The convenient Bride

Chapter 219: She Scared the Man Away

That day, Juliet dressed really differently.

She wore her hair in a bun and wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses. The glasses were very big, almost
covering half of her pretty face.

She wore a grey professional suit, and her skirt actually came below her knees. The suit did not fit well
and was too loose, almost hiding her good figure.

When she appeared at the company, the two receptionists at the front desk did not recognize her and
even stopped her.

When she told them her name, they got very shocked.

Heavens! The woman dressed so unfashionably was actually the fashionable girl dressed in famous
brands the day before! She looked totally different!

Of course, they weren't the only ones shocked.

When Payton saw Juliet, he was dumbfounded.

"Are you insane?" Later, he said.

She looked frumpy!

Very frumpy!

Frumpy as hell!

She looked just like a spinster. Payton couldn't figure out why she dressed like this.

"You're insane!" Juliet rolled her eyes at him.

“Now that you're not insane, why are you dressed like this?"

Juliet adjusted her glasses and said coldly, "Someone said I'm incompetent. So, I have to dress like
this to look more professional."

It was he who said that.

Payton coughed softly. In order not to irritate her, he spoke with extreme caution.

"Actually, whether a person is professional or not does not depend on clothes."

"Huh?" Juliet glared at him.

Payton instantly compromised, "However, if you dress like this, you must be very professional and

"Smart boy." Juliet adjusted her glasses again. Then, her beautiful eyes looked around the office
through the lenses that didn't have any degrees. She asked, "May I ask Mr. Payton, where is my

Payton looked around and pointed at the desk which used to belong to Lonny, saying, "Just sit there.”

Juliet walked over and touched the table with her fingertips. "Well, the cleaning work in our company is

She sounded like an overseer.

Juliet pulled out the chair and sat down. She opened the drawers one by one and inspected them.
Then, she looked up at Payton and said, "Mr. Payton, may I get a new desk?"

"Why?" The desk looked nice. Why would she change it?

"Because the former owner seemed to be negligent of hygiene. There is dirt in the drawers and it's very
disgusting.” Juliet sat back, folded her hands around her chest and raised her chin to at the drawers.

Hearing this, Payton walked over. When he saw the drawers, he raised his eyebrows and nodded in
agreement to her request at once.

"I only found out today that you're not bad.” Juliet stood up, touched his chin teasingly, and then walked
past him.

Payton raised his hand and stroked his chin. He laughed softly, then turned to look at her. As she
walked away, she waved her hand at him. "Mr. Payton, I'm going to be absent from work to pick a new

Payton watched her leave without saying a word, with a faint smile touching his corner of mouth.

In order to choose a satisfactory desk, Juliet even invited her two good friends out.

They made an appointment to meet in the furniture market.

When Juliet saw Rosiley and Yayoi appear together, Juliet blinked in surprise, "Were you staying

Then she realized that something was wrong and asked, "Yayoi should be at work, right?"

Rosiley looked at Yayoi, who was not in a good mood, and then explained, "Yayoi asked for leave
today. When you asked us out, she happened to come to see me, so we came together."

She didn't know if Yayoi was willing to let Juliet know about what happened to her and Maddox, so she
chose to hide the truth first.

But after seeing Yayoi's grateful gaze, Rosiley knew that she had made the right decision.

The fewer people knew about it, the fewer troubles there would be.

Otherwise, if Juliet knew about it, she might have rushed to settle the score with Maddox, which would
only make it more troublesome.

Although it was not good to hide the truth from Juliet, it was good for Yayoi.

Juliet did not doubt her words and only nodded, "Oh, I see."

Then she walked between them and held their hands affectionately. "Come on, pick a good desk for
me. I'll treat you to a big dinner tonight.”

Just then, Rosiley noticed something strange. She turned her head to look at Juliet and raised her
eyebrows. "Are you dressed in a retro style today?”

Yayoi also noticed that and looked at her in puzzlement.

Juliet smiled awkwardly, “That's right. It's retro style."

"Is that so?" Rosiley raised her eyebrows. "You looked stupid..." She paused for a moment and frowned
with disgust. "I don't know how to put it.”

“Come on, I think it's not that bad. Look, how elegant I am."

Juliet spun around in front of them.

Elegant? Was she serious?

Rosiley laughed out loud and bluntly teased her, "You're not elegant but old-fashioned and stupid!”

Juliet put on a poke face. She turned to look at Yayoi and said, "Yayoi, do you think so?"

"Well..." Yayoi hesitated for a moment and carefully said, "Juliet, you're in good shape, but your clothes
fail to bring out the best in you. In this case, Mr. Payton wouldn't be able to notice your strengths.”

Yayoi's last sentence didn't sound clear, and thus Juliet did not hear it clearly. "Yayoi, I did not hear
what you said clearly."

She didn't hear it clearly. But Rosiley heard it clearly.

"Yayoi said that you might scare the man away if you're dressed like this."

Then Rosiley and Yayoi couldn't help but laugh.

Juliet, on the other hand, was seriously thinking about what she said, and she looked very serious.

Rosiley and Yayoi glanced at each other, then walked over. They held Juliet's arms and walked into the
Furniture Market together.

"Never mind. Let's quickly buy a desk so that we can have a big meal."

Rosiley said.

"Rosiley, do men prefer inner beauty or outer beauty?” Juliet asked.

“Men like excellent women who have both inner and outer beauty. For example...”

Suddenly, Rosiley stopped. Juliet and Yayoi had to stop too. They looked at Rosiley in puzzlement, not
understanding why she suddenly stopped.

Rosiley smiled complacently and continued, "Me! I'm such kind of woman."

There was an embarrassed silence.

Juliet and Yayoi looked at her coldly, and then they moved forward together.

"I know where the good and cheap desks are."

“Really? Show me."

They walked forward as they spoke, leaving Rosiley behind.

Rosiley looked at them and sighed softly, "Only my Sachin admires me.”

Seeing that they were getting farther and farther away, she hurriedly caught them up.