaned over and whispered in her ear.

She flushed and she glared at him shyly.

She didn't know how attractive she was now.

His eyes lit up as he lowered his head and kissed her lips.

They had sex.

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