The convenient Bride

Chapter 227: But I Have You with Me

After lunchtime, there were fewer people in the company cafeteria, with only a few people sitting at

Rosiley and the others sat at a table in the corner. As long as they did not deliberately look this way, no
one would notice that Mr. Payton was also eating here.

Therefore, no one would bother them.

"Rosiley, what do you plan to do now?" Yayoi asked with concern.

The shareholders’ meeting this time was very important to Rosiley. Everyone was worried about her.

"I've already asked Payton to help me find someone to keep an eye on Rogelio. At that time, I will
naturally have a way to deal with it.”

Unlike others, Rosiley looked calm and confident.

"What way?" Juliet asked curiously.

Rosiley smiled and said, "You will know soon."

Juliet was disappointed, saying, “I'm too curious."

Yayoi couldn't help but laugh and said, "Take it easy. The shareholders’ meeting is in only 3 days."

It was coming soon.

Although Rosiley was confident, Yayoi was still very worried.

"Rosiley, can you really solve this? If you can't, you can ask Mr. Payton to help you."

With Mr. Payton's ability, this small problem should be easily resolved.

"No need,’ Rosiley smiled and shook her head, saying, "I can handle it, so I don't want to cause him
any trouble. And he has already done a lot for me."

He bought a lot of her shares.

Knowing her stubbornness, Yayoi did not say anything else.

In the Ji's villa

"Rorey, when you get the Tang Group, I will choose an auspicious day for you and Yunis to get married.
Then you give birth to a grandson for your father and me.”

Quinta's attitude towards Rorey had truly changed completely. She became so enthusiastic now.

Of course, Rorey knew why she had changed. It was because of the Tang Group that she was about to

But Rorey still enjoyed her change.

"OK, pick a date. The Tang Group will definitely be mine anyway.’

Rorey smiled gently at Quinta.

The smile on Quinta's face froze for an instant, but she quickly recovered, and her smile became even
brighter. "Is that so? That's wonderful!” she said.

"Thank you, Quinta.” Rorey was very polite, but it was still difficult for her to conceal her complacency.

She really thought that she could marry to Yunis. No way!

Even though she was very disdainful of Rorey, Quinta still smiled brightly, saying, "Not at all. This is
what I should do."

Rorey smiled and didn't say anything. She glanced at this villa and then looked at Quinta, who was
smiling. An idea popped up in her mind.

After getting married, she would ask Yunis to buy a new house. She didn't want to live with this
hypocritical woman.

In the meanwhile, Quinta looked at Rorey with disdain in her eyes. When they got the Tang Group, she
would ask Yunis to drive Rorey away. It would be disgraceful if such a woman became her daughter-in-

The two women sitting on the sofa had different thoughts, and neither of them knew that the other was
scheming against her.

The breeze was gentle, the curtains were floating, and the faint yellow light illuminated the large study
room. A slender woman sat on the wide leather chair, looking especially delicate.

Rosiley looked through the Tang Group's profit statements of recent years with a serious expression.

On the computer screen, the title of the document was bold and black....

"Prospects for the development of the Tang Group in the next ten years.”

Since she wanted the shareholders to support her, she had to show her sincerity. So, she had to write a
report on the future development of the Tang Group.

However, she did not know much about the operation of the enterprise, and the profit statements were
difficult for her.

When Sachin returned home, Sasha told him that Rosiley had gone upstairs, and she also said not to
disturb her.

But now it was supper time, and Sasha was hesitating whether to go up and call her for dinner.

"I'll go tell her." Sachin smiled at Sasha and walked straight to the stairs.

She was probably worried about the shareholders’ meeting three days later. Payton told him about the
situation and said that she could solve the problem by herself.

Sachin smiled helpless. She was always so blindly confident. Thus, she was always framed by others.
He really didn't know what to do with her.

He pushed open the study door and saw the person sitting in front of the study desk.

As he approached, he heard her whispering.

"What the hell is this change in fair value? Why does the profit statement look so complicated?"

She was completely immersed in the profit statement in her hands, unaware that someone had entered
the room.

Sachin tapped lightly on the desk.

Hearing the sound, she raised her head. The moment she saw him, her eyes lit up.

"You're back, Sachin."

Somehow, Sachin felt as if he was being targeted by a wolf, and his heart was filled with coldness.

"It's time for dinner, he said.

"I'll eat later.” Rosiley put down the report in her hand and stood up to pull him. "Sachin, help me with
this profit statement."

She pulled him to the leather chair and sat down. She leaned over and pointed at the report on the
table. She turned her head to look at him, saying, "What does this fair value mean?"

Sachin stared at her, asking, "Why do you suddenly want to see this profit statement?"

Rosiley pursed her lips and straightened her body, saying, "I want to convince the shareholders that I
have the ability to manage the Tang Group. That's why I...”

She shrugged her shoulders, with her face filled with helplessness.

Sachin raised his eyebrows, noticed the document on the computer screen and leaned forward to take
a look. When he saw the title on it, he couldn't help but laugh.

"You're really well-prepared,” He said jokingly with a smile.

"Didn't you tell me that I should always prepare well for anything?”

Rosiley curled her lips and was displeased with his joking tone.

Seeing her displeasure, Sachin nodded and explained, “I said so, but some things can't be learned by
cramming at the moment."

"Indeed." Rosiley let out a sign. This was a cruel reality that she had to admit.

Just reading a profit statement was about to perturb her, let alone other complicated work.

And the shareholders’ meeting is in three days! She was too worried.


She seemed to have thought of something, and her gloomy face instantly lit up. She smiled craftily,
saying, “But I have you with me.’

"So?" Sachin raised his eyebrows, asking, "You mean you want me to help you?"