The convenient Bride

Chapter 224: A Sad Past

Rosiley rested at home for a few days. She either watched soap operas or learned to cook from Sasha.
Her daily life was a little boring.

Today, Sasha said that she wanted to teach her how to make the sweet-and-sour pork ribs that Sachin
liked the most.

Rosiley immediately ran into the kitchen with a notebook in her arms.

In the kitchen, Sasha was cleaning the ribs. When seeing her come in, she said half-jokingly with a
smile, "Ma'am, you came here so fast after hearing this is Mr. Sachin's favorite dish."

Rosiley knew that Sasha was teasing her, but she didn't feel annoyed. Instead, she said as if it was a
matter of course, "That's right. It's said that the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
As long as I learn how to cook his favorite dishes, I think he won't be able to leave me forever.”

Suddenly, a scene appeared in her mind: Sachin begged her to make sweet-and-sour pork ribs for him
with tears streaming down his face. He cried so pitifully and sadly.

She couldn't help giggling.

Sasha didn't know what was on her mind. Seeing her giggling, she asked, "Ma’am, what are you
thinking? You giggle like a lovely child.”

Sasha's voice brought her back to her senses. Seeing Sasha's puzzled expression, Rosiley gave a
short laugh and quickly changed the topic. Pointing at the ribs in the pot, she asked, "Sasha, how many
times should I wash the ribs?"

Her question immediately diverted Sasha's attention. "Just wash them two or three times, for I still need
to boil them in water later.”

"Oh, I see." Rosiley nodded and pointed at the book in her hand. With a smile, she said to Sasha, "I'll
write this down first.”

She directly spread out the book on the counter. Lowering her head, she quickly wrote down this step
with her pen.

During this time, Sasha also finished washing the ribs.

Then Sasha taught her how to make the sweet-and-sour pork ribs that Sachin liked the most.

Rosiley wrote down everything she needed to remember in her notebook.

Making the sweet-and-sour pork ribs already cost a long time. Since Sasha also needed to teach her, it
took them more than an hour to finish cooking the dish.

The finished dish looked good, but they didn't know how it tasted.

"Ma'am, please try it and tell me if it's delicious." Sasha handed a pair of chopsticks to Rosiley.

The latter took the plate and picked up a piece of rib. After blowing the rib to cool it down, she carefully
took a small bite.

Sasha looked at her nervously with expectation.

The sweet and sour taste filled her mouth in an instant. Rosiley narrowed her eyes and exclaimed, "It's
so delicious."

Upon hearing her words, Sasha heaved a sigh of relief and smiled happily. "That's because you are a
quick and smart learner.”

Hearing her praise, Rosiley was embarrassed. "You are flattering me. It's all because of your excellent
cooking skills. You almost made this dish yourself. If I cook it alone, I won't be able to make it taste like

Rosiley was so modest, and Sasha shook her head helplessly while saying, "Ma‘am..."

Rosiley stuck out her tongue cutely and picked up a piece of rib. Sending it to Sasha's mouth, she
urged, "Sasha, please try it too. It's delicious.”

Looking at her bright smile, Sasha was stunned for a moment.

In a trance, she seemed to have returned to more than twenty years ago. Holding a plate of sweet-and-
sour pork ribs, that lovable girl said to her with great joy, "Sasha, I finally know how to make this dish.
Come and try it."

Sasha's absent-mindedness made Rosiley frown. Since she kept staring at her with nostalgia, Rosiley
wondered if she thought of someone.

"Sasha..." she called out carefully.

Sasha came back to her senses and looked at her blankly. Seeing Rosiley's puzzled expression, she
quickly said with a smile, "Ma’am, since you think it's delicious, I won't taste it."

After saying that, Sasha lowered her head. She turned around and was about to tidy up the kitchen.

At this moment, Rosiley shouted at her, "Sasha, did you think of anyone when staring at me just now?"

Sasha suddenly paused, and the whole kitchen fell silent for a short while.

After a few seconds, Sasha replied calmly without turning back. "No, I didn't. Ma’am, you are
overthinking this.”

Rosiley looked thoughtfully at her figure as Sasha hurried into the kitchen.

In the evening, Rosiley heated the dish that Sasha taught her to make in the microwave oven and
placed it on the dining table.

When Sachin saw the sweet-and-sour pork ribs, he frowned slightly.

"Did Sasha cook it?" he asked.

"No." Rosiley pulled her chair out and sat opposite him. She folded her hands on the edge of the table
and looked at him with a smile. "Sasha taught me how to cook it. She said that this is your favorite

His eyes lit up and he asked with a smile, "Does it taste bad?"

"Of course not. You really look down on my cooking skills, don't you?" Rosiley glared at him angrily.
Then she picked up her chopsticks and put a rib into his bowl. "Have a try.”

After taking a glance at her, Sachin picked up the rib and took a bite.

"How is it?” Rosiley looked at him expectantly.

Sachin chewed slowly with a calm expression. She could not tell if he liked it or not.

Rosiley frowned and asked carefully, "Isn't it delicious?"

Sachin put down his chopsticks and smiled. "It's delicious.”

Hearing his praise, Rosiley was wild with joy. "Then eat more."

She picked up a few more ribs for him, and in an instant, his bowl was full to the brim.

After giving him a smile, she lowered her head and took a big bite of the rice. Actually, after being
praised by him, she felt that her appetite had greatly increased. She even thought she could eat two
more bowls of rice tonight.

Sachin stopped eating. He just watched her eat quietly with a complex look on his face.

He pursed his thin lips and asked, "Rosiley, do you know why I like sweet-and-sour pork ribs?"

Rosiley looked up at him. After swallowing the rice in her mouth, she smiled cutely and said with
confidence, "Of course I do. Sasha told me that you were picky as a child and liked to eat sweet and
sour food. So she often cooked sweet-and-sour ribs or fish for you."

Sachin smiled. "This is only part of the reason."

Rosiley raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Is there another reason?"

"Yes." Sachin nodded. "Because this is my mother's specialty."

With his head down, Sachin smiled with a sad look. “Since I like this dish, my mother learned it from the
recipe herself. It was after many failures that she finally learned how to cook it.”

Rosiley was surprised to know there was such a story behind this dish. She couldn't help but recall
Sasha's absent-mindedness at that time. Could it also be because of Sachin's mother?

"But then my mother went blind, and she never cooked it for me again."

Speaking of this, Sachin continued with a smile, "But now that you're here, I can eat it again.’

Rosiley was slightly dumbfounded.

Sasha also knew how to cook this dish. Why didn't Sachin ask her to cook it for him?