The convenient Bride

Chapter 237: He Truly Loves Her

"Who are you? Why are you here?"

Rogelio’s anxious voice sounded outside the door. Rosiley and Sachin looked at each other and
Rosiley said, "Sachin, go take a look, in case Rogelio misunderstands.’

When Rogelio and the doctor arrived at the ward, they saw an unfamiliar man standing at the door.
They were shocked and thought that something had happened to Rosiley, so they quickly walked over.

As soon as Rogelio approached, he questioned the man.

The strange man, Lane, was dumbfounded. Seeing that the old man questioned him like this, he must
have treated him as a bad guy.

So he explained, "Sir, I'm not a bad person. I just..."

Before he could finish, the door behind him was opened. He turned around and saw Sachin walk out. It
was as if he saw a savior, he hurriedly said, "President, explain to this old man that I am not a bad

Sachin looked at the helpless Lane and then at Rogelio.

Rogelio also stared at him, and his brows were knitted tightly. Why did this person look so familiar?

Afterwards, his eyes suddenly widened. Wasnt this person ... Wasn't he...

Seeing Rogelio's surprise, Sachin smiled and said calmly, "Yes, I am Sachin."

It was really him!

Apart from being shocked, Rogelio was also puzzled. He was wondering why Sachin was here.

He looked at the ward, then looked at Sachin, and asked tentatively, "Are you here for Rosiley?"

"Yeah." Sachin nodded.

Rogelio raised his eyebrows and looked at Sachin with scrutiny.

He found it strange that Sachin had agreed to cooperate with the Tang Group, after all, how could a
group as big as REG

work with Tang Group?

However, from the looks of it, the reason was complicated.

After being examined by the doctor, Rosiley was only bruised on her back and didn't have any other

Only then was Sachin relieved.

After the doctor left, Rosiley looked at Sachin and then at Rogelio. The atmosphere was somewhat

After pondering for a moment, she smiled. She pointed at Sachin and introduced him to Rogelio, "Mr.
Rogelio, he is the CEO of REG who promised to cooperate with the Tang Group, Sachin."

Rogelio nodded. "I know.’

Although Sachin rarely appeared in public, Mr. Rogelio should recognize him. Therefore, Rosiley felt
that her introduction was

somewhat unnecessary.

She pursed her lips and looked at the indifferent Sachin. Then, she took a deep breath and said to
Rogelio with a smile, "Mr. Rogelio, he actually has another identity."

"What is it?" Rogelio looked at her calmly. His eyes seemed to have the power to see through people's

Rosiley took a deep breath and said, "Actually ... he... is my husband."

Rogelio was stunned. "Husband?"

"Yes, we're married. It's been a few months."

Sure enough, there were stories behind it.

Because of this, it was not surprising that REG would cooperate with Tang Group.

Rogelio sized Sachin up with a serious expression, as if a father-in-law was examining his son-in-law.

There was no denying that Sachin was a very outstanding man. He had a handsome appearance, a tall
and upright body as well as a noble aura. At the first glance, it could be told that he was an
extraordinary man.

Although he was outstanding, Rosiley wasn't bad. Together, it felt like they were born for each other.

Rogelio had a satisfied smile. He turned to Rosiley and said, "Rosiley, you made a good choice.”

Rosiley smiled shyly. She also knew that she made a good choice. It was her who invited him to get

Then, Rogelio turned to Sachin and said, "President Sachin..."

"Mr. Rogelio, you can call me Sachin." Sachin interrupted him. He was Rosiley's father's friend, an
elder for him.

Rogelio laughed loudly. “Alright, I'll call you Sachin."

Originally, he thought that he was the kind of aloof and mighty person, but he didn't expect that he
would be so polite and cultured.

On a second thought, how could the person selected by Rosiley be inferior?

The more Rogelio observed Sachin, the more satisfied he was. He looked at him with a smile and then
pretended to be fierce and solemn, "Sachin, you must treat Rosiley well. If you dare to let her suffer any
grievance, I will not spare you."

Sachin looked at Rosiley and found that she was snickering. He couldn't help beaming and nodded. "I
will, I will treat her well for the rest of my life."

He turned his head and met Rosiley's clear eyes, and his smile was widened.

Rosiley replied with a smile and then said to Rogelio, "Mr. Rogelio, Sachin treats me very well."

Rogelio smiled. "Yeah, I can tell.”

He could tell from Sachin's gaze that he truly loved her.

He rested assured.

"Since Sachin is here, then I will leave." Rogelio said with a smile.

"Mr. Rogelio...”

Rosiley still wanted to say something, but Rogelio raised his hand and stopped her. He said earnestly,
"Rosiley, you will be the chairman of the Tang Group in the future. Before your father wakes up, you
must remember that the Tang Group will always be your responsibility."

Rosiley nodded heavily. "Mr. Rogelio, I know, and I will live up to everyone's expectations.’

Rogelio smiled with delight. Then, he looked at Sachin and said, "Sachin, I'll leave Rosiley to you."

Sachin didn't say anything, he just looked at him.

However, there was no need for any word. A single glance was enough to express everything.

Sachin asked Lane to send Rogelio back while he stayed behind to accompany Rosiley.

Originally, she thought that it would be a victory, but she didn't expect that she would lose so miserably.

Rorey was carried out of the elevator by the security guards. Along the way, she was greeted with
gloating gazes from employees of the Tang Group.

"I'm a shareholder of the company. Hurry up and let me go."

Rorey struggled to break free from the restraint of the two tall security guards.

However, there was a huge disparity in strength, and she could not do anything to them.

In the end, she was thrown out of the Tang Group building.

She lost her balance and fell to the ground.

She had never been humiliated before. She was so angry that she turned to the security guard and
shouted, "When I become the chairman, I will definitely fire you."

At this moment, she lost all of her breeding and cursed like a shrew.

"You wanna be the chairman? You wish!" The security guard ridiculed her bluntly. Obviously, they
looked down on her.

Even a security guard dared to talk to her like this! Rorey was instantly furious. "What attitude is this? I
will fire you, I must fire you."

The security guard gave her a disdainful glance and returned to his post, and he didn't bother with this

Seeing this, Rorey was so furious that she was speechless. Her cheeks were red, and her chest
heaved violently.

She didn't forget that when she came to the Tang Group, the two security guards bowed to and
flattered her. But now...

As the saying goes, a man who loses position and influence may be subjected to much indignity!