The convenient Bride

Chapter 232: I'll Go for Another Woman

"You came here yesterday?" Rogelio asked as he looked at Payton with alert in his eyes.

"Yes," Payton said, “I came here not only yesterday, but also the day before yesterday, but you are
unwilling to see me.”

The day before yesterday? Rogelio frowned and thought for a moment before asking tentatively, "What
is your relationship with Seneca?"

Payton replied with a smile, "His daughter is my sister-in-law."

"You're from the Ji family." Rogelio's expression instantly turned cold.

Payton: ...

This old man treated him as a member of the Ji family. He was really something.

Actually, Rogelio should not be blamed for this. In Rogelio'’s impression, the daughter of Seneca and
his first wife, Rosiley, was not married yet, and the one who got engaged was the stepdaughter, Rorey

and her fiancé was Yunis, who was originally engaged to Rosiley.

Therefore, when Payton said that Seneca's daughter was his sister-in-law, Rogelio instinctively
interpreted the word "daughter" as Rorey, so he took him as a member of the Ji family.

Payton coughed and explained, "Sir, the sister-in-law I'm talking about is Rosiley, the daughter of

"Rosiley?" Rogelio frowned suspiciously, “Isn't she unmarried?"

"She was married, but very few people know." Payton subconsciously looked at Rosiley. Rosiley
pursed her lips and walked over, calling out, "Mr. Rogelio."

Hearing this, Rogelio raised his head to take a look. The moment he saw Rosiley, his eyes were filled
with excitement. He exclaimed,


Rosiley smiled gently, "Yeah, it's me."

Then, she walked to Payton's side and continued, "Mr. Rogelio, you should know why I'm here today.
You told me about your decision the day before yesterday, but I want to try again."

She was honest and straightforward, and she explained her intentions clearly.

Rogelio smiled resignedly. "Rosiley, why are you doing this?"

Rosiley took a deep breath and pursed her lips. "Mr. Rogelio, the Tang Group is my father's lifetime's
work. I can't let it fall into the hands of those who harbor evil intentions.”

She was only in her twenties, but she had a mature personality that did not match her age. Rogelio’s
heart was filled with mixed feelings. He did not know if he should be gratified or distressed.

Rogelio sighed and then asked, "Then what are you going to do?"

Although Rogelio was old, his mind was still clear. Since she was here again, she must have come

"Mr. Rogelio, you play chess with him." Rosiley pointed at Payton and said, "If he wins, then promise
me to stand on my side."

Rogelio looked up and stared at Payton. His eyes were as calm as water surface, making it impossible
for anyone to see through his thoughts.

Payton raised his eyebrows slightly. This Rogelio had stories.

After a long time, Rogelio nodded, "Fine, as long as he wins against me, I will agree to it.’

When Rosiley, who was worried that he would not agree, heard it, the smile on her face became so
bright and dazzling like the sunlight after the rain.

"Thank you, Mr. Rogelio." Her voice trembled slightly due to excitement.

"No need to thank me in a hurry. Leave it after he wins against me."

Rogelio began to set up his chess pieces, while Payton had done so.

This was the chess game that would determine the outcome for Rosiley tomorrow. Payton knew that he
must not lose.

Because he knew that Rogelio's skills were very advanced and he might not be inferior to Sachin,
Payton used 200% of his seriousness in this game.

But the result was beyond his expectations.

Thirty minutes later, Payton won amidst the excited cries of the crowd.

On the chessboard, Rogelio's king was alone and there were no other chess pieces to protect it, so he
was checkmated by Payton with a rook and a knight.

Although he won, Payton did not feel any joy.

Since he was young, he had learned how to play chess. Other than Sachin, there was another person
he had never won against.

Moreover, he lost badly every time.

That person was his grandfather, Chester.

So, he could tell his opponent's strength.

At the beginning, Rogelio was very careful, and every move was planned.

But in the end, his plan was in a mess. Furthermore, he was very anxious to checkmate, so he moved
all his rooks, knights and bishops over Payton's side.

It looked like he had no strategy at all, but it wasn't until he won that Payton realized Rogelio was
throwing the game.

"You win." Rogelio smiled and then looked up at Rosiley. "I will attend the meeting tomorrow."

Rosiley smiled brightly, “Thank you, Mr. Rogelio."

Rogelio beamed. Seeing that Payton was still staring at the chessboard, he got up and patted his

Payton looked up at him. Rogelio revealed a meaningful smile and said to him, "Young man, when
there's another chance, let's have a real game."

After he finished speaking, he heavily patted Payton’s shoulder, and then raised his voice and sighed
with emotion. "The new overthrow the old! I'm so glad!"

Rosiley and Payton looked at each other and smiled. Originally, they thought that it would be difficult,
but they didn't expect things to go so smoothly.

This was a good start, a sign that everything was going to go well.

After persuading Rogelio, Rosiley hurried home without stopping to continue the unfinished business

Sachin had agreed to cooperate with the Tang Group. With Regal Entertainment Group as her partner,
she believed that the

shareholders standing on Rorey's side would be tempted.

As Rosiley went home to finish the proposal, Payton headed straight for TEG.

When passing the seat of the secretary, he stopped and stared thoughtfully at the bright yellow desk.

Juliet walked out of the break room and saw a tall man standing in front of her desk. She raised her

She walked over elegantly and placed the cup on the table. Then, she looked up at him with her red
lips pursed and she said,

"President Payton, can I help you?"

Payton watched her quietly for a long time before he said, "Are you available tomorrow?"

Juliet was stunned. Then she raised her eyes and smiled, "What? Do you want to ask me out?"

“That's right.”

Payton’s honesty shocked Juliet, but she quickly responded. She took a few steps back and crossed
her arms in front of her chest. She looked at him with caution, "Payton, don't be a casting couch. I'm
not an easy girl.’


Was she retarded?

Payton took a deep breath and said, "Forget it. I'll go for another woman."

After that, he was about to walk to the office.

Go for another woman?

Another woman?

Juliet suddenly widened her eyes. Without thinking, she rushed forward and grabbed his arm.

"What?" Payton tilted his head and looked at her angrily.

Juliet smiled and said, "Don't destroy other girls, I will go."