The convenient Bride

Chapter 229: I! Am Not Married

Sasha's cooking was very good, so Rosiley couldn't help but eat two bowls of rice and drink a bowl of

At the end of the meal, she felt too full as if the food she ate had reached her throat from her stomach.

She staggered out of the dining hall. Sachin laughed loud when he saw her walking slowly like a
pregnant woman.

He got up and walked into the kitchen. After a while, he came out with a mug in his hand.

In the living room, Rosiley was lying on the sofa with a face full of helplessness.

Her stomach was so full. She was extremely uncomfortable and didn't want to move anymore. She just
wanted to stay on the sofa forever.

Sachin walked over and saw this scene. He helplessly chuckled. Then, he handed over the mug in his
hand to her, saying, "This is hawthorn water. Drink it. It's good for your digestion.”

Rosiley took it and looked at him. She was very touched and said, "Sachin, you are so nice.’

He was always so thoughtful, so how could she not love him more and more?

Sachin smiled gently and remained silent.

She drank half a glass of hawthorn water, which made things worse for her who had already eaten up,
but how could she refuse his kindness?

Therefore, she could only endure. Anyway, hawthorn was good for her.

After she finished drinking, Sachin took the cup over and said softly, "Take a rest. I'll take you for a walk

Rosiley smiled, saying, "OK."

Sachin gently rubbed her hair, then walked towards the kitchen.

Looking at his tall and straight figure, her eyes slowly became gentle.

She couldn't help but wonder, what would happen when they grew old? Would he still be willing to
make a glass of hawthorn water for her?

Thinking about this, she couldn't help but laugh. It was too far away Right now, the most important thing
was to cherish what she had at present.

The next night, Payton gave Rosiley a report on Rogelio's schedule.

Rosiley took a quick look and asked, "Is this just his daily routine, or is it the same every day?"

"I asked the other elders in the neighborhood. They told me that as long as the weather is fine, Rogelio
will normally spend the day like this."

When Payton thought of the embarrassing situation he encountered when he went to ask the other
elders today, he felt a lingering fear in his heart. He said, "Rosiley, please don't let me do this in the


Rosiley, who was carefully reading the report, asked without raising her head.

"Because ... it's terrifying.”

Terrifying? Rosiley raised her head and looked at him confusedly, asking, "Why?"

It was just secretly observing Rogelio's daily routine. Why was that terrifying?

"Because...." Payton didn't know how to explain. After a long while, he just said embarrassedly, “It's just

Rosiley shouted, “Isn't this wording too ambiguous?"

Payton heavily sighed, saying, "Rosiley, do you know how scary those elders were? Especially an old
man with a daughter or a granddaughter who isn't married. That's really scary."

Rosiley immediately understood. "What? You weren't interrogated by them, right? They haven't gone all
the way back to the previous generations of your family and asked every detail about your life, have

"Rosiley, why are you so smart?" Payton said pitifully, "You don't even know how terrifying today is. A
dozen old men surrounded me and kept asking questions. From what my name was to whether there
were any parents or brothers in my family..."

Payton stood up in excitement, continued, "A dozens of people were chattering in my ears. At that time,
I felt as if I was in a duck farm, and there were hundreds or even thousands of ducks chirping. It almost
drove me crazy."

From his scared expression, it seemed that he did suffered a great shock.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows slightly and said, "Actually, there is a way to solve this situation."


"Tell them you're married.”

Payton was silent.

Seeing that he was dumbfounded, Rosiley asked tentatively, "You told them the truth, right?"

Payton laughed dryly and said, "Rosiley, you're really smart.”

Rosiley rolled her eyes at him and said, “I'm not smart. You're too stupid."

"I'm not stupid, I just didn't expect that those elders would be so obstinate!" Payton explained.

Then he added, “Also, I'm too handsome, that's why those uncles and aunts like me so much.”

The corner of Rosiley's mouth twitched slightly. Didn't he just think that those elders were scary? Why
did he become narcissistic now?

"Well, so how about accompanying me to visit Rogelio tomorrow.’

"Rosiley, are you serious?" Payton's expression stiffened.

Rosiley nodded, saying, "Of course, I'm serious. After all, you're so handsome. If Rogelio has a
daughter who hasn't married yet, you can sacrifice yourself to help me.’

She raised her eyebrows towards Payton, whose face was gloomy, and her seemingly innocent smile
carried a trace of pride.

Payton knew that she was making fun of him, but he was afraid that he would face that kind of situation

Seeing him worry, Rosiley gave the report in her hand to him and said, "Don't worry, with me there
tomorrow, those elders won't bother you.’'

As there was a woman beside him, they would give up on him.

"Rosiley, are you sure?" Payton was still worried.

"Really, I guarantee that you will be fine.”

Since Rosiley had already promised, Payton no longer worried. He nodded and said, "Alright, I'll
accompany you tomorrow."

Rosiley smiled with satisfaction, "Then I'll ask for leave tomorrow. Don't forget to come and pick me up
at home."

“Alright,” Payton replied.

"Since this has been settled smoothly, let's go have dinner.” Rosiley stood up and walked towards the
dining hall.

Payton hurriedly stood up and chased after her.

"Mr. Sachin isn't coming back for dinner?"

"He is having a meeting, so he won't be back so soon."

"How busy he is! Rosiley, let's bring him some food after we finish dinner.’