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The convenient Bride Chapter 233: An Unfathomable Man Updated free read Here - ScrapBook
Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 233: An Unfathomable Man

"Oh?" Payton raised his eyebrows, and a hint of interest surfaced in his black eyes. "Are you afraid that
I'll go for another woman?"

Hearing this, the smile on Juliet's face froze, but she quickly regained her senses. She laughed and
patted his shoulder, "Payton, I found that your imagination was so rich. You can be a scriptwriter."

Payton frowned in pain and shook off her hand, "Juliet, can you speak properly? Don't mess around!"

Juliet's hand froze in mid-air. Seeing his unhappy expression, she withdrew her hand embarrassedly.
"Sorry, I was so excited just now."

Then she asked, "How is it? Aren't you going to ask me out tomorrow?"

Payton rubbed his aching shoulders and said angrily, "I'll pick you up at nine tomorrow. Remember to
dress up properly."

"Dress up properly?" Juliet rubbed her chin in puzzlement, and then her eyes suddenly lit up. Would

She raised her eyes and was just about to ask him when she saw him walk straight into the office and
shut the door with a bang.

Looking at the closed door, Juliet curled her lips. What an unfathomable man!

Sometimes, he would joke with her, completely ignoring his image.

Sometimes, he would be so gloomy and unapproachable.

What a contradiction.

The shareholder's meeting of the Tang Group would start at 9:00 a.m. sharp. Rorey arrived at the
company very early and sat down at the main seat of the conference table. She seemed to have
regarded herself as the new chairman.

The shareholders were divided into two factions, the interests faction and the nostalgia faction.

The Interest faction was comprised of the shareholders that Rorey had bribed.

The nostalgia faction was made up of people who strived with Seneca.

Rorey scanned the shareholders on both sides of the table and had a rough idea in her heart.

With her own 43% of shares and the shares of shareholders who supported her, she would definitely
be the winner.

She couldn't help but reveal a smug smile. She'd like to see how Rosiley could turn the table.


She looked up at the old man sitting near the end of the conference table, Mr. Rogelio.

Didn't he say that he would support no one? Why did he attend the meeting?

Could it be...?

Rorey frowned. Before she had the time to carefully think about it, Rosiley showed up.

Rosiley walked into the meeting room and saw Rogelio at a glance. She smiled and nodded at him.

Rogelio replied with a smile. He was kind and it calmed Rosiley's nervous mood down alittle.

Rorey noticed the interaction between them and immediately confirmed what she suspected.

Rorey's eyes turned gloomy. She didn't expect that Rogelio would stand on Rosiley's side in the end.

When Rosiley noticed that something was wrong, she turned around and saw that it was Rorey. The
corners of her mouth were curved upwards.

She slowly walked over, took her chair, and sat directly opposite Rorey. The two looked at each other
from afar.

The atmosphere in the meeting room instantly became somewhat subtle.

The shareholders looked at each other, and no one dared to speak to break the subtlety.

After all, the sharp conflict between the two sisters was well known throughout the city, and they didn't
want to become the cannon fodder.

After a long time, Rorey took the lead and said, "Since we are all here, then let the meeting begin."

This was a meeting that would determine the future of the Tang Group. Everyone's expressions were
very serious.

Rorey scanned the people present and pushed out the documents on hand. "This is the proof that my
father Seneca transferred the shares to me. Everyone can check its authenticity."

As a result, everyone began to read the so-called shares transfer certificate.

The shareholders had worked with the Seneca for many years, so they recognized the handwriting and
seal of Seneca. Most of them did not question this document.

But when it was in Rogelio’s hand, he stared at the signature on the document for a long time, so long
that everyone else was impatient.

"Rogelio, that's authentic. Stop looking."

"That's right, you're wasting our time.’

"l am the most familiar with the handwriting of Seneca. Since I have no objection, it is authentic.”

Rosiley looked at the people who were impatient and shouting. They were all on Rorey's side.

She deliberately looked at Rorey and found that she was quite calm and did not panic at all.

She was really cool!

She sneered in her heart, then withdrew her gaze and looked at Rogelio. He closed the document and
said in a low voice,

"This signature is a forgery.’

He turned to look at Rorey with his shrewd eyes revealing sharpness. "Miss Rorey, it's against the law
to forge documents."

Rorey chuckled and said, "Mr. Rogelio, you are too old, and it is inevitable that you will see wrongly. I
will not argue with you about whether this signature is real or fake.”

With that, she asked the people beside her to retrieve the documents.

But Rogelio was a stubborn old man. He held the document tightly in his hand and said excitedly, "I
didn't see wrongly. How can I mistake Seneca’'s signature?"

Rosiley saw that Rorey was using her gaze to signal the person who came to get the document.

She was afraid that Rogelio would be hurt, so she walked over and whispered to him, "Mr. Rogelio, I
also know that this document is fake, but we can't prove that, so let's calm down first. As long as we
win the battle, we will have a chance to find evidence."

Rogelio turned around and looked at her in surprise, as if he was very surprised that she had known
that the documents were fake.

Rosiley tapped on the document. Rogelio understood and handed it over to that person and didn't say
anything else.

Rorey did not know what Rosiley had said to Rogelio, but she felt somewhat uneasy.

She had to hurry up and continue the meeting so that she could hold the position as chairman of the
Tang Group and she would be at ease.

"Everyone knows that my father is still unconscious, and the doctor didn't know when he would wake
up. So, in order for the Tang Group to prosper, I propose to re-elect a new chairman to manage the
company before my father wakes up. What do you think?" She said loudly.

"Mr. Tang has fallen. We are very sad in our hearts. At the same time, we are also worried that the
achievements of the Tang Group over the years will be ruined. Therefore, I agree with Rorey to elect a
new chairman.”

"Yes, yes."

The others echoed.

Rosiley remained silent with a faint smile hanging on her lips.

She wanted Rorey to feel that she had won.

So that when Rorey was about to climb to the top, she would suddenly fall down.

And it would be a terrible fall.

Rosiley was looking forward to that scene.

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