The convenient Bride

Chapter 218: Fate

Rosiley sat on the sofa and turned to look worriedly at Yayoi who was pouring water for her.

Nothing seemed wrong. Yayoi looked perfectly normal.

But the more normal Yayoi looked, the more worried Rosiley felt.

Rosiley had known Yayoi for so many years that she knew Yayoi well. The sadder Yayoi was, the more
normally Yayoi would behave in front of others.

In fact, Yayoi was just trying to be strong, not wanting people to worry about her.

Yayoi walked over with a glass of water, placed it in front of Rosiley, and sat opposite her.

"Why did you come over?" Yayoi asked with a smile.

"Lina called me and told me that you didn't go to work and that she couldn't reach you. She was
worried that something bad might have happened to you, so I came here."

Hearing that, Yayoi stood up and said, "Holy shit, I forgot to go to work."

As she spoke, she quickly walked towards her room.

Rosiley looked at her. When she walked to the door, Rosiley said softly, "Yayoi, if you're sad, just cry.
Don't bear it alone."

Yayoi stopped and replied without turning her head, "I'm fine."

Then, Yayoi quickly entered the bedroom.

Rosiley heavily sighed, not knowing what to do.

After entering the room, Yayoi closed the door. She leaned her back against the door and looked at the
messy bed. The smell of him seemed to linger in the air.

Yayoi smiled bitterly with loneliness. Some people were like drugs, and once you encountered them, it
would be extremely painful to get rid of them.

It really hurt.

Slowly squatting down, Yayoi hugged her knees and lowered her head. She could no longer control her
emotion and cried out in great pain.

Rosiley walked to the door and was about to knock on it, only to hear Yayoi cry inside.

Rosiley stopped. Then, she sighed softly, withdrew her hand, and turned around.

Although Rosiley wanted to stay by Yayoi's side, Yayoi chose to vent her sadness alone. It meant that
she did not want to be disturbed by others.

Yayoi needed time to calm down.

"Yes, I'm here with Yayoi. She has some troubles, so I'm worried. I want to stay here with her. Don't
worry. I'll take good care of myself.”

"OK, bye.”

Rosiley hung up on Sachin and opened the refrigerator.

Fortunately, there was still some food left.

Rosiley turned around and looked at the door that was still closed. She raised her eyebrows. After
crying, Yayoi would definitely be hungry. So, she needed to cook something for Yayoi to eat.

Rosiley took out all the food in the fridge. She wanted to cook delicious dishes for Yayoi and comfort

Yayoi vented her emotions and after she calmed down, she walked out.

As soon as she walked out, she smelled the fragrance of the food. She was surprised and then hurried
to the kitchen.

When she saw Rosiley in the kitchen, she knitted her eyebrows and walked over, "Rosiley, why are you
still here?"

Rosiley turned to look at her and revealed a gentle smile. "Sit down and wait for the meal.”

After saying that, Rosiley continued to cook.

Rosiley had just been discharged from the hospital, and she hadn't fully recovered yet. Nonetheless,
she was worried about


Therefore, Yayoi felt very guilty.

Yayoi walked over and took the kitchen knife in Rosiley's hand. "Let me help you."

Rosiley did not refuse her and she smiled, “Alright, I really need your help.”

Yayoi replied with a smile, then lowered her head and began to cut the vegetables.

Rosiley wiped her hands with the apron and looked at Yayoi with a gentle smile, with her eyes filled
with concerns.

Yayoi’s eyes were swollen and red. Obviously, she had feelings for Maddox.

But they were destined to break up. Maddox was already engaged, so it was impossible for him to
marry her.

Since that was the case, it would be good for Yayoi and Maddox to come down to earth. Further
entanglement would definitely impact Yayoi more.

Therefore, Rosiley absolutely wouldn't let Yayoi suffer any harm.

“Rosiley, I'm done. What..."

Yayoi swallowed her words because she turned around and found that Rosiley was lost in her
thoughts. Yayoi frowned and called out, "Rosiley.”

"What?" Rosiley was pulled back to her senses by her voice. Rosiley blinked her eyes and asked
blankly, "What's wrong?"

Yayoi looked at her for a while before pointing at the vegetables on the table and saying, "I'm done. Is
there anything else I can help with?"

Rosiley looked at Yayoi and smiled, "No need. Go wash your face and enjoy your meal.”

But Yayoi was still standing there without moving.

"Go." Rosiley pushed her out of the kitchen.

Yayoi glanced at her before walking away.

Looking at Yayoi's back, Rosiley pursed her lips and smiled before returning to the kitchen to cook.

Rosiley did not mention Maddox at all. She just chatted with Yayoi about trifles.

As for Yayoi, she only occasionally echoed and ate quietly most of the time.

After washing the dishes together, they poured a cup of tea and sat down in the living room.

Rosiley took a sip of tea and pondered for a moment before saying, "Yayoi, I will explain everything to

Yayoi lowered her head and looked at the tea cup in a daze, with no word.

Rosiley sighed and said, "Yayoi, I'm sorry."

Her sudden apology caused Yayoi to raise her head and look at Rosiley in astonishment.

Rosiley smiled apologetically. "If Sachin hadn't asked Maddox to bail you out of the police station, you
wouldn't have come to this point.”

It turned out that Rosiley was talking about the bail.

Yayoi shook her head, "It's not your fault. It's mine.”

She lowered her head again in disappointment.

Looking at her, Rosiley thought for a moment and decided to tell her about Maddox's situation.

"Maddox's fiancée is the granddaughter of his grandfather's old comrade-in-arm. His fiancé's
grandfather once saved the life of Maddox's grandfather on the battlefield, so Maddox's grandfather
decided to repay his comrade-in-arm by having Maddox make an engagement with his comrade-in-
arms granddaughter. And their families can be closer."

Yayoi quietly listened. After a long time, her lips curled up, "Sounds good, right?"

Yayoi's voice sounded hopeless. Rosiley looked at her worriedly, "Yayoi..."

Yayoi raised her head and smiled at Rosiley, "Don't worry, I'm fine. I've managed to survive the pain
caused by Vito. This is easy. We were even not ina relationship. Just something happened and it's not
a big deal."

But Yayoi didn't seem to be fine.

As for Vito, Rosiley did not think that Yayoi loved that scumbag, but Yayoi worshiped him in some way.

Some people seemed to be in love with each other, but in fact, they did not love each other.

Some people did not seem to love each other, but actually they loved each other.

It was fate!

Rosiley let out a long sigh, but in the end, she didn't say anything more to comfort Yayoi.