The convenient Bride

Chapter 226: You Are Such a Good Match

After hearing what Rorey said, Rosiley's expression changed slightly. "Did you meet Rogelio?" she

"Of course.” This time, Rorey did not conceal her ambitions at all. "Since I want the position of
chairman of the Tang Group, I will fight for everything that benefits me," she said.

Indeed, Rosiley was late.

Rosiley took a deep breath and said, "Rogelio said that he won't support anyone. Could he be lying to

She said so only to sound out her confidence, but she didn't expect that it would work.

Hearing her question, a trace of diffidence showed on Rorey's face, and Rosiley quickly noticed it.

Rosiley felt relieved and said, "It seems that Rogelio doesn't agree to support you.”

"Yes, he will support me.” Rorey looked a little anxious and uneasy. Because Rogelio was very
important to both her and Rosiley, she couldn't lose to Rosiley no matter what.

Rosiley chuckled, saying, "Then I'm looking forward to the result of the shareholders’ meeting.”

After she finished speaking, she turned around, and the smile on her face instantly subsided. Her eyes
were firm with confidence. She would not give up on Rogelio's ballot.

"Payton, could you please do me a favor?"

"Of course." Payton turned his head to look at Rorey and Yunis, with his black eyes filled with
ruthlessness. "Even if you want me to kill them, I won't hesitate,” he said.

Hearing this, Rosiley stopped and turned her head to look at him helplessly, saying, "We are law-
abiding people. We can't kill a person.’

Payton shrugged his shoulders and said innocently, "I'm just joking. It's a metaphor."

If he was asked to kill someone, he wouldn't be able to do it.

So, it was a joke.

Rosiley sighed and walked forward.

"Find someone to keep an eye on Rogelio. I want to know his schedule."

Today, it was her first time to visit Rogelio, so it was normal for her to be refused.

Although the relationship between the Tang family and Rogelio was good, he doesn't feel under any
obligation to help her. So, they still had to sincerely convince Rogelio. This was the only way.

Watching Rosiley and Payton leave, Yunis’ eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a complicated
expression on his face.

"Rosiley, you can only be happy for a few more days. In a few days, I'll beat you completely,’ Rorey
smiled viciously and said.

Yunis looked at her, saying, “Are you sure you can win?"

"Of course." Rorey's tone was quite certain. She was determined to own the Tang Group.

"That's good." Yunis withdrew his gaze and hid the gloominess in his eyes.

As long as she could get that position, then the Ji Group would step into a new stage.

Rorey did not know what he was thinking, but she still showed her sincerity towards him.

"Yunis, believe me. You have my words."

"I believe you.” Yunis raised his hand and gently stroked her cheek, smiling warmly.

"Yunis...." Rorey was touched by his trust, and she became more eager to get the Tang Group, so that
she could become his wife.

"Let's hurry upstairs. Rogelio's son and daughter-in-law are waiting for us.” Rorey took the lead and
walked into the stairwell of the building.

As for Yunis, he stood there and watched her go upstairs with a faint disgust in his eyes.

"Yunis, hurry up,’ Rorey stood on the stairs and said.

His eyes lit up and he walked over.

"How's it?"

Juliet placed the plate on the table and sat opposite Rosiley. She looked at her, who was slowly
drinking the soup, doubtfully.

"Not bad,” Rosiley replied without raising her head, with her tone so indifferent that she could not tell
whether she was happy or angry.

"What do you mean?” Such an ambiguous answer made Juliet feel more confused.

"I mean the situation is relatively optimistic,’ Rosiley put down the spoon and looked up at her, saying,
"Those shareholders are old friends with my father. They will help me."

"Really? Then are we going to win for 100 percent?” Juliet looked at her expectantly and asked.


The answer caused Juliet's high spirits to instantly collapse.

"Why?" Those shareholders had already decided to help her, so why won't they win?

Rosiley took a sip of the soup and said, "There is a shareholder whose attitude is still unclear. Although
he said that he would not support anyone, I am afraid that he will be drawn over to her side by Rorey.”

When Juliet heard this, she was a little anxious, saying, "Then let's quickly think of something.”

She thought for a moment and then said, "We can offer him enough benefits. I don't believe he won't

"If it were so easy, then Rosiley wouldn't be upset like this."

At this time, Payton’s voice sounded from behind her. She immediately turned her head.

Payton walked to sit down beside her with a plate in his hand and grinned at her.

Juliet rolled her eyes and said angrily, "Then may I ask what Mr. Payton has in mind?"

"No." Payton replied quickly and straightforwardly.

"Damn!" Juliet couldn't help but curse, "Since you have no way, don't interrupt.”

Payton raised his eyebrows, saying, "So I'm here to think of a solution with you.”

Juliet snorted and ignored him.

Rosiley smiled at them and joked, “See, you are quite a match.”

"With her?"

"With him?"

Juliet and Payton glanced at each other and then turned their heads at the same time. Both of them
had expressions of

disgust on their faces.

"Look, you guys are already so tacit.”

Rosiley continued to joke with them.

They spoke at the same time. Seeing Rosiley's excited expression, Juliet was annoyed and shouted at
Payton, "Can you stop imitating me?"

Payton shook his head, saying, "Bullshit! No one wants to imitate you.”


Juliet wanted to say something, but suddenly, she was hit on the head by someone and she suddenly
raised her head.

It was Yayoi.

"Juliet, we're here to help Rosiley. So, don't quarrel,” she said.

When she said that, Juliet finally realized what she was doing. She smiled embarrassedly and said,
"Sorry, I forgot it."

Then, she turned her head and snorted coldly, "I'm in a good mood today, so I forgive you."

What an arrogant girl!

Payton shook his head helplessly and didn't say anything.

Yayoi and Rosiley looked at each other and couldn't help but laugh.