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Chapter 231: Cannot Escape the Routine of a Blind Date

Rosiley didn't say a word until she finished her meal.

Even if Payton talked to her during this period, she only replied him with words like "oh" and "yeah" in a
perfunctory manner, and she appeared to be dispirited and cut him dead.

At the beginning, Payton was wondering what was wrong with her. Later, he realized that he seemed to
have said something improper.

His sister-in-law fell silent after he teased, "If only Sachin only eats lipstick."

Was she shy or angry?

He looked at her face over meal, only to find that her expression was very calm. Payton was unable to
tell her emotion.

"Payton,’ Sachin whispered.

Hearing this, Payton looked up at him in confusion.

"Dad has arranged a blind date for you. At 10 a.m. on the day after tomorrow at the ‘Sea of Milky Way’
Restaurant. Remember to be there on time, otherwise..."

Sachin deliberately didn't finish the speech, but Payton could tell from Sachin’s meaningful eyes that if
he didn't go, the consequences would be very serious.


"Dating is so boring and is not my thing. I am looking forward to romantic love." Payton rejected the
arranged blind date.

Rosiley, who was silently eating, raised her eyebrows when she heard that Payton was going on a blind
date. Wasn't Sachin's father too corny? He always wanted to have his sons go on a blind date. Sachin
had experienced that and even Payton couldn't escape from this routine.

"Then tell dad yourself. It's useless to tell me. I'm just conveying his message.” Sachin shirked the

However, Payton knew that this was what he meant, and the idea was decided on an ad hoc basis. He
mentioned their father as an excuse.


It was because he had misspoken that his sister-in-law was angry.

As long as it was related to Rosiley, Sachin's mind would be as narrow as the hole on the sewing

If he didn't go on the blind date this time, he believed that there would be another time, a third time ...
He wouldn't be able to escape from Sachin.

Since that was the case, then, he'd better give him a straight answer by going to the blind date, and he
had ways to discourage Sachin.

Thinking of this, Payton smiled and answered straightforwardly, “Alright, I will be there on time the day
after tomorrow."

Hearing his agreement, Rosiley almost choked on rice. She widened her eyes and looked at him in

Was there something wrong with him? How could such a carefree person agree to go a blind date?

Seeing that she didn't believe it, Payton raised his eyebrows and revealed a meaningful smile. "Rosiley,
I sacrificed myself to satisfy someone else's narrow-mindedness..."

Rosiley frowned, and she did not understand what he meant.

However, Payton did not say anything else. He lowered his head and continued to eat.

Seeing this, she looked at Sachin with puzzlement. Sachin smiled. "Ignore him. We'll go back after

Rosiley nodded and didn't think much about what Payton meant.

The next day, at Rosiley's insistence, Payton visited Rogelio with her.

This time, they did not go directly to Rogelio's house, but instead walked around the neighborhood.

"Rogelio likes to play chess. Normally, he would go out after breakfast and play chess with other old
people. It would take him an entire morning, so it was self-evident that he was obsessed.”

This was the information that Payton obtained from other elders.

"Can you play chess?" Rosiley turned to look at him.

"Yes." Payton blurted out without thinking.

"Are you good at it?"

"Just so so, not as good as Sachin." Ever since he learned how to play chess, Payton hadn't defeated
Sachin. The gap between them He thought he was probably the most pathetic little brother ever.

He was so hungry, but the two persons in the office didn't seem to feel like eating.

He was considering whether he should leave or go out to eat. Or should he knock on the door now?

If he left now, he wouldn't be able to eat the shrimps with tomato sauce cooked by Sasha.

But if he knocked the door and bothered them, he might be fiercely scolded.

After comparing the two options, he made a decision in his heart.

He stood up and walked straight to the door of the president's office. Without any hesitation, he raised
his hand and was about to knock on the door.

But before his hand could touch the door, it opened.

Rosiley was going to call Payton for dinner, but when she opened the door, she saw the person
standing at the door and couldn't help but got shocked.

She looked at Payton, whose hand was frozen in mid-air, with some amusement. "Payton, are you

Payton withdrew his hand and laughed dryly, "Rosiley, you have a rich imagination.’

Rosiley raised her eyebrows, saying, "That's right. For a person who works in the media, how can he
write articles without imagination?"

"Rosiley, I'm confused..."

The articles that relied on imagination should be made-up stories! Was she kidding?

"Don't you understand?" Rosiley turned around and walked into the office, saying, "For entertainment
reporters, they have to rely on their imagination to complete the stories. They are not purely made up."

"That's what a gossip journalist will do. But I thought that an entertainment reporter would not....”

Rosiley turned around and smiled at him, saying, "There's no difference between them."

Hearing this, Payton shrugged his shoulders. Indeed, there was no entertainment reporter that would
not make up stories.

They walked to the sofa and sat down. Sachin had already placed all the dishes they brought on the
coffee table.

Seeing those dishes, Payton almost burst into tears. He could finally eat!

“Payton, here you are." Rosiley handed him a pair of chopsticks. Seeing him staring at the dishes, she
couldn't help but feel a little guilty.

"I'm sorry, Payton, for having kept you waiting."

Payton shook his head, replying, "It's OK. Anyway, I'm not busy."

With that, he picked up the chopsticks, and began to gobble.

Seeing this, Rosiley and Sachin looked at each other and smiled. It seemed that Payton was really

"Sachin, eat a shrimp." Rosiley picked up a shrimp and placed it in the bowl in front of Sachin.

Just as Sachin was about to say something, a pair of chopsticks reached out to pick up the shrimp.

He looked up and saw Payton biting the shrimp in his mouth. "I'll have it, sir."

“Payton, are you a child? Don't you know that a man should learn to share?" Rosiley said helplessly.

"He has already had dinner in the office! Your lipstick! So, he doesn't have to eat this shrimp."

Rosiley's hand shook and the shrimp was dropped from her chopsticks.

She stared at Payton with wide eyes, "Payton, what did you just say?"

Payton grinned at them, saying, "I said that he just had dinner."

As he spoke, his meaningful gaze swept across Rosiley's lips. She quickly raised her hand to cover her
mouth, and instantly blushed.

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