The convenient Bride

Chapter 225: Hatred Surged Through Her

"Even if Sasha can make this dish with a similar taste, I still don't like it. After all, it's not cooked by my

This was Sachin's explanation of her doubts.

"But if you cook this dish for me, I will like it very much."

At the same time, he stated that she was the special one to him.

Since he loved Rosiley whole-heartedly, he loved everything about her.

Rumors had been flying around lately. All the employees of the Tang Group were discussing who would
be the new chairman of the board of directors.

Some people said that Rorey held the most shares, and this position was most likely hers.

Some other people said that Rosiley had secretly purchased the shares of other shareholders at a high
price. She attempted to turn the tide at the shareholders’ meeting.

However, most of the employees were in favor of Rosiley, the proper successor of the Tang family.

After the previous chairman suffered a stroke and was hospitalized, Xenia and Rorey couldn't wait to
interfere in the group's affairs. It was beyond doubt that they intended to take control of the entire Tang

Everyone knew that they were up to no good!

Therefore, it was no wonder that most employees were on Rosiley's side. They looked forward to the
real heir of the Tang family winning the chairmanship at the shareholders’ meeting.

Although they placed high expectations on her, Rosiley was quite uneasy.

Due to the serious injuries on Rorey's face, the shareholders’ meeting was postponed. However, as
soon as Rorey got better, she immediately proposed to convene the meeting.

Although Sachin and Payton had taken action, Rosiley was worried that she wouldn't be well-prepared
before the meeting. If she failed, the Tang Group would fall into the hands of Xenia and Rorey.

If that took place, how would she explain to her father after he woke up?

To ensure that she could win, she asked Payton to visit a few shareholders with her. Although those
people didn't have many shares, their votes would also play a crucial role by then.

Fortunately, the several shareholders visited by them were all her father's previous business partners.
Therefore, instead of making things difficult for Rosiley, they were frank with her.

As long as they didn't go too far, Rosiley agreed to their requests under the condition that they could
support her at the shareholders’ meeting.

But Rosiley and Payton got into trouble when visiting the last shareholder on the list. This man called
Rogelio refused to meet them.

"Mr. Rogelio said that as an insignificant shareholder, he doesn't want to be involved in the power
struggle of the Tang Group. So please go back!"

Mr. Rogelio personally asked the nanny to come out and tell them.

The implication was that he intended to give up the chance to vote at the shareholders’ meeting. He
supported neither Rosiley nor Rorey.

But Rosiley needed his support, so....

"Mr. Rogelio, you and my father have known each other for decades, and you two always maintain a
good relationship. I also remember you are very fond of me. Since this is the biggest crisis of the Tang
Group, I really need your support.”

Rosiley stood outside the door and said to the people inside.

However, she didn't hear any reply after waiting for a long time. Rosiley turned to look at Payton beside
her. Forcing a bitter smile, she said disappointedly, "It

seems that Mr. Rogelio doesn't want to help me anymore.”

"Rosiley, since he is reluctant to help us, we don't need to waste our time here. Let's go back and think
of another way."

Rosiley curled her lips and sighed helplessly. "You are right. Let's go back first.”

After they left, the door was opened. A middle-aged man poked his head out. Seeing that there was no
one outside, he closed the door again.

Inside the house, a few men and women were standing in the living room, while an old man about sixty
or seventy years old was sitting on the sofa. His wrinkled face darkened, and he looked rather

"Dad." The middle-aged man who opened the door just now walked over and sat down on the sofa
opposite the old man. He continued, "Rorey promised me that as long as you support her at the
shareholders’ meeting and help her become the new chairman, she will give us 5% more shares and
an extra 3 million in cash. Isn't it foolish if we don't agree to such a good suggestion?”

"That's right. Dad, you can't get too many dividends from that small amount of shares you own. It's not
even enough to support our daily life,” a younger man next to him echoed.

"Dad, please agree to her suggestion."

"Dad, Owen is going to take the college entrance exam soon. We also need money to support him."

"Dad, please agree for our sake.”


Rogelio looked at his sons and daughters-in-law indifferently. He was utterly disappointed in their
greediness. It seemed that he was unqualified as a father.

If it weren't for the fact that he had some stocks of the Tang Group and the company had run into
trouble recently, his children wouldn't have come to visit him so frequently.

In the past, they would only come to see him during the New Year. At other times, they didn't even
show up at all.

Sadness nagged at him when Rogelio thought of this.

Hearing the noisy voice of his sons and daughters-in-law, he held the cane more tightly. Suddenly, he
knocked the cane on the floor with great strength and shouted, "Shut up!"

Upon hearing this, his sons and daughters-in-law fell silent abruptly.

‘I've already said that I won't support anyone. This is my principle. No matter how hard you try to
persuade me, it's useless."

Rogelio'’s sharp gaze fell on them one by one. Without waiting for their further refutations, he stood up
and said to the nanny beside him, "I want to take a rest, so please help me into my bedroom. Then let
them all go back.”

"OK." The nanny stepped forward and helped him into the room.

"Dad!" One of his sons wanted to say something, but the door was forcefully shut.

After a while, the nanny walked out and said to them, "Mr. Rogelio asked all of you to back and never
come here again. No matter how many times you come to beg him, he wont agree."

When they heard this, their faces darkened instantly. One of them was about to charge forward, which
scared the nanny to quickly dodge. Fortunately, that person was pulled away by others.

"Forget it. Since Dad said so, let's go back and discuss countermeasures.”

Rogelio lived in an old-fashioned building without an elevator.

Rosiley and Payton descended the stairs, but they never expected to meet Rorey and Yunis
downstairs. It seemed that they were also here to visit Rogelio.

The wounds on Rorey's face hadn't completely healed yet. There were still some bruises, but her face
looked much better than before.

Hatred filled her heart when she saw Rosiley.

"Rosiley, why are you here?" Rorey's face fell and she stared at Rosiley fiercely, as if she wanted to
tear her apart and eat her alive.

Rosiley shrugged. "I came here for the same reason as yours.”

It was foolish of her to ask the question.

"Oh?" Rorey crossed her arms around her chest and sneered. "So you also came here for Rogelio.

After pausing for a moment, she smiled more dismissively.

"Don't ever think about gaining support from Rogelio. He will only support me."